How to bring the Outside In

Home decorating.. what does this mean to you? A new piece of art? A funky lamp? Getting something like this bistro furniture? Or adding that fantastic new rug you had your eye on to a space that seemed just a little bare. I guess it can mean many things, but ultimately the aim will always be the same – to enhance a space, making it more inviting. As you may have read in our story ‘Tropical Flowers of Indonesia’, bringing fresh flowers into your home is an affordable luxury here in Jakarta and with such an abundance of tropical flora, it is easy to be tempted by all that colour. But have you also considered decorating with greenery and bringing your ‘Outside In’? Those amazing structures that are so often overshadowed by their showy floral counterparts also deserve their time in the limelight and that time starts now!

Here are some images that will hopefully inspire you to linger a little longer in your own outdoor space. Take time to study the texture, form and colour of each piece of foliage and you will be surprised how easy it is to add them to your indoor spaces. With regard to vessels, don’t be limited by definition. A preserving bottle makes a gorgeous impromptu vase as do other little bottles. The rule is.. there are no rules! So put that creative hat on and get decorating.

(* Some leaves can cause irritation to the skin, so if you are concerned, just pop on a pair of disposable gloves).

IMG_0231 resizepost

IMG_0260 resizepost

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IMG_0368 resizepost



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Words: Jo and Liz Photography: Nita Strudwick Photography



    • ajourneybespoke says

      Hello Helen,
      We had a lot of fun pulling all our vessels together for this story.
      The brown vase set is from one of our favourite stores Cayenne here in Jakarta, others were made from recycled glass and were previously diffusers. The green vases are from Australia – Ikea and Papaya, both in Sydney. Have a great weekend!

    • ajourneybespoke says

      Hello Nita, We’re enjoying the lush tropical gardens of Jakarta, and couldn’t resist bringing them into our homes.

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