Spotlight on our favourite South Jakarta Streets


What are you up to this weekend? We are coming to the middle weekend of the school holidays for our kids in Jakarta. It’s been great to jump out of the regular school-day routines this week, reconnect with each other and recharge.

For those of you who celebrated Easter last weekend, we hope you had a great day!

Here are a few links to our ‘Street Series’ for some cruisy weekend reading. In the list are some of our favourite places to hangout in South Jakarta …. to eat, drink coffee, or iced tea, meet and buy from local makers at unique pasars and stores, enjoy local art and of course, as much as possible we love to explore on foot.  Any recommendations you would like to add?

Happy weekend from us wherever you are across the globe! Let us know what you have planned over the next two days!

On and around Jalan Senopati

On the list we have included some great family friendly places to dine, a cool barber shop, a hip Artspace, and two well renowned furniture shops. Check it out here

Ruci Art Space, Jalan Suryo

Jalan Cikajang Raya

Our best places on Jalan Cikajang to enjoy a manicure & pedicure, stock up on amazing bread and pastries, baking and party goods, take home a slice of cherry crumble, a box of chocolate brownies or stop for top notch coffee.

All the details are here

Beau Bead, Jalan Cikajang

On and around Jalan Bumi

Join us for a walk along and around Jalan Bumi or ‘Earth Street.’  We start at the north end at Lewis & Carroll Tea House and make our way towards Jalan Kyai Maja, then on to Pasar Mayestik and DGallerie.

You will discover narrow residential alleyways lined with greenery hanging from baskets, warungs serving up a variety of local foods along with street art by famous graffiti artist Darbotz. Stop at Poppy Dharsono for unique, one of a kind pieces which blend ethnic and modern elements, Paisley Things for locally made, one of a kind gifts which have a social and environmental conscience and hand made pieces created from up cycled materials. Need a new camera, or interested in local art and pasar finds. It’s all here.

The Squid Monster symbol by Jakarta- based street artist, Darbotz, Jalan Bumi

Jalan Terogong Raya

We know you might be avoiding Jalan Terogong Raya because of the constant construction of the MRT on Jalan Fatmawati. We think it’s time to come back to Jalan Terogong. This is a great little street to stop and buy tropical and traditional blooms, sip locally brewed coffee, browse locally made wares, meet a local tailor, stop for a manicure or massage, sip raw almond milk smoothies, cold pressed juices and fresh coconut water, just as a start. Read on here for our full post.

Toko Bunga, Jalan Terogong Raya

Jalan Cipete Raya

Jl. Cipete Raya is one of our favourite Jakarta streets to sip great coffee, green juice or jamu, visit our framer, enjoy a smoothie bowl, avocado toast or healthy green salad … search for homewares, children’s clothing and enjoy both local and international cuisine. Check out where we like to stop on Jalan Cipete Raya right here.

Crematology, Jalan Cipete Raya

Jalan Kemang Timur

Head on down to Jalan Kemang Timur for furniture workshops specialising in custom-built wood furniture, object d’art and reproductions, contemporary jewellery, cotton clothing, decorator pots of all shapes and colours, a yoga studio, a dog grooming salon, pet accessory boutique, dog playground and…one of our favourite Jakarta coffee shops! Since we last posted on Jalan Kemang Timur Nalu Bowls has moved in and you can stop there for a healthy smoothie bowl. Join us for a stroll down Jalan Kemang Timur here.

Ottomali, Jalan Kemang Timur

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Words: Liz McClean and Jo Stevens Photography: a journey bespoke

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