Market Feature #6 : Pasar Bunga Rawa Belong – Jakarta’s Wholesale Flower Market

Photo by @nitastrudwick photography

Recently we visited Pasar Tanah Abang and had an absolute blast exploring such a vast market. The vendors and shoppers greeted us with equal measures of warmth and amusement. I’m sure they thought it was hilarious that two *bule women were having a ball in South East Asia’s largest fabric market; a market that even locals say is pretty manic.

After a delightful visit, Liz and I hopped back in the car and my Driver, Pak Kurniawan, sensing our energy for adventure, suggested Pasar Bunga Rawa Belong as our next ajb excursion. He said the name, Rawa Belong, as if we would understand its significance but his suggestion was met with blank stares. Pak politely explained that Pasar Rawa Belong is (purportedly) the largest wholesale flower market is South East Asia.

So it is with gratitude to Pak Kurniawan that we present you with today’s ajb post. Put on your non-slip shoes, we’re off to Pasar Bunga Rawa Belong (- I hope you don’t suffer hayfever!)

Comfortable clothing and sensible shoes are a must when visiting this market (Photo by @nitastrudwick photography)

What’s in a Name?
Pasar Bunga Rawa Belong is located in the area of Rawa Belong in West Jakarta. The word Bunga means ‘flower’ in Bahasa Indonesia and Pasar translates as ‘market’.

After the flowers arrive from the farms, they are sorted, bundled and prepared for distribution throughout Jakarta (Photo by @nitastrudwick photography)
Sedap Malam are prepared for Jakarta’s flower shops. The stalks are cleaned and any less-than-perfect flowers are removed (Photo by @nitastrudwick photography)
One of Indonesia’s favourite flowers, the Sedap Malam (tuberose) has a sweet perfume, often most obvious in the evenings  (Photo by @nitastrudwick photography)
Wrapped in newspaper, the variety of flowers at Pasar Rawa Belong is breathtaking (Photo by @nitastrudwick photography)

Mechanics of the Market
Mostly situated within two two-storey buildings, Pasar Rawa Belong also spills out onto the open area in front of the buildings and extends across the road. There are in excess of 400 stallholders and the market never closes!

Irrespective of what time you visit, you are likely to see lots of action. During the hours from 10pm to 6am, flowers grown throughout the archipelago arrive in trucks. Likewise, flowers that have been freighted from other countries including Thailand, Vietnam and as far afield as The Netherlands arrive at this wholesale market.

Outside these hours, motorbikes and small trucks can be seen loading flowers for delivery to Jakarta’s Toko Bunga (flower shops).

Loading up a motorbike with the delivery for a Jakarta-based florist

Language is No Barrier
Everyone we met at Pasar Bunga Rawa Belong was friendly and keen to do business with us. We delighted in chatting with the vendors and finding out where the flowers originated.

Sedap Malam vendor, Ibu Bumi
Pak Asep (second from right) was informative and extremely helpful when we visited the Pasar. We recommend him as a contact person at the Market

Although many vendors speak only limited English, we met Asep whose command of everyday English was excellent. We feel confident that he could source and deliver all of our/your flower needs.

Asep contact details
Asep Sumpena
Putri Florist
HP: 0878 8298 1064

Flowers on Offer
At Pasar Rawa Belong, you can find everything from bags full of flower petals to freshly cut flowers; from gardening accessories to bunga papan (large boards decorated with flowers, containing a message specific to the occasion, used for weddings, funerals, opening of businesses etc)The flower market offers the best prices because the vendors buy their stock directly from the farmers. Here are some flowers that we saw:

Gerberas (Photo by @nitastrudwick photography)
Heath Asters (Photo by @nitastrudwick photography)
Ever-pretty daisies (Photo by @nitastrudwick photography)
Roses from Bogor, West Java (Photo by @nitastrudwick photography)
Carnations (Photo by @nitastrudwick photography)
Liz with an arm full of flowers

Just some of the flowers available include: Orchids, Roses, Sunflowers, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Gerberas, Lotus flowers and pods, Lilies, Heath Asters, Birds of Paradise, Hyacinths, Hydrangeas, Daffodils, Baby’s Breath and many other flowers and foliage.

