ajb’s 5 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Batik Bed Cover

Since arriving in Jakarta, both Liz and I have delighted in our many guests who have come to visit us. As a result, creating a tranquil and appealing haven for our guests to retire at the end of a long day has been a priority on my ‘To Do’ list for quite some time.

As this project has gained momentum, I have become keen to add hints of Indonesia’s rich artistic heritage to the fit-out. To date, I’ve added a locally crafted teak desk, a beautiful table featuring traditional Yogyakarta tiles (from Jakarta-based furniture store, Cayenne) and a potted tropical Umbrella plant. For the room’s finishing touches, my good friend (and talented homemaker) Patricia suggested a *Batik embellished Bed Cover and matching cushions. Guess What? The Bed Cover is a major hit – so much so that I must share the process with you.

So here it is, ajb’s 5 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Batik Bed Cover.



How to Create Your Own Batik Bed Cover and Accessories in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Design Your Bed Cover and bedding accessories (cushions, pillow slips etc).
Use resources such as home magazines, Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration for your design and colour combinations. Don’t be afraid to mix colours or patterns.

In general, Batik is most often sold in lengths, so depending on how much Batik you would like on your Bed Cover, you will either need to buy 1 or 2 lengths.

(Note: I wanted the bedding to appear crisp and bright, with white as the main colour, so one length of Batik fabric (approx.140cm x 200cm) was sufficient).

Bedroom Makeover
Before shot: Our Guest Room, located in a quiet part of our house was in need of a bit of Indonesian-inspired decoration

Step 2: Go shopping for your Batik fabric.

We love Pasar Mayestik for Batik of consistently high quality. Our shop of preference is Batik Duta (see below for details). The sales assistants at Batik Duta will be able to explain where each piece of Batik is made; the technique that has been used to create the Batik, and will also be happy to negotiate a price with you. For the bedding featured in today’s post, we chose Batik Sogan and Batik Garut (see below for details).

A visit to Ibu Eva at Duta Batik in Pasar Mayestik is a must when attempting a Batik-inspired project
Batik Garut
My purchases: Colourful and modern Batik Cap from Garut, West Java
Batik Sogan
My other purchase: Batik Sogan from Solo (also known as Surakarta), Central Java

Step 3: Take your design and fabrics to your textile workshop or your tailor.

With a proven track record, Pak Hasan of Hanidas Collection has been working in his shop in Kemang, South Jakarta since 1987 (details below).

Hanidas Collection, Jakarta
Hanidas Collection – Our one stop shop for all our soft furnishing concepts

Over the past 3 years, Pak has become my Go-to man for all soft furnishing projects. Pak Hasan speaks excellent English and can work with you on your design. He can also source fabrics for you, including the cotton sheet fabric I used in this project. I chose Japanese cotton for the main body of our Bed Cover as it is light weight and fine in weave.

After discussing my ideas with Pak Hasan and Ibu Nina, we were able to work out whether my plans were realistic (Yes they were!)
Skilled craftsperson
Pak Mochtar who assists Pak Hasan with his precise sewing skills

Step 4: Confirm your Order and Take it Home!

Within the week I was able to return to Hanidas Collection and pick up by order. Together with Pak Hasan I checked over each piece.  Happy to report, that everything was perfect.

Check for any problems before leaving the store. In this case, I was 100% happy with all the items made
Checking button holes and the finish on each item
Batik Cushions
Our trip home (- with a little friend on board.. who also happens to have been made in Java!)

Step 5:
Make your bed and look forward to your next guests 🙂

Reverse the cushions for a splash of colour
batik bed cover and batik cushions
The bed is ready for our next visitors.. But I think a piece of art is needed for above the bed head.. another project in the pipeline!
Batik strips
The four stripes of Batik of increasing thickness gives an element of interest to the design whilst using the length of Batik to maximum effect
A closeup of the finish of the cushions made by Pak Hasan of Hanidas Collection

What is Batik: 
The term ‘batik’ is used to describe both the technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to cloth, or the cloth itself made using this method. Batik cloth is made by tracing a grey lead-drawn pattern on cloth with melted wax. The melted wax is applied either using a tool called a canting (producing an expensive variety of batik called ‘batik tulis’) or by using a copper stamp called a cap (producing the less-expensive,’batik cap’). The cloth is coloured selectively by soaking in dye. The wax-pattern resists the dye and remains unaffected. To remove the wax, the fabric is boiled. The fabric can be repeatedly dyed if multiple colours are sought.

The Batik of Indonesia, in particular that of Java has a very long history and each design is influenced by the cultures of each region. Other countries known for their Batik include Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Nigeria.

The types of Batik featured in this Story

Batik Sogan Klasik – A traditional design associated with East Java  in particular the cities & surrounds of Yogyakarta and Solo (Surakarta). We used Batik Sogan for the large panels on the Bed Cover and for the piping on the pillow slips.

Batik Garut – Known for its vivid colours and geometric patterns which reflect the social and cultural life of the Sundanese, Batik from Garut in West Java is a modern take on Batik. It is often used in contemporary soft furnishings.


Hanidas Collection – Handcraft & Textiles
Jl. Pelita Abdul Majid
No. 5B
Cilandak Barat
Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 021 7180606
0853 11031352

Pasar Mayestik
Jl. Tebah 3,
RT.14/RW.3, Gunung
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Duta Batik
Mezzanine Level
Shop 21 – 25
Pasar Mayestik 
021 29395029/ 021 7247071


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Words: Jo  Photography: a journey bespoke



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