4 fun ways to decorate with coat hooks in Jakarta

Selamat pagi dan Selamat hari Jumat! … Good morning and happy Friday!

Today’s post is not really ‘all about’ coat hooks … it is ‘mostly about’ what I display on them. Below is the story of FOUR things you might find displayed on the wall in my house; some favourite things from my travels in Indonesia, a mix of cultural treasures, some special things that connect me to my home country, Australia and a simple set of wooden coat hooks.

Have you moved to Jakarta? What do you do to make your new house feel like home? Let us know!


1. Some favourite things from my travels

Traditional Indonesian headwear : ‘The Blangkon’

I try to find one ‘little treasure’ to bring home from wherever I go to keep a memory of that place and time.

I’ve visited Yogyakarta, Central Java on four occasions, and am always struck by the ‘rich culture’ and ‘cool vibe’ of the place. The ‘little treasure’ I kept returning home with from the cultural capital was ‘a hat’, no ordinary hat, but a beautiful batik ‘blangkon’ hat, the traditional headgear of Javanese men in years gone by. Today the ‘blangkon’ is worn on ceremonial occasions such as weddings, festivals or royal funerals and less so in everyday life. I think they are absolutely stunning, and to remember the great times as a family we have spent in Yogyakarta, I like to display them on the wall like this …

Pictured: Blangkon hats purchased at a range of road-side stalls on Jalan Malioboro and Hamzah Batik Jl. Margo Mulyo No.9 Yogyakarta (next door to Pasar Beringharjo)

2. A mix of cultural treasures

Not all things bought on trips need to be souvenirs as such. Since living in Indonesia I have added to my collection of handmade baskets, bags and curios

Here is a mixture of local finds I have hanging on my wall at the moment : Left – Right

A traditional basket for collecting tea worn on the backs and heads of women in Central Sulawesi, a traditional ‘Gayung‘ or water scoop from Lombok, used for bathing throughout Indonesia, a traditional Cagobag (backpack) from Kalimantan, a Baduy Women’s Koja bag from Kanekes Village, Banten, West Java, a Baduy Kepek bag, men from the Kanekes Village use these bags when they leave their villages to sell Baduy produce and handicrafts in the cities. In the past this bag was used to hand over the dowry during the marriage of members of the Baduy tribe. They are make from Sarai Leaves, Rattan, Teureup Tree Bark, and Handam Tree Bark and woven bamboo.

Top picture: Basket for collecting tea from Central Sulawesi purchased at a Jakarta home sale, Gayung from Lombok from Kim Soo Home, Cagobag backpack from Kalimantan from Borneo Chic, Baduy Koja bag and Kepek bag from The Local Market Kemang.

3. A themed wall

Hats that remind me of Australia

As soon as I moved into my new house in Jakarta, I made a conscious effort to feature small pieces of my native country Australia around me. It surprised me how much these small additions soothed me whenever I felt homesick. As you can see, I love hats and these hats remind me of country Australia where I grew up, life in my home city of Sydney and the beautiful Australian beaches.

Pictured: Various Hats

4. A piece of art on their own

I also love these wooden coat hooks just on their own …

Pictured: Muuto dots

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Words : Liz McClean  Photography : a journey bespoke


  1. Riana Darusman says

    This is a comment from Vienna A U S T R I A. The wall is beautifully decorated. Simply love it. I am Ibu Hani’s sister. Have a good and take care!

    • ajourneybespoke says

      Hello Riana
      Thank you for your very kind message. I have thoroughly enjoyed collecting special pieces from across the archipelago whilst living in Jakarta,and baskets and bags have continued to be a theme. I am always in awe at the maker and the story of Indonesian life that’s represented in their work. If only I could say thank you! Liz

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