The ajb 2015 Oleh Oleh Gift List

YUM farm bag

What is Oleh Oleh?

We were inspired to produce our very own ajb Oleh Oleh gift list by the local Indonesian people themselves. The Bahasa Indonesia term ‘Oleh Oleh’ simply means ‘gift or souvenir’. Across the archipelago, the good-hearted practice of giving a small gift, such as food or a souvenir item for family or work friends is widespread.

We have observed this beautiful tradition first hand at Indonesian airports, and on local aircrafts. We have watched as boxes of local cakes and snacks; that might only be available in the city, town or village that the traveller visited, are carefully bundled together with string, become precious cargo, then graciously shared amongst family or work mates on the travellers return home.

Once the expectation was that Oleh Oleh would consist of such things as fresh fruit, specialty cakes and biscuits, which were not normally available locally; but we understand the practice to be evolving and for some people, art merchandise has become the new souvenir.

Art merchandise has become the new souvenir to bring home as a present for your friends when you travel abroad or even just out of town’ 

Now Jakarta

What’s on the list?

The ‘ajb Oleh Oleh Gift List’ is comprised of some of our ‘favourite Indonesian things’ to give as gifts to family and friends when returning to our home country. Our list mirrors the traditional practice of giving ‘local food treats’ as well as the evolving practice of sharing ‘art merchandise.’ Our gift roundup includes: local textiles, ceramics, leather, coffee, honey, chocolate, spices as well as organic healthy snacks. All the information you need to take advantage of this list, we have included at the bottom of the post.

Our criteria

Our Oleh Oleh gifts are:

  • Made in Indonesia
  • Sourced in Jakarta
  • Light
  • Easy to pack
  • Price considered
  • Customs standards considered
  • Made by traditional artisans working in remote areas of Indonesia, regional areas and Jakarta
  • Made by emerging Indonesian artisans
  • A part of our Indonesian experience. Each item on the ‘Ole Ole list’ has a story that we would like to share with the people who will receive it. We may have met the artisan personally or online, admired the artisan’s craft or we have received enjoyment from the product ourselves.

Our hope is that today’s post might act as a guide to your Oleh Oleh gift giving this festive season, as well as  taking some of the legwork out of your shopping. Similarly, we hope the act of giving small gifts or souvenirs to family and friends back home, might offer opportunities to share the story behind your Oleh Oleh and your Indonesia journey.

Whether you are traveling locally or abroad in the coming month, we wish you safe and happy travels,
Liz and Jo


Wisma Cheshire drawstring
Batik print drawstring bag from Wisma Cheshire
YUM farm tote Wiru and Kana scarves
YUM farm Dayak’s Bride & Groom canvas tote, Wiru handmade tie dye and batik scarf, Kana scarf both found at Meet the Makers Jakarta
Kenny Fitra batik two sided apron
Kenny Fitra batik two-sided apron found at the British Women’s Association November Bazaar
Wisma Chesire coasters
Navy blue and white batik design coasters by Wisma Cheshire
Wisma Chesire serviettes
Navy blue and white batik serviettes made by Wisma Cheshire
Wisma Cheshire zippered tote
Bright batik print fold up shopping bags from Wisma Cheshire
Batik tote bags
Light, useful and easy to pack batik tote bags. We will have one in each colour thank you!
Wisma Cheshire drawstring bags
Wisma Cheshire drawstring bags
Fika Julia purse
Cotton print pouch by emerging Indonesian textile designer fikajulia
Jamu cushion
Burgundy and grey mini batik cushion from Jamu
Batik Linen teatowel
Exotic print batik tea towel from Pantry Magic
Batik tie
New in town batik tie designer Ba.tie.k Your Dad would love this tie don’t you think?
Dorothea Gale Batik cushion cover and Semaya Clay bowls
Dorotea Gale Batik cushion cover and Semaya Clay bowls
Eye mask SWAS Living
Eye masks by SWAS Living found at The good things in life in Woodpecker Cafe
Noodle bowl cloth bento, Multifunctional cloth kotak sawah Sejauh Mata Memandang
Noodle bowl cloth bento design bandana and kotak sawah bandana by Sejauh Mata Memandang at The good things in life
Wake and Wander fabric covered notebooks A Wanderer and A Dweller from The good things in life
Wake and Wander fabric covered notebooks: A Wanderer and A Dweller from The good things in life
Le Souq childs Tshirt
Something for the kids! Jakarta bajaj T-Shirt from Le souq Kemang

