How to make lemongrass+lemon tea

I’ve always associated aromas with memories of places, experiences and even changes in the weather. Do you feel the same way? Aromas take me back and make me reminisce. When I get a whiff of the sweet fragrance of roses I’m instantly rocketed back to my house in Sydney where the iceberg roses I planted some 15 years ago line my front picket fence. The smell Continue Reading

10 Top Spots to Stop on Jl. Kemang Timur

What are you doing this weekend? Here's 10 Top Spots to Stop on Jalan Kemang Timur, South Jakarta for you to check out! From bespoke furniture, Indonesian artifacts, homewares and clothing, to yoga and great coffee, we have your next Jakarta street tour covered. Jl. Kemang Timur is arguably one of our favourite South Jakarta streets, and home to some of our Continue Reading

Introducing Textile Designer FikaJulia

We are LOVING the playful, authentically Indonesian designs of emerging Jakarta based Print and Textile Designer, Fika. At just 26 years old, Fika has an impressive CV which includes designer, entrepreneur, business manager and lecturer. Channelling a tropical ‘Sumba Island’ sensibility, Fika, working under the brand name FikaJulia creates a vibrant, Continue Reading