Bring some street photography to your home


What are your thoughts on including street photography as art for your home? For a long time I’ve been a fan, but only recently have I actually been the photographer. So what is it about street photography that I’m attracted to?

I particularly delight in the way images captured on the street celebrate the beauty and goodness in people and cultures, preserve moments, feelings and daily life and document unpredictable circumstances.

Since living in Jakarta I can say with certainty that opportunities abound for all types of photography; and photography in general, is accessible and available to almost anyone. Read on as I share the occasion that prompted today’s project and post, and some thoughts on how you might include street photography in your home.

The occasion

Just before the summer break Jo and I completed a walking tour with Jakarta Good Guide of Glodok, an area located in West Jakarta dating back to Colonial times and recognised as the capital’s Chinatown. As we walked and stopped along the way listening to the tour guide and taking in our surroundings …. I snapped away with my camera, and on returning home this is what happened.

Three photos

After removing the photos from my camera and onto my laptop, three photos appealed to me. Each photo was of a local man; one riding a bicycle in a beautiful emerald green batik shirt and burnt orange trousers, another man standing next to his cart filled with fruit and the other man was wearing a very cool hat and resting on a slab of concrete on the side of the road behind his parked bicycle.

In my mind, each photo captured the quirks and challenges of this city and for a little while I became a little obsessed with the tile images I could see on my screen. Not because I thought they demonstrated amazing photography skill;  but because they captured everything that attracts me to street photography in Jakarta…beauty and goodness in local people and their rich culture, preserving moments that will stay with me forever, recounting daily life and documenting unpredictable and heartwarming circumstances.



Street photography as art

I decided I would convert my three photo files into art for my home. I then made a trip to local photo lab and digital printing shop, Adorma The three photos were printed onto canvas each measuring 30cmx30cm and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Back at home I’m still playing with a few ideas of where to display them. The three pieces work really well together displayed gallery-style, but I think I prefer them casually leaning on a cabinet like I’ve pictured above.

What do you think?

So if you haven’t tried street photography, grab your camera or phone and start by taking a walk in your neighbourhood or an inspiring local environment. Look for things that attract your eye and things that inspire you. You never know where it might lead you …

Do’s & dont’s

  • If possible do greet the person you are intending to photograph and seek their permission to take a shot
  • Do say thank you
  • No flashes
  • Do come to street photography from a place of respect for the person or place you wish to photograph and out of a spirit of curiosity

Words: Liz McClean Photography: a journey bespoke


  1. says

    Hi Liz, this is my first comment. Nice photos!I also like doing street photography. If you live in Jakarta the most famous place for doing street photo is Sudirman Street during Car Free Day. Your experiences are interesting. It’s well written. I will visit again next time.

    • ajourneybespoke says

      Hello Fiberti, thanks for leaving a comment, and your suggestion for visiting Sudirman on Car Free Day for good street photography opportunities.

  2. Helen Dalla Fontana says

    Hi Liz, I also enjoyed your story and photos but would like to know is it a pot plant or a vase of foliage sitting next to the photos?

    • ajourneybespoke says

      Thank you Helen, I’m glad you enjoyed today’s post. The foliage you can see in the pictures is papaya leaves taken from my papaya tree in my garden. I love them! The leaves last for ages in vases and I also add them to stir fries.

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