ajb’s 5 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Batik Bed Cover

Since arriving in Jakarta, both Liz and I have delighted in our many guests who have come to visit us. As a result, creating a tranquil and appealing haven for our guests to retire at the end of a long day has been a priority on my ‘To Do’ list for quite some time. As this project has gained momentum, I have become keen to add hints of Indonesia’s rich Continue Reading

Eating Healthy in Jakarta – Meet Max Mandias of Burgreens

  If you're new to Jakarta and looking to source fresh, nutritious food or you are simply interested in healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, then this ajb post is for you. Today we have the honour of meeting and chatting with the inspiring Max Mandias - Co-founder and Executive Chef of Burgreens and arguably Indonesia's leading advocate on Continue Reading

The Story of Krupuk and Other Traditional Indonesian Snacks

If you live in Indonesia, you will no doubt have seen many *kaki lima with colourful tins of styrofoam-looking crackers attached to the side. This is a common sight here in Jakarta and I know long after we leave, it will remain an endearing memory. These popular snacks are known as *Krupuk and versions of this style of cracker are also common in Continue Reading