5 of our Favourite Instagram Accounts to Follow this Week

Image Credit: @ijoeel Activity of people in Pangalengan, Bandung, West Java

Looking for some new feeds to follow on Instagram to inspire you?

Here are some of our favourites. These five IG accounts are packed with consistently stunning imagery from Indonesia and around the world. The common thread is each account captures a unique view of the world through the lens of their smart phone or camera; be it landscapes, portraits, street photography or personal travels shots.
We are confident you are going to love them too!

Libby Owen-Edmunds has lived in Jakarta for two years. Her IG feed is visually stimulating as much as thought provoking. Libby says, ‘Although I am constantly traveling in and out for my work; I have always enjoyed photography as a hobby. However it was my husband who has really influenced my approach to photography – he was one of the UK’s leading travel and wildlife photographers for 15 years and has produced many books. Just through watching him as we travel the world I have learned so so much about photography. I have always loved taking portraits more than landscape pics. This reflects my love for interacting and communicating with people of different ethnicities. With so many developing countries experiencing  mass rural–urban migration as rural communities search for economic opportunities, I fear for the loss of cultures and traditions.  My work takes me to off the beaten track regions, and enables me to document these cultures and traditions through photography. In another life I would like to be an anthropologist’.

Image Credit: @libbyowenedmunds Myanmar Mother & Child 2015

Fransisca Angela is a photographer based in Jakarta. She believes that in this digital era with overflowing information and millions of photos posted every day on Social Media; it’s important as a photographer to shoot ‘what matters to the heart’ and tell ‘real stories of real people’.

Fransisca Angela has always been fascinated by shooting people and culture. At other times Fransisca Angela shoots lifestyle images for commission work. Finally she believes the essential component of photography is to take photos that ‘make her feel.’

Fransisca Angela has a new project in the making. She is working on a series that will focus on how children who live in remote villages find happiness in the simplest things.

Image Credit: @fransiscangela Ora Beach, Maluku

Vina Alhadath is originally from Banda Aceh, but currently lives in Papua. She started using IG around 2012, but at that time was slow to ‘post anything’ as she ‘didn’t really know how it worked’. In 2013 she got more involved, posting on and off around her children. She used to post based on prompts at that time as she learned more about photography.

Vina likes to post about anything, but mostly food, coffee and she enjoys street photography. Vina captures vibrant tropical colours throughout her feed and we particularly enjoy Vina’s refreshing take on Papua and the archipelago.

Image Credit: @Viena_ Fishermen unloading their boat at Banda Aceh

@mangkokayamid sell simple canvas tote bags with the quintessential Indonesian ‘red chicken’ screen printed on the front; reminiscent of the melamine bowls used to serve noodles throughout Asia.

@mangkokayam the brand began when friends of the founder Glenn Marsalim who sold T-Shirts with the Mangkok Ayam motif allowed Glenn to use their motif ( with some modifications) on his tote bags and cushion covers.

This IG account is more than just a sales platform. They encourage their followers wherever they are in the world to post wearing their ‘Chicken Bowl Bag’ and hashtag #mangkokayam for the opportunity for their pic to be reposted on their account. So essentially, this account is made up of their 1000 + followers sending pics from across the globe toting their Indonesian designer bag.

Glenn says ‘Who knows…one day we can claim that the most travelled tote bag in the world is made in Indonesia!’ and  ‘Who knows where it will lead us to next!’

Image Credit: @juanpierreanthony Repost by @mangkokayamid Chicken Bowl Bag in front of the Eiffel Tower

Ijul or as his IG followers know him @ijoeel is a passionate Jakarta photographer who spends his days photographing everyday Jakarta life and really captures the essence of it. Ijul was born in Jakarta and is a proud ‘Batawi’ (original inhabitant). Through this work he aims to share his love of Jakarta with the world. His love of his city is palpable. Ijul says; ‘I want to be good for my city, that’s why I have my own perspective..and  that perspective is to make Jakarta look beautiful.’

Image Credit: @ijoeel

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Instagram brings people together…If you are not already on Instagram, it is as simple as downloading the Instagram App The IG accounts we have featured today are Public, but you can also post on the Private setting and share only to people who follow you.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to our 5 Instagrammers who we were thrilled to feature in today’s post. Your work continues to inspire and encourage us to explore and share our Jakarta journey in pictures. We hope this post inspires you too. It’s nearly the weekend…so go on…get snapping!

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Words: Liz  Photography Credit: @libbyowenedmunds @viena_ @ijoeel @fransicangela @mangkokayamid

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