About Me – Jo

joNow, don’t get me wrong- I love talking. Anyone who knows me would attest to this. And no doubt if you choose to read any further in our blog (go on- you’ll be suitably rewarded!), you’ll find I am interested in most things and love to share my discoveries. But when I was informed that I would need to write a piece titled ‘About Me’, for our blog, I suddenly lost my voice. But I guess if I was you, I’d probably like to know whose thoughts and stories I was reading, so in an attempt to rediscover my voice, here are some things (interesting? – I’ll leave you to decide), ‘About Me’.

Late 2013 our family packed up our very happy existence in Melbourne, Australia and moved to Jakarta, the mega-city capital of Indonesia. It was an opportunity of a life time- but Jakarta? Really? Why not New York or Paris or Milan or.. Well, it really doesn’t matter anymore. Inevitably our life was to change and with it has come growth, enrichment and a love for a place that I previously knew very little. Jakarta has given me many wonderful experiences so far, in particular the gift of time, something that I was lacking in my previous life.

Let me explain: Like most, my adult life has always been about family and career. Our three children have kept me busy over the last 13 years as well as teaching throughout these years at a number of secondary schools in Victoria, Australia. In what seems a lifetime prior to this, I worked in the area of Sport Science as a physiologist.
When my husband came home announcing that we were to move to Jakarta, my head went into a spin. But what about my life?.. My friends? My job? And what about our family who were a great support to us?..And the kids- they are happy here!… And what about our dog??? But then a strange sense of calm swept over me. I knew it would be alright. And it is. In fact it’s more than alright- we are all relishing this wonderful adventure together.

Since moving to Jakarta I have this strange thing called, ‘free-time’. I feel it is so precious that I am mindful to use it wisely. I have a lot more patience and energy to support my children with their academic and extra-curricular endeavours, especially as they settle into a new existence.
I am still an educator, but this time the focus is on my own children.
I am more able to be there for my husband and support him as he settles into his new job and I’ve been able to pursue many personal interests that I’ve always kept tucked away, deep in the back of my mind. I feel lucky.

And writing a blog- Me? Who would have thought! But as I find my voice and build my confidence, I am becoming increasingly aware that this too is a part of my role as an educator, to share what I have learnt, whilst concurrently learning from the experiences of others.

So, at worst you might find my ravings amusing; at best, I hope you find A Journey Bespoke to be helpful and inspiring. Either way, thank you for joining us on our journey 🙂

With best wishes always,

Jo Stevens 

About Me – a quick snapshot
Family: Husband, 3 kids and one dog
Quiet confession: I love playing and watching (almost) all sport
I love: Good coffee, almond croissants and canelé
Favourite movie: Amelie
Favourite author: Tim Winton
Sport/hobbies: Tennis, running, yoga, pilates, languages (French and Bahasa Indonesia), reading and travel
Missing: Liquorice
Favourite location: The great outdoors (preferably near the coast)