About Me – Liz

lizAs a young girl living in rural Australia, I had a real sense of a world bigger than my own. We lived at the bottom of a mountain, and I would often daydream about what lay beyond. I had a great sense of wonder and possibility. So much so that when my mother received a copy of a women’s magazine highlighting a visit by the Queen of England to Australia, I immediately responded by writing Her Majesty a letter. To my great excitement I received a letter in reply. This was one small event, that set me on my way to discovering what lay over that mountain.

My professional background is in secondary school education. I’ve lived most of my life in Sydney Australia and have a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Education. My teaching subjects have been Social Sciences. In my education career spanning 20+ years, my passion has been working with teenage girls to encourage resilience and problem solving in their learning and school lives.

So in many ways this blogging journey is an extension of who I am. Sometimes life in Jakarta feels like a geography field trip that will come to an end when it’s time to return to my “real life”. But life in Jakarta is real life for me and my family.

Today I get joy from seeing my own two daughters grow and take on challenges that come with living in a new city and South East Asia. I love watching them as they learn the local Bahasa Indonesia language, make friends and adapt to their new surroundings. Like me, they too have a desire to connect, discover and learn more about this buzzing Jakarta city. I am very conscious of the privilege it is to live as an expatriate here, and I hope to use my gift of time well, while on this journey.

Since living in Jakarta I have a newfound love for Pilates, indigenous textiles and learning the local Bahasa Indonesia language. I love the handmade, the locally sourced and the bespoke. I can often be found discovering ‘new in town’ coffee shops, sourcing ingredients to make western style food as well as learning how to cook and work with local. I have a growing interest in how to make the best green smoothie using local ingredients and you can also find me amongst bolts of fabric in the local textile Pasar.

About Me – a quick snapshot
Family: Husband and two kids
Quiet confession: Shoes
I love: Good coffee, custard tarts, a great jumpsuit, keeping up to date with local and world affairs, the Business and Real Estate section of any newspaper
Favourite movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Author: Spencer Johnson of ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ fame Sport/Hobbies: Tennis, Learning Bahasa Indonesia, Pilates, Fossicking for local textiles and homewares Missing: Fruit mince pies
Favourite location: Fairy Bower, Manly Sydney