How to make fresh flowers last longer in Jakarta

‘How to make fresh flowers last longer in Jakarta’ was inspired by our perennial love of gorgeous blooms and foliage and our weekly ‘fresh flower buying’ routines. For Jo and I, flowers are an essential home decor item, but they also represent much more. The simple habit of visiting our local flower markets or ‘pasar bunga’ has become a significant part of Continue Reading

ajb’s 5 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Batik Bed Cover

Since arriving in Jakarta, both Liz and I have delighted in our many guests who have come to visit us. As a result, creating a tranquil and appealing haven for our guests to retire at the end of a long day has been a priority on my ‘To Do’ list for quite some time. As this project has gained momentum, I have become keen to add hints of Indonesia’s rich Continue Reading

Project Bedhead

  A new year and a new bedhead! It happened like this...My eldest teenage daughter had just moved into a new bedroom, so we gave her full creative license to decorate her new space in the hope it would be a haven for study, relaxation and hanging out with her friends. Without hesitation she said ‘I’d love a Parisian theme’. How exciting I Continue Reading