The ajb 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Today, in keeping with our annual tradition, we are thrilled to have a gorgeous lineup of Holiday Gift Ideas for you under our ajb theme of ‘shop local’ and ‘shop small’. All these super stylish gifts in The ajb 2017 Holiday Gift Guide have been sourced from our favourite local artists, makers, creatives and retailers, and we’ve included all ‘Stockists and Supplier’ details for you.

Our hope is that this lineup of gifts may just tick the box for those very special people in your life this year!

Selamat Berbelanja! Happy Shopping!



The ajb 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Art & Leisure

Buying a unique piece of art in Jakarta can be an affordable and thoughtful gift. Whether you choose a framed print or one-off original piece, buying from a local gallery supports both the artist as well as the small galleries – of which there are many in Jakarta. Catalyst Arts ‘The Art Market’ is on in early December – and is a great place to buy pieces similar to these pictured above. See Catalyst’ Instagram (below) for Market details.
Confession: Until recently I hadn’t printed off any of my photos for almost 2 years. This world of digital photography has made me (Jo) pretty disorganised in the photo stakes! But I’m proud to say that I’ve redeemed myself with these framed photos (above) – most of which were selected by my children, and now adorn our dining room wall. So this leads to another gift idea: Why not print off some special photos and present them either framed or as a photobook? Adorama Photography can help you with all of this. And for your framing needs, you can’t go past Pak Eddy of Talent Frames. 
Each year Kamalika Artprints release their desktop calendar and each year we both buy a handful of them as they make excellent gifts for persons of all ages. Their beautiful hand-drawn images by local artist Winarti Handayani are a delight and each year the calendar celebrates a unique feature of the Indonesian archipelago. The theme for the 2018 calendar is Indonesian Dances. Available now at Kamalika stores in Darmawagnsa Square and Pondok Indah Mall and also stocked at Alun Alun (Grand Indonesia Mall) and Lotte Shopping Avenue (first floor).


Books have the power to take us back in time, to teach us new skills, and to inspire. The acclaimed novel, Man Tiger by EKA KURNIAWAN tells the story of two families who are interlinked, and a man called Margio who holds a unique secret. It’s a story about family, torment, violence and magic (sourced at Periplus). Indonesian Food by SRI OWEN a cook book journey from Yogyakarta to London, (sourced at Periplus) Jakarta Bites by PETTY ELLIOTT a collection of street food recipes given a modern twist (sourced at Periplus) and Raw, a photography book by VANESSA VAN HOUTEN, Jakarta based portrait, documentary and travel photographer (sourced though most Periplus stores and After Hours Books)

Fashion & Accessories

Green is my favourite colour.. ever since I was a little kid. So when I spotted this bag hanging in Niu in Darmawagnsa Square, I knew I had to buy it. Of course it comes in many other colours- all of which are gorgeous, but how could I go past this green! I’m thinking this bag will be wrapped up, put under the Christmas tree with the gift tag ‘For Jo’ written on it.
Hand made by the Sikka Maumere community in Flores under the guidance of Pak Cletus. This beautiful bag is made from pandan leaf and can be sourced from Lucy’s Batik in Lippo Kemang.
Traditional hand knotted bag by Baduy men, a community group living in the mountainous hamlets that make up the Kanekes Village in Banten Province. This is a man’s ‘Koja’ bag made from fibre extracted from the teureup tree, a member of the breadfruit family. A small piece of coconut shell is attached at one end of the strap to enable adjustment.
This unique sling bag ‘Tas Silang’ was woven by Sarita Ibnoe from a mixture of Japanese super fine cotton, soft cashmere wool and local cotton. Visit their Instagram account for the full Petang Hari range and Email Sarita to make your order. Details below.
Maroon stripe MAJE pyjamas by SARE STUDIO a cool and comfy gift for southern hemisphere family or friends. Sourced at The Good Things in Life, Jl. Terogong Raya, South Jakarta
Fleur brown, locally made home-slippers available at the The Good Things in Life, Jl. Terogong Raya South Jakarta. Sizing cut is small. See below for all Svas Living Stockists.


What about something consumable as a special gift? Made from locally sourced ingredients, these healthy snacks by Burgreens make a great gift idea on their own or as a part of a hamper. Pop them into a hand-made basket (I like the look of the Borneo Craft tray below),  and you’ve got yourself a fab gift to enjoy now (munch munch!) and for years to come.
Lewis & Carroll Nusantara “Spice” and Red Ruby Skies “Fruit” loose leaf tea
BEAU Mango and Vanilla bean and Pineapple and Jackfruit jam.