Notebooks, Postcards and and stationery

Ideas and Notes Mad Ants
Stunning graphic front notebooks by Mad Ants discovered at their pop up in SCTRY Health Food Bar
FIKAJULIA notepad on board
Tropical cover notebook by fikajulia
8 cards and envelopes Nita Strudwick
Indonesian images – cards and envelopes by Nita Strudwick Photography from Alun Alun
HEIMLO JAKARTA large notebook
HEIMLO JAKARTA large notebook from Goods Dept Pondok Indah Mall 2
HEIMLO Jakarta foods notebooks
HEIMLO Jakarta foods notebooks – Ketupat Sayur, Opor Ayam, Rendang Padang, Good Dept Pondok Indah Mall 2
Bollu The end is not the end Postcard set
Bollu ‘The end is not the end’ Postcard set – a stunning design by emerging creative Ruth Marbun
Brown paper paperie and wrap2
Local prints on heavy paper gift bags from Brown Tree Paperie and Wrap – Made in Jogjakarta.
2Madison Art Studio DIY blank cards
Make Your Own Greeting Cards from 2Madison Art Studio
Jakarta creative souvenir pencil ondel ondel and fridge magnet
Nostalgia inspired! I loved receiving cute pencils and eraser souvenirs as a child. These Jakarta creative souvenir pencil Ondel Ondel and Jakarta fridge magnet are from the British Women’s Association November Bazaar
Rambutan and Durian cards
Rambutan and Durian cards from Le Souq


Pekunden plate
Ceramic plate by Pekunden pottery
Plate from Linoluna and Bali
Made in Bali white, grey and beige plate from Linoluna, Lippo Mall Kemang
pottry bowls and spoons
Pottery bowls from a market outside Museum Keramic Kota Tua, (Jakarta Old Town) spoons from Kokken and made by Ayu Larasati
GBAKER beaker and Semaya Clay bowls
GBAKER multipurpose beaker and Semaya Clay bowls
Tekuni Japanese tea cup, Haryo vase from Jakara
Tekuni Japanese tea-cup, Haryo vase made in Jakarta, found in The good things in life
Convetti mug Ayu Larasati from The Good Things in Life
Convetti mug by Ayu Larasati from The Good Things in Life


GBAKER leather trivett
GBAKER leather trivet

Indonesian snacks, treats and delicacies

Dorsata honey from the archipelago
Dorsata honey from around the archipelago found at Borneo Chic
Anomali coffee
Aceh Bandar Selin special release coffee beans and Aceh Gayo Organic coffee beans both from Anomali coffee
Javara coconut sugars
Javara organic coconut sugars
Javara cashews,coconut chips and cacao nibs
Javara cashews and cacao nibs from Flores and coconut chips
Javara spices
Javara spices – Rendang spice blend, Spekulas, Opor curry spice blend
Monggo chocolate
Extra fine cocoa nibs and dark chocolate from Monggo chocolate


Do you subscribe to the Indonesian Oleh Oleh practice or an adapted form? Or partake in a similar practice where you are living? What’s your experience?

What would you add to this list?
Let’s chat in the comments section.

Suppliers and Stockists

Alun Alun Indonesia
Web: Alun Alun

Anomali Coffee
Web: Anomali Coffee

Ayu Larasati
Web: Ayu Larasati
Instagram: Ayu Larasati

Web: Ba.tie.k

Australian & New Zealand Women’s Association (ANZA)
British Womens’ Association (BWA)

Bollu Land
Jl. Kemang 1a, No. 29a
Blog: Bollu 

Brown Tree Paperie and Wrap
Web: Brown Tree

Cokelat nDalem
Can be purchased in Alun Alun

Dorotea Gale
Web: Dorotea Gale

Dorsata forest honey
Can be purchased in Borneo Chic Kemang

Fika Julia
Facebook: Fika Julia Design


HEIMLO stationery sold through Mad Ants
Online Shop: Mad Ants

Web: Jamu 

Web: Java Indonesia

Web: Kana

Instagram: Kokken 

Le souq
Web: Le Souq

Web: Linoluna

Web: 2Madison

Meet the Makers Jakarta
Facebook: Meet the Makers

Monggo Chocolate
Web: Monggo Chocolate

Nita Strudwick Photography
Web: Nita Strudwick Photography

Pekunden Pottery
Facebook: Pedunden Pottery

Pantry Magic
Web: Pantry Magic

SCTRY Health food bar
Instagram: SCTRY

Semaya Clay
Instagram: Semaya Clay

Suzanna chocolates Bandung
Can be purchased in Ranch Market Pondok Indah and Sogo Food Hall Senayan Plaza

The GOODS Dept
Web: The Goods Dept

The good things in life (Inside Woodpecker Cafe, Jl, Terogong Raya No. 34)
Instagram:The good things in

Wiru handmade tie dye and batik
Web: Wiru

Wisma Cheshire (textiles from Yayasan Wisma Cheshire are made by adult men and women with mobility disabilities living in Indonesia, through their vocational training programme)
Web: Wisma Cheshire

YUM Organic Farm (Bags from YUM Farm are handmade by disadvantaged youths in the Sewing Project in the Vocational Training Centre of Yayasan Usaha Mulia)
Web: YUM farm
Email: (Email Yum Organic Farm to have your Dayak’s Bride & Groom bag delivered to you in Jakarta)


Words: Liz  Photography: a journey bespoke


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