How to make a gingerbread Christmas tree

Looking for a fun Christmas activity to do with the kids? Something that will ignite your Christmas spirit, make a lovely centre piece for your table and fill your tummies with Christmas cheer? Then look no further than today's ajb Christmas bonus, 'How to make a gingerbread Christmas tree'. Our kids delighted in making the tree featured in today's post - Continue Reading

The ajb 2015 Oleh Oleh Gift List

What is Oleh Oleh? We were inspired to produce our very own ajb Oleh Oleh gift list by the local Indonesian people themselves. The Bahasa Indonesia term 'Oleh Oleh' simply means 'gift or souvenir'. Across the archipelago, the good-hearted practice of giving a small gift, such as food or a souvenir item for family or work friends is widespread. We have Continue Reading

The ajb Ultimate Guide to preparing your home for a Jakarta Christmas

As anyone living in Jakarta would know, you have to start planning early for special occasions, and Christmas is no exception. To help you do this, we have compiled our 'ajb Ultimate Guide to preparing your home for a Jakarta Christmas'. Why do you need this guide? Well, take a few moments to consider the following points and I'm sure you will soon agree Continue Reading

Why we love fresh and healthy rice paper rolls

  What we love most about rice paper rolls is that they are made for sharing! Not only that; but they can easily be prepared in advance, or ingredients laid out for family or friends to make themselves, and an added benefit is the recipe can be adapted no matter where you live, to include your own fresh local produce. So today we've drawn Continue Reading