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A new year and a new bedhead! It happened like this…My eldest teenage daughter had just moved into a new bedroom, so we gave her full creative license to decorate her new space in the hope it would be a haven for study, relaxation and hanging out with her friends. Without hesitation she said ‘I’d love a Parisian theme’. How exciting I thought!!… then eek… ‘How expensive!! So I had to get creative!

I can confidently say, if there is one place where a creative project can come to fruition within a budget, it is Jakarta.

Read on for what we did… ‘Project Bedhead’ turned out to be a ‘family team effort’, which is always a great way to start a new year!

Step 1: Choose a Theme
Pour over Pinterest pictures for inspiration and themes. My daughter searched ‘Parisian style bedroom.’

Step 2: Design
This is where my husband stepped in. He drew up a bedhead design, (using CAD but a simple sketch will do) after looking at my daughter’s Pinterest board. Click here for his Bedhead Design

Particular bedhead designs work better at certain heights, and dimensions will differ depending on whether the bedhead is floor-resting, wall-mounted or bed-mounted. We chose bed-mounted.

Standard Double bed dimensions

142cm wide

135cm high

Step 3: In the Making
This was my job.There were a number of local craftspeople I could have used to make the bedhead, from simple hole in the wall style upholsterers to high end interior companies. I settled on the reputable, mid-range one-stop-shop; Duta Interior at Jl. Benda Kemang 20D for fabric choice, construction of the bedhead frame and upholstery, including the final ‘Parisian’ feature, the upholstery tack trim. In Indonesia upholstery tacks are called ‘paku payung’ or ‘umbrella nails.’

Step 4: Assembly at Home
After a two week turnaround by Duta Interior, the ball was now in my husband’s court again. He fixed the bedhead to the IKEA bed base with four self tapping screws from ACE Hardware.




If you have had a successful ‘Jakarta Home & Design Project’, or are ‘Dreaming’ of one, we would love to know!
Chat with us in the Comments section below, we love to talk all things Jakarta, and always ‘Jakarta Home & Design.’

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Happy New Year Decorating!

Words: Liz  Photography: a journey bespoke 


    • ajourneybespoke says

      Hello Huey Miin, the bedhead project was definitely a lot of fun! In the end, I liked the bedhead so much, I’ve started thinking about having another made just for me!
      Thank you for your message, and I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

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