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Top 5 Artisan Markets in Jakarta

Markets have been a part of Jakarta city life for hundreds of years and have now evolved to be popular tourist attractions; but it is the 'Artisan Market' that is the relative newcomer to Jakarta. Typical of artisan markets around the world, artisan markets in Jakarta are held in unique spaces and it is the nature of these places that make the artisan market Continue Reading

Using Local to Make Apple Crumbles with Vanilla Custard

One of the first posts I wrote for our blog was titled, Tropical Fruits of Indonesia. As the name suggests it's a brief list of some fruits found in the supermarkets and pasars of Jakarta, that I was less familiar with at the time of writing. Well, that was over 18 months ago and in that time not only have most of the fruits from that original list become Continue Reading

Loving right Now – Local EDIT

Loving Local, Buying Local and Supporting Local is a philosophy that has started to gain momentum in Jakarta, with social media being at the forefront of this message. Studies show that communities who support local, 'encourage the uniqueness of communities, reduce environmental impact, create jobs, promote a sense of community and encourage local Continue Reading