Bring some street photography to your home


What are your thoughts on including street photography as art for your home? For a long time I’ve been a fan, but only recently have I actually been the photographer. So what is it about street photography that I’m attracted to? I particularly delight in the way images captured on the street celebrate the beauty and goodness in people and cultures, Continue Reading

Tips for Using a Tailor in Jakarta


It's Saturday morning, and you're staring blankly at your wardrobe wondering what to wear!  Sound familiar? Perhaps you have been toying with the idea of having some new clothes made by a local tailor, but the idea sounded a little too daunting ... well worry no more. Jo and I have been using the services of a range of tailors in Jakarta for a few years Continue Reading

5 of our Favourite Instagram Accounts to Follow this Week

Looking for some new feeds to follow on Instagram to inspire you? Here are some of our favourites. These five IG accounts are packed with consistently stunning imagery from Indonesia and around the world. The common thread is each account captures a unique view of the world through the lens of their smart phone or camera; be it landscapes, portraits, Continue Reading