Home & Design

These exquisite handmade and up cycled Christmas decorations from Paisley Things will benefit more than just the person you’re buying for. If you haven’t already visited Paisley Things run by the talented and highly creative Caroline Tobing then we highly recommend a visit!
Teakwood plates by La Vida HOME Kemang
Deep Teakwood bowls from La Vida HOME, Kemang. Check out their Instagram for their entire teak collection for the home
Borneo Craft Tray, made of rattan which has been dyed naturally. The design is inspired by the traditional handicraft of the Dayak Lundayeh people of Borneo. Purchase from their shop in the World Trade Centre or Follow them on Instagram to find out which Bazaar they will be selling at next.
Made from water hyacinth fibre these placemats by Rumah Amasti make the perfect gift for the home and design lover on your list.
Ooooh soo sweet! Palm leaf covers to keep your tea or coffee piping hot in true Indonesian style. Both practical and beautiful, these pieces have been made by artisan women in Flores. Du’A means mother in Nusa Tengarra Timor. Du’Anyam produces functional wicker crafts to empower women and improve maternal and child health.
Another beautiful holiday gift idea by Du’Anyam. These ‘Sobe Baskets’ have been made by artisan women in Flores. This is a useful ( think a hold-all for pencils, kitchen utensils, a small plant or keys) and seriously cool handmade gift with all sales supporting a worthy social enterprise.
Why do everyday items need to be boring? Take for example these tea towels. Made from 100 percent cotton and coloured with natural dye, these tea towels are good for the environment whilst also making a lovely statement in someone’s kitchen. I just love their muted tones. Available from Homemate Store.
It’s so easy to buy for us girls so when I saw this leather-handled paper wine bag in Niu, I knew it would make the perfect gift for that man in your life. Pop in a bottle of Red and there’s the perfect pressie! Or.. place a glass bottle or vase inside and you have an interesting home decoration (we couldn’t resist – but we still like the wine idea too!). And guess what? This paper is washable – how cool is that!
Here’s a personal gift idea that’s good for both the guys as well as the girls. Purchased from Homemate Store, this organic multi-purpose fabric (I’d use it as a flannel) along with locally made face mist (with jojoba oil and other essential oils), makes for a thoughtful little gift. Pack it into a batik drawstring bag and your gift is ready for that lucky recipient.
Here’s another gift idea that would suit anyone who loves cheese. The simplicity of this stone platter from Niu is beautiful. Just add cheese, a box of quality crackers and some dried fruits and your gift is ready!
What a stunning glaze, don’t you agree? Bespoke, handmade and organic in nature, these earthenware cups can be used in so many ways. A great gift idea from Homemate Store and made locally – we love that.
A simple timber spoon is a small gift that’s easy to pack in your suitcase and is both practical and unique. This elegant black timber serving spoon is from Homemate Store.
Unique, handcrafted bamboo drinking straws for the ecologically-conscious gift recipient on your holiday gift list. This Paisley Things bamboo straw comes with its own straw clearer and up cycled fabric wrap pouch.
Lightweight, making them easy to pack in your suitcase are these Kamilinen napkins sourced online or in The Good Things in Life store on Jl. Terogong Raya, South Jakarta.
Soft linen tea towels by Kamilinen. They would make a great hostess gift. Sourced from The Good Things in Life.
Recycled wine bottle glasses with handles made from scraps of leather by another one of our favourite local businesses who provide impact,  FFrash. Jakarta based Ffrash works hand in hand with street children providing them with skills to make treasure out of trash. The proceeds from the sales of all Ffash homewares are fed directly back into the organisation so that continued support for these children can be guaranteed.
Another great gift idea from Ffrash. This stunning vase is the product of the skilled work of the Fresh team and some old wine bottles from other people’s trash.


Aromatherapy Starter Kit by Organic Supply. This kit includes four essential oils in 5ml bottles consisting of Lemon Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil. Order from their website or through the Good Things in Life store on Jl. Terogong Raya No. 34.

Stockists & Suppliers

Adorama Photography
6 locations- Kemang, Cikajang, Jakarta City Centre and Jl. Wolter Mongindisi, Grand Indonesia Mall, Plaza Indonesia Mall and Menteng.

See web for details.

Contact Jakarta based Helmy de Korver, Baduy specialist and textiles collector
+62 0812 873 06627

Beau by Talita Setyadi
Grand Indonesia
Jl. Cikajang 29
Kem Chicks Pacific Place B1
Instagram: Beaujkt


Borneo Craft Yayasan Total Indonesia
World Trade Centre II
Metropolitan Complex
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 29-31
Instagram: Borneo Craft


Many venues – see website for details

Web: Burgreens
Instagram: Burgreens


Catalyst Arts Indonesia
Instagram: Catalyst Arts


Instagram: Du’Anyam


Ffrash Designs


Homemate Store
Jl. Dharmawagnsa Raya No. 4
Pelaspas Building
Jakarta Selatan

Instagram: Homemate Store


Kamalika Art Prints
Web: Kamalika Art Prints
Instagram: Kamalika Art Prints


Lewis & Carroll Tea – Artisanal Tea Blender
Jl. Bumi No. 4
Jakarta Selatan
Web: Lewis and Carroll Tea
Instagram: Lewis and Carroll Tea


La Vida Home
Jl. Kemang Timur Raya 58 R
Jakarta Selatan
Instagram: Lavidaindonesia


Lucy’s Batik
Lippo Mall Kemang
Web: Lucys Batik
Instagram: Lucys Batik


Dharmawagnsa Square
Jl. Dharmawagnsa VI
Jakarta Selatan
Web: Niu Jakarta
Instagram: Niu Jakarta


Organic Supply Co
Instagram: Organic Supply Co


Paisley Things 
Jl. Bumi No. 31a
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan
Instagram: Paisley Things Jakarta


See website below for store locations or to purchase online
Web: Periplus Online


Petang Hari by Sarita Ibnoe
Petang Hari


Rumah Amasti
Lotte Avenue First Floor
Instagram: Rumah Amasti


Svas Living
Instagram: Svas Living


Pak Eddy – Talent Frame
Jl. Cipete Raya
No. 6B
Jakarta Selatan
Web: Pak Eddy featured as on A Journey Bespoke blog
HP: +62 821 13111525


The Good Things in Life. Co
Jl.Terogong Raya No. 34
Jakarta Selatan
Web: The Good Things in Life
The Good Things in Life


Vanessa Van Houten (Photographer portrait / documentary / travel)
RAW Published by After Hour Books  
Web: vanessavanhouten
Instagram: vanessa_van_houten

Raw can be sourced through most Periplus stores in Indonesia

Where do you go to buy gifts in Jakarta to take home to family and friends?We would love you to share in the comments.


Words: Liz McClean and Jo Stevens  Photography:  a journey bespoke

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Ok everyone! That’s a wrap on the ajb 2017 Holiday Gift Guide and our 150th ajb blog post! Woohoo!


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