Tropical Coconut Salad Recipe

My family has been enjoying this recipe in Jakarta for four years now and it is still SO good! We often team this tropical coconut salad with chicken sate or other barbecued meats, or eat it on its own. The star of this dish is most certainly the freshly grated coconut, the perfect combo with fresh lemony kemangi (asian basil) blanched vegetables and the Continue Reading

Loving right Now | TINY STORY

Working out of her home in South Jakarta, Janneke Poerink designs one of a kind objects for the home under her exciting new label Tiny Story. Tiny Story was born out of a combination of Janneke's experiences;  a professional background in Marketing and PR in both Cinema and Magazines in her native Holland, followed by an expat posting to Singapore, formal Continue Reading

Introducing Local Artist: Dewi Tobing

On a wet Saturday afternoon, I ventured out to see what was happening at the much publicised Catalyst Arts Market Pop Up at the Graha Purna Wira building; most commonly known as a wedding reception venue in the Dharmawangsa precinct. What I encountered was a lively hall filled with the artistic achievements of some of Indonesia’s brightest and most Continue Reading

How to make a marble trivet + style it 7 ways

I totally understand how tricky it is at times to source the kinds of decorator items you might find in your home country. I'll be the first to admit I have been tempted more than once to haul large and heavy objects for my house in Jakarta in my luggage; to the sound of loud complaints from my husband and rolled eyes from my teenage daughters. I searched Continue Reading