Best Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta #3

Pigeonhole cappucino and customer


Today we bring you our third edition in the series, ‘Best Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta‘, and we can safely say that we don’t see this series ending any time soon. Jakarta is riding high on the global ‘third coffee wave’ which regards coffee as a drink as fine as wine; and where everything from origins, harvesting and brewing methods are appreciated.

Our recent coffee hopping has taken us to five new Jakarta cafes, with the common thread being the quality of the coffee, the quality of their beans and where they are grown.

Our ‘Next 5’ Best Places

1. Beecy Bikes & Beans
Beecy Bikes & Beans is a top South Jakarta hangout for urban cyclists and serious coffee enthusiasts alike. Established by the head of the folding bike community, Mr Mada Mubina, Beecy Bikes & Beans is located on Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya just around the corner from Dharmawangsa Square.They serve exceptionally good coffee brewed on site from a wide selection of beans; sourced from Aceh Gayo, Mandheling, Benteng Alla, Flores and Toraja and play host to a large community of adventurous Jakarta cyclists who believe in the drink coffee, ride faster philosophy!

Contact Details:
Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya No. 10
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10:00am – 10:30pm | Saturday – Sunday 8:00am – 10:30pm
Instagram: Beecy Bikes N Beans

We like to sip: Their full-bodied cappuccino, accompanied by a cold glass of water and their iced caffe latte.

Why this place? Beecy Bikes and Beans serve consistently good coffee, and you can park (your bike or your car right up to the door) The baristas are passionate about their craft and wish to serve the best brew in the Kebayoran Baru precinct. Even if you are not an urban Jakarta cyclist; you can still enjoy their excellent brew, very cool fit out and dream of the day this exciting city might be more supportive of cycling-friendly infrastructure. But for now, Beecy Bikes and Beans is leading the charge in supporting the Indonesian coffee industry as well as healthy living.

Other noteworthy information:
Anyone who has ever visited Jakarta will know that the ‘mobil’ ‘car’ and ‘sepeda motor’ ‘motor bike’ rule the roads.The ‘sepeda’ ‘bike’ rider is now becoming a commonplace sight around the city, particularly with the growing popularity of Car Free Day (CFD) which closes the capital’s main roads in central Jakarta, Jakarta Utara, Bintaro and Bekasi to vehicles on Sunday mornings.

Beecy Bikes & Beans sell a range of bike gears and provide a repair service for the full range of bike types including: fixed gear, road bikes, folding bikes and single speed. If you are looking to connect with the local cycling community this is the place to hang out. Group rides in and out of Jakarta can be arranged over an espresso on the weekends.

Beecy bikes and beans1
Beecy Bikes and Beans wall art
Beecy cappucino
The Beecy cappuccino
Beecy Beans iced latte
The Beecy iced latte

2. Crematology Coffee Roasters
Crematology Coffee Roasters are located in the upmarket Senopati area, and on bustling Jl. Cipete Raya, Cilandak and are famous for using Indonesian coffee beans sourced from four regions: Toraja, Bali, Papua and East Java to serve their growing clientele. With an emphasis on quality coffee every step of the way, their Instagram feed is testament to this. ‘In coffee, there are no shortcuts to consistent quality but to check, check and check again, every shift, every day. Truly a labour of love’

Contact Details:
Jl. Suryo No. 25, Senopati
Jakarta Selatan

Jl. Cipete Raya 9 (inside the BAYU building)
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 7:30am – 12:00am | Saturday – Sunday 9:00am – 12:00am
Instagram: Crematology

We like to sip: The Crematology own roast-piccolo (actually piccolino which was actually a good size as it was strong) served in a machiatto glass and a double cappuccino which was also strong with full body and finish plus a bottle of San Pellegrino.

Why this place? Not only do we enjoy the consistently good Crematology brew in their ‘home away from home’ inspired space but we also like their ‘Nordic Indonesian fusion’ fit out. One of our favourite Indonesian furniture brands, Nagarey Home and Decor, supplied the rattan, metal, teak and cow hide chairs and stools.

Other noteworthy information: We have been told the Crematology Affogato is their best seller and that you can request your favourite latte art with every milky coffee order. Both are on our list for our next visit. For those who feel like a bite with their coffee, Crematology has a straightforward menu consisting of; freshly baked fresh daily pastries and desserts, waffles and french toast, Dutch bitterballen and french fries, the Crematology Big Breakfast and a range of pasta dishes.

Crematology lounge area
The cosy Crematology lounge area. Individual rattan chairs and cowhide stools from Nagarey Home & Decor.
Crematology staff up close
The super-cool Crematology staff
Crematology Piccolo and cappuccino
Our chosen brew…the Crematology cappuccino and piccolo

3. Pigeonhole Coffee

Pigeonhole Coffee is another newcomer to the increasingly ‘hip and happening’ Bintaro; one of the oldest residential areas in Jakarta closely connected by road to South Jakarta by the BSD-Pondok Indah toll road. Pigeonhole Coffee is whimsical in name and in its choice of decor inside and out, and this ‘pigeons nest’ is surprisingly bigger than its name suggests.

Contact Details:
Jl. Merpati II, No. 20
Bintaro Jaya Sektor 1

Opening hours: Daily 8:00am – 8:00pm | Saturday: 8:00am – 9:00pm

Instagram: Pigeonhole Coffee

We like to sip: Jo enjoyed a piccolo latte, and her daughter loved the Pigeonhole iced chocolate, stating that it was ‘the best one she has had to date in Jakarta’ because it was not too sweet’. They also shared a piece of lemon and poppy-seed cake made by Barista Rifqi’s aunt. I sipped a beautifully balanced cappuccino.

Why this place? Pigeonhole Coffee are serious about making you the perfect brew. They advertise specials of the day and are happy to discuss your particular coffee preferences.Their house blend is called Deja Vu with beans supplied from Smoking Barrels. Pigeonhole Coffee are serious about ensuring their coffee drinking space is comfortable and conducive to relaxed coffee drinking. As you alight from your car and walk up the wooden steps to their yellow front door, you will be welcomed by a sign that informs you that they don’t add sugar syrups to their coffee, and they encourage you not to as well. Similarly a decorative piece of wall art asks patrons to ‘refrain from smoking and vaping’ as any smoke will affect their coffee beans. These recommendations are quite refreshing, as it is very normal in Jakarta cafes for sugar to be added to coffee and cigarette smoking to be commonplace.

Other noteworthy information: Pigeonhole Coffee is located opposite a cheery and well stocked local fruit and vegetable stall and minutes from ‘main main’ a children’s playground. Also, the white bench in the front doubles as a bike rack. We like that!

Pigeonhole soft seating and mirrors
Pigeonhole Coffee has a range of seating options.
Pigeonhole manager
Pigeonhole Coffee Manager, Michael Permana Rinaldi, brewing
Pigeonhole cappucino
Pigeonhole Coffee cappuccino
Pigeonhole coffee facade
The Pigeonhole Coffee front deck, fun mural and swing for playful Insta shots!

4. Toko Kopi Tuku

Toko Kopi Tuku is located on busy Jl. Cipete Raya and can be identified by their large TUKU sign hoisted high on the left hand side coming from Jl. Fatmawati. They roast their coffee beans on site, sourced from across Indonesia and provide a cheery atmosphere while still maintaining attention to serving you their best brew. Coffee connoisseurs have the option to sit up to their cute bench at the front of the cafe, and enjoy the aroma coming from the hopper inside, or take a seat at the bench inside overlooking the coffee machine and counter lined with freshly roasted beans ready to take away.

* Toko Kopi Tuku has such an excellent reputation for local coffee, have you seen the long line up of GoJek drivers picking up online coffee orders lately?, the owner is planning on extending the cafe space. Even Bapak Jokowi the Indonesian President is a Kopi Tuku fan. Check out their Instagram for a pic of the President at Kopi Tuku and their latest news.

Contact Details:
Jl. Cipete Raya No. 7
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: 7:00am – 10:00pm. Everyday except Sundays
Instagram:Toko Kopi Tuku

We like to sip: Jo enjoyed the Toko Kopi Tuku cappuccino and I savoured their piccolo latte. We shared their delicious Indonesian style doughnut which was not overly sweet or dry. I returned home with a 900gram vacuum sealed bag of Aceh Gayo beans.

Why this place? Toko Kopi Tuku is a must try for Jakarta coffee lovers who love the intimacy of a small space and the expertise of one of the most cheerful and enthusiastic baristas named Citra.

Other noteworthy information: This local gem feels not unlike an ‘Italian bar’ where patrons stand, enjoy their coffee en route to somewhere else.

Toko Kopi Tuku sign
Look up for the Toko Kopi Tuku sign on Jl. Cipete Raya
Kopi Tuku Citra
Kenalkan Toko Kopi Tuku Barista Citra
Kopi Tuku Cappuccino and donut2
Toko Kopi Tuku cappuccino and doughnut
Toko Kopi Tuku vertical wall
Toko Kopi Tuku’s vertical garden

5. Woot Coffee and Mates
Woot Coffee and Mates is located next to the very popular late night hangout Martabak Boss on trendy Jl. Gunawarman and has a fun and casual vibe. Place your order on the first floor then take the stairs to an area decorated with fun slogans such as ‘See you Latte’ and playful wall art. Woot Coffee and Mates serve a good range of hot and cold coffee options, including flat white, cafe latte, ristretto and Vietnamese drip lemon grass coffee.

Contact Details:
Jl. Gunarwarman No. 75
Next to Martabak Boss Gunawarman

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 10:00pm | Friday – Saturday 9:00am – 12:00am

Instagram: Wootcoffee

We like to sip: The day we visited Woot were using Malabar beans from Bandung. Jo enjoyed a flat white which was rich and creamy. After sipping coffee across South Jakarta that day my preference was an iced lychee tea, which was not too sweet, which is the way I like it. We shared a double cheese chocolate muffin served warm made by Woot at their other Woot store, and this hit the spot!

Why this place? Woot offers good coffee, a nice ambience and friendly and knowledgable service.

Other noteworthy information: You can order Martabak from Martabak Boss next door to enjoy with your coffee inside. A great combination!

Woot coffee next to Martabak boss
Woot Coffee and Mates located next to Martabak boss. A great combination don’t you think?
Woot cappuccino and water copy
Woot Coffee and Mates cappuccino and water served on their signature green tray
Woot iced tea
Woot Coffee and Mates lychee iced tea
Woot upstairs
Woot Coffee and Mates cheery interior

Thank you for reading all the way through. We hope you get a chance to sip great coffee from one or more of the Jakarta cafes on todays list, and share this post with your coffee drinking friends in Jakarta too!’s nearly the weekend..the perfect opportunity to get out and about exploring.

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Words: Liz Photography: a journey bespoke


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