A visual guide to Jakarta’s Shopping Bazaars

Early in my arrival to Jakarta I recall overhearing a group of women chatting excitedly at a local cafe. A rising sense of anticipation was evident in their conversation. And then I heard the word, bazaar. There was a flurry of organising that ensued - Where would they meet?  What was on each other's shopping lists? and the all-important, Would they Continue Reading

Jakarta Street Food: The Heartbeat of the City

Jakarta's street food culture is rich, diverse, and incredibly interesting; I can't help but think that this is the 'heartbeat' of the city. Please join me on a tour of the street foods I'm familiar with in my local area; as well as introduce you to the hard working food vendors whose livelihood is invested in their recipes, cooking skills and the upkeep Continue Reading

Talking Cheese with Ayu Linggih of Rosalie Cheese

Today we bring you the story of Ayu Linggih, and her journey from Indonesia to Australia; where her study in food science and brunch at her favourite cafe in the hip Brisbane suburb of ‘Rosalie’ led her to return to Jakarta to establish an Indonesian natural cheese startup! Inspired by Ayu’s story of entrepreneurialship and our appreciation of an artisan Continue Reading

How to make lemongrass+lemon tea

I’ve always associated aromas with memories of places, experiences and even changes in the weather. Do you feel the same way? Aromas take me back and make me reminisce. When I get a whiff of the sweet fragrance of roses I’m instantly rocketed back to my house in Sydney where the iceberg roses I planted some 15 years ago line my front picket fence. The smell Continue Reading