Imported flowers include Orchids from Thailand, Lilies from Vietnam and Gypsophila (Baby’s breath) from Netherlands.

Ceremonial Decorations
Ceremonial decorations known as Kembar Mayang can also be purchased at Pasar Rawa Belong. These hand-made decorations, often associated with weddings are made from young coconut leaves which are cut, folded and then pinned into various arrangements. The decorative part is often attached to a banana trunk and can be seen in local neighbourhoods, signifying the location of a wedding ceremony.

Assembling a decoration (Photo by @nitastrudwick photography)

The various shapes of Kembar Mayang have different symbolic meanings. Some examples include:

Mountain shaped: A mountain is high and big, symbolising a man should have a lot of knowledge, experience and patience.

Keris (ceremonial knife) shaped: The couple should be careful in life.

Umbrellas-shaped: The couple must protect their family.

Grasshopper-shaped: The couple should be energetic, quick in thinking and making decisions in order to keep the family safe.

Bird-shaped: The couple should have a high life-motivation.

Pak Sandy prepares the materials for the decorations (Photo by @nitastrudwick photography)
Delighting in the skills of the local Kembar Mayang craftspersons (Photography by @nitastrudwick photography)

Our Favourite Flowers?
Our wonderful friend and talented Photographer, Nita loves Sedap Malam. During her time living in the USA and Australia, she was unable to find these flowers and missed them greatly. She now delights in having these elegant long flowers in her home on a regular basis.

With the assistance of Nita (who was busy taking this photograph), we were able to get a good price for our BIG bunch of Sedap Malam. Our cars we full of a heady perfume all the way home! (Photo by @nitastrudwick photography)

Nita’s second favourite flower is the Lily- both locally grown as well as imported varieties.

The fabulous Nita, with some Java-grown Lilies

Liz’ flora of choice includes stunning tropical foliage in various shapes and sizes, which she featured in an earlier post called, Bringing the Outside In. Liz also enjoys the unusual and novel aesthetic of the Cotton Bush and has a genuine love of the various orchids of Indonesia.

Imported orchids from Thailand
Java-grown Tiger orchids and James Storie crimson orchids
Interesting foliage to enhance that floral display, including Cotton bush (round seed pods),Papyrus, Horsetail reeds and grasses

Pak Kurniawan’s favourite flower? He really likes roses and orchids (anggrek)

Roses grown in Bogor, West Java

And Mine? The Lotus flower (teratai) and their pods. These flowers are harvested from local waterways – not commercially cultivated. Many would consider them not particularly special; yet it is their origin that I find most interesting; that something so beautiful can come from a place so apparently ordinary.

A mixed bunch of flowers including Lotus flowers and their pods (teratai), Papyrus and James Storie orchids

More recently I have discovered the Kecombrang flower (Torch Ginger flower). Not only is this flower beautiful in appearance, it can also be used in cooking like in our Rujak salad recipe.

Kecombrang buds
Kecombrang flowers

Advice when visiting the Market

Bargain hard. Half the suggested price and stick with it.

Wear closed-toe shoes as it can get quite wet due to all the watering.

Although a lot of the market is under cover, there is also a lot outdoors so bring a sun hat.

Bring cash. No cards accepted in most places.

If you are planning on buying a lot of flowers, bring something in which to transport them home e.g.: esky.



Did you know?
Indonesia has three National Flowers. They include:
Melati (Jasminum Sambac), The Moon Orchid (Phalaenopsis Amabilis) and the world’s largest flower,  The Rafflesia (Rafflesia Arnoldi Indonesia).

Wherever you turn, there is a photo to be taken at Pasar Rawa Belong


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Pasar Rawa Belong Flower Market
Jl. Sulaiman No.1 , Kebon Jeruk
West Jakarta,  Indonesia

Open Hours:  24 hours, 7 days a week


  • Bule – white foreigner
  • Pasar – market
  • Bunga – flower


Words: Jo    Photography: Nita Strudwick and a journey bespoke


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