Best Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta #9

Coffee is a BIG deal here! Indonesia has a love affair with the ‘coffee bean’ and luckily for us, this has led to the rise of some seriously fantastic places to sip great coffee.

Whether you just like to appreciate a good cup, or you’re a full-on connoisseur, there are some great places dotted around Jakarta for everyone to enjoy.

Here are our best places to sip coffee in Jakarta right now!

Bilik Senja Kopi

Contact Details:
Jl. Panglima Polim V
No. 30
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: Sun-Thur, 9am-10pm, Fri-Sat, 9am-11pm

Instagram: Bilik Senja Kopi

We like to sip: The Bilik Senja latte made from Mandheling beans grown on the island of Sumatra. Mandheling is known as much for its smooth, full body as its rich complex taste, and on the day I visited Bilik Senja, my hot Mandheling latte did not disappoint.

Why this place? Bilik Senja is another unique coffeeshop on Panglima Polim South Jakarta, with a charming name and cafe space that has been designed for you to feel ‘right at home’.

Bilik Senja in Bahasa Indonesia means ‘Twilight Room.’ The philosophy behind the name comes from the owners feeling about how a house or room should feel when you arrive home at the end of the day or ‘Twilight’. The Bilik Senja owners want their patrons to ‘feel at home’ and have accomplished this with the natural wood fit out, a playlist that sets the mood for relaxation and staff that are attentive.

Other noteworthy information: Mandailing coffee is named after North Sumatra’s Mandailing people and ethnic group and not so much the region.

Bilik Senja
Say Hello to Bilik Senja Barista Imam. Imam is originally from Surabaya and enjoys the buzz of barista life in Jakarta.
Barista Iman making my latte using Mandailing beans from Sumatra
Mandheling is known as much for its smooth, full body as its rich complex taste
If you arrive around midday you will experience the most beautiful natural light streaming through the glass section of the ceiling in the cafe
The view looking out onto Jl. Panglima Polim
Jihan, Tessa, Ifa and Aya. These young ladies are in the 10th grade at a local school and just ordered the Bilik Senja traditional es kopi susu (iced coffee with milk) They told me their friend had recommended they check out Bilik Senja


Contact Details:
Jl. Bangka Raya No 25
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: 
Mon-Thu, 9am-9pm | Fri-Sun, 8am-10pm

Instagram: Broodenboterjkt

We like to sip: I definitely need to mix up my coffee choices as once again, I opted for a hot latte (insert ’embarrassed face’ emoji). To accompany my latte I spotted a ‘cendol panna cotta’ on the menu. Purely out of curiosity I ordered it and what a wonderful surprise, it was delicious! I definitely recommend you try this.

Why this place? I’ve driven past Brood-en-boter on numerous occasions, each time wondering what was on the other side of the cafe’s broad facade. Unfortunately each time I was on the way home to Kemang after a long day out (Jo here 🙂 ), and I just wanted to reach my destination.

So on the day I visited, Brood-en-boter was my actual destination. As I wandered through the cafe I noted the attention to detail making Brood-en-boter a very appealing place for children. It made me feel nostalgic for when my three were little. This would have been the perfect place to bring them – lots of fun toys to keep them entertained and excellent coffee for me, as well as great food for all of us!

Other noteworthy information: The Sumatran coffee beans are roasted by one of our all-time favourite Jakarta coffee roasters Giyanti. Oh and did you know that ‘brood-en-boter’ means ‘bread and butter’ in Dutch? What a clever name for a bakery 🙂

There’s plenty of parking in front of Brood-en-boter
A must try at Brood-en-boter is the cendol panna cotta
The open and airy dining room of Brood-en-boter
The children’s playroom at Brood-en-boter has plenty of toys to keep the little ones busy
Cute toys for the kids to enjoy

Bukan Ruang

Contact Details:
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 29
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: Daily 10am-11pm

Instagram: Bukanruang

We like to sip: On the day I visited Bukan Ruang in my neighbourhood of Kemang (yep, Jo again 😉 ) I had already reached my daily coffee quota. However, as I was driving along Jl. Kemang Raya I caught a fleeting glimpse of Bukan Ruang and as a result, I decided to test my caffeine threshold all in the name of today’s 9th Coffee post.
Heading down a narrow drive way, we parked just in front of the cafe and I headed inside. Here I was greeted by possibly the most friendly baristas in Jakarta! I placed my order of a piccolo and proceeded to my comfy bar stool where I chatted to the baristas (and subsequently struck up a new friendship with a bear who was also perched at the counter… see photo below!)

At the time of my visit, it was still ‘soft opening’ and food wasn’t yet available, however, the friendly staff gave me a menu, featuring the food which would soon be on offer. I noted a good selection of well-priced local fare including various rice dishes as well as salads, hamburgers and other snack-style foods. The menu is now active and Bukan Ruang are also offering Ramadan specials.

