How to make lemongrass+lemon tea

I’ve always associated aromas with memories of places, experiences and even changes in the weather. Do you feel the same way? Aromas take me back and make me reminisce. When I get a whiff of the sweet fragrance of roses I’m instantly rocketed back to my house in Sydney where the iceberg roses I planted some 15 years ago line my front picket fence. The smell Continue Reading

How to make our Javanese-style Rujak

Have you eaten Rujak? In simple terms, this dish is a spicy salad predominantly made with fresh fruit that is sweet, crunchy and cold. Rujak is most often eaten during the *siang hours of the day, when the day is at its hottest. This spicy dish consists mostly of fruit (and some vegetables) and can be eaten as a snack in its own right, or occasionally as Continue Reading

Super Easy Cacao + Coconut Balls

  We’re kicking off our first FOOD post for 2016 with a recipe for Cacao + Coconut Energy Balls from Aussie chefs Mark LaBrooy and Darren Robertsons's latest book 'The Blue Ducks' Real Food'. Having recently returned from a holiday in Australia where it is very easy to eat 'real, whole foods', I’m now craving satisfying healthy snacks I can make Continue Reading