Best Of : Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta

Best coffee spots in Jakarta

We are breaking with tradition this week and bringing you not ONE, but a BUNDLE of posts to enjoy this weekend. If you are a new ' a journey bespoke' reader or new to Jakarta, a very warm welcome to you! Over the next couple of weeks we will be serving up some of our favourite posts, refreshed and updated. Today we are beginning where our friendship began Continue Reading

Best Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta #3

  Today we bring you our third edition in the series, 'Best Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta', and we can safely say that we don't see this series ending any time soon. Jakarta is riding high on the global 'third coffee wave'  which regards coffee as a drink as fine as wine; and where everything from origins, harvesting and brewing methods are Continue Reading

Nathalia Gunawan Founder of 1/15 Coffee

It's 9:30 am when I arrive at 1/15 Coffee, South Jakarta. Three young mums each with a toddler in tow are sipping fresh juice and the kids have milkshakes. The mums are chatting and watching over their children as they spread out on the long trestle tables with their coloured pencils and colouring books. Two University students with their laptops, Continue Reading