Why this place? Firstly, I like the fact that this place is tucked away in a very busy part of Kemang. Stumbling across it made me feel like I had struck upon my very own secret spot.. that is until I walked inside and quickly realised that this place has well and truly been discovered. A vibrant eclectic mix of people were present: students, mums with little children, business people and others.

Other noteworthy information: Have you noticed that the price of coffee has crept up a lot lately in Jakarta? Well, I was happily surprised by the price of my piccolo at Bukan Ruang – a price which felt right without any hint of compromise in the quality of the coffee or the service. Let’s celebrate by having a second cup (- just not on the day I visited!)

At the end of a laneway you’ll find Bukan Ruang
The super-friendly baristas at Bukan Ruang: Angga, Lufti, Dwi and Fahmi
Smiles all round at Bukan Ruang
My piccolo made with the house blend, consisting mainly of beans from Brazil
Lots of seating options makes this a great place to meet friends or just enjoy a quiet moment
I made a few new friends the day I visited including this very friendly bear who we have named, ‘CB’ (Coffee Bear/Coffee Bean!)
Keep your eyes peeled as you head along Jl. Kemang Raya. On your left, you’ll pass Edwin Galeri then FJ’L Boutique. Just a little bit further along, down a narrow lane way you’ll find Bukan Ruang

Guten Morgen Coffee Lab & Shop

Contact Details:
Jl Mandala Utara 29 C
Jakarta Barat

Opening hours: Open daily: 8am-8pm, Sat-Sun, 8am-10pm

Instagram: Gutenmorgencoffeelab

We like to sip: The Guten Morgen hot latte and espresso! They use all Indonesian beans roasted themselves in Bali. Their favourite beans are from Sumatra Mandailing, Sumatra Lampung, Bali, Java and Sulawesi Toraja.

Why this place? What bought me to Tomang, West Jakarta you might ask? You would be right to guess ‘the coffee’ of course! but before I knew about the coffee, I was enticed to visit one of the busiest sub-districts in Jakarta on a Saturday morning by a Pop-Up Market! which happened to be located right next door to this cafe gem.

Guten Morgen is located in a modern ruko complex (shop below and house above) and offers an inviting cafe space adorned with wooden decor, lots of potted plants, fresh greenery and a cheery ‘Guten Morgen’ welcome at the front door.

Is the coffee good? Absolutely! Yes!

Other noteworthy information: Guten Morgen serve the traditional German cake the ‘Gugelhupf’ made by their food stylist friend Stephanie Djaja. Gugelhupf is a yeast based cake, traditionally baked in a distinctive circular Bundt mold. It is a must try!

* If you visited the SAMA SAMA POP UP curated by KOKKEN.ID which was held next door to Guten Morgen in March this year, you might also like their current collaboration GATHER & SEEK which will be held at Crumble Crew SCBD this Sunday, 9am – 6pm.

Look up for the Guten Morgen sign on Jl. Mandala Utara
Guten Morgen is a calm haven nestled amongst the busy, narrow streets of Tomang, West Jakarta. Guten Morgen is the first of its kind in this neighbourhood. There’s parking out the front.
Thanks for the warm welcome Guten Morgen! … Good Morning!
The Guten Morgen caffe latte and kougelhopf cakes (a must try, eaten the traditional way dipped into your coffee)
The Guten Morgen espresso
Guten Morgen not only serve excellent coffee but also sell their house blend beans and a range of beautiful ceramics
After you’ve savoured your coffee head to the back of the cafe and there you will find Mimsy Botanical shop, a florist and flower studio.

Kopi Kemang

Contact Details:
Jl. Kemang Selatan 1
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: 
Monday – Friday 8.30am – 9pm | Weekends 10am – 9pm

Instagram: Kopi Kemang

We like to sip: Are you familiar with the saying, ‘good things come in small packages?’ Well, Kopi Kemang is the perfect example of this. This little gem has been quietly going about its business in my neighbourhood of Kemang (Jo here 😉 ), and over the past 18 months has built up quite a reputation for its ‘es kopi susu’ (iced latte). So on a hot and steamy Jakarta day we dropped into Kopi Kemang to try their famous drink and true to form, it was excellent (according to my daughter who is partial to an iced coffee). I ordered a hot latte and it was served at the perfect temperature with just the right amount of boldness.

Why this place? It’s refreshing to find a cafe that’s all about its coffee and not much else. There’s absolutely no attempt to keep up with all the other ‘fancy’ cafes, (of which there are plenty in Jakarta), and in my opinion, this makes Kopi Kemang even cooler! With an unpretentious neighbourhood cafe feel, Kopi Kemang is a little reminiscent of the original Goni coffee when Goni was a tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe in the dalams of Kemang, some years ago. Do you remember it? 🙂

Other noteworthy information: I have only one reservation when recommending this cafe and that’s the fact they do not use reusable cups. It appears that all drinks are served in disposable cups. So our most important advice to you is, “Bring your own cup and straw (if you need one)”.

The street sign for Kopi Kemang isn’t very obvious. Keep an eye out on the right side of the road as your turn off from Jl. Kemang Raya
The pretty shop front of Kopi Kemang
Barista Endra really enjoys his coffee. He particularly likes his coffee hot and always takes milk. And take note of the menu (and excellent prices) in the background…
Two shots of coffee – one for my latte and one for the iced coffee we also ordered
My latte made with beans from Java and Flores. Unfortunately on the day I visited, I forgot to bring my reusable cup. Kopi Kemang uses disposable cups so be sure to bring your own cup and also your own reusable straw if you plan to order an iced drink
Pull up a chair, enjoy your coffee and watch the world go by in this lovely part of Kemang, South Jakarta

Toko Kopi Tuku Bintaro

Contact Details:
Jl. Bintaro Taman Barat No.8
Emerald Sector 9
South Tangerang

Opening hours: 
Open 24 hours every day!

Instagram: Toko Kopi Tuku Bintaro

We like to sip: Always the Toko Kopi Tuku latte and cappuccino. This has been our coffee of choice since we first stumbled across this ‘now very famous cafe’ on Jalan Cipete Raya back in 2015. Kopi Tuku is known for its Es Kopi Susu Tetangga (iced coffee with creama and palm sugar) Yes we’ve tried it! but it is the consistent espresso brews we keep coming back for.

Why this place? Apart from the consistently good coffee Tuku are known for, their latest cafe is located on the same site as a BP service station! First of its kind in Jakarta I think?

What else is there to love? Toko Kopi Tuku is always BUZZING! With locations in Cipete, BSD, Pasar Santa and now Bintaro Sektor 9 you can be sure these guys do good coffee! Their decor is simple, the baristas and staff are alway super friendly and they sell our favourite ‘kampung donut!’

Other noteworthy information:  Kopi Tuku advertises safety behaviours well … no smoking, taking photos with a flash camera and no mobile phone use whilst in the service station.

Toko Kopi Tuku is a longstanding favourite of ours
Toko Kopi Tuku is located on the grounds of a BP Service Station
The Toko Kopi Tuku interior looking out onto the Service Station
Say hello to Barista Ari!
Don’t forget your reusable cup! Tuku Kopi use disposable cups but are happy to brew in your own
And there it is! The Toko Kopi Tuku ‘Donut Kampung we keep coming back for!

Weko Coffee

Contact Details:
Jl. Taman Bintaro No. 1A
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: Every day, 9am-9pm

Instagram: Wekocoffee

We like to sip: The Weko piccolo latte and flat white. If you are looking for single origin beans, Weko are currently serving Aceh Gayo Mondel, which is a favourite of ours.

Why this place? Weko is a newly opened cafe in Bintaro serving excellent espresso based coffee in a serene setting overlooking a sunny courtyard. Most importantly though, at Weko you can enjoy a very good cup of coffee at a fraction of the price of one closer to the centre of town.

Other noteworthy information: In the same way I stumbled across Guten Morgen Coffee in West Jakata whilst visiting a Pop Up Market; I discovered Weko Coffee after hearing a Zero Waste Bulk Store had opened in Bintaro. Weko Coffee is next door to Saruga.

Head to Weko Coffee for a delicious cup of coffee and in conjunction with its neighbour Saruga, let’s support their efforts to make this planet cleaner and greener!

Look out for the Weko Coffee sign on the left hand side as you travel down Jl. Taman Bintaro. You can park out the front of the cafe and Saruga complex. Access to the cafe is past this sign and down a short flight of steps.
Weko Coffee is located next door to Saruga Zero Waste Bulk Store This small shop eliminates the plastic packaging that usually comes with goods, and customers bring their own containers in order to purchase their products. We recommend starting with a visit at Saruga then enjoying very good coffee next door at Weko.
Flat white, piccolo and tea cups
Thank you Pak Deny! My flat white coffee made with Aceh Gayo beans was delicious. The perfect temperature and strength.
For a cafe space which serves excellent coffee brewed with Indonesian beans situated next door to a zero waste bulk store, a barber, and a couple of local start ups , this is your place!

At the time of posting it is the fasting month, therefore, timings may vary. Please contact the cafe before visiting.

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Words:  Liz McClean & Jo Stevens  Photography: a journey bespoke

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