AJB’s Best Places to Visit in Pasar Santa Right Now


Pasar Santa continues to put on a younger and more modern face with enhanced interiors and many new and interesting vendors. Even since our very first visit back in 2015, these changes have attracted new crowds, mostly young people (and the not so young 😉 ) who are looking to flee the busy malls for a unique local experience. Pasar Santa Modern Market has a particularly unique vibe. Many of the store holders on this level are young entrepreneurs looking to establish their brands and test the market on their new ideas.

We love Pasar Santa for both it’s traditional and modern charm and if you haven’t visited it for a while we highly recommend it, as it’s changing all the time. We encourage every ‘new comer’ to Jakarta and the ‘not so new’ to visit Pasar Santa and savour the delights of this very special pasar.

Today we are sharing our Best Places to Visit in Pasar Santa. Where possible we have included opening times for our favourite stops, but be aware times vary particularly on Level 1.

We recommend visiting the traditional market on the Lower Ground Level in the morning (it opens everyday at 7am) and the modern market in the afternoon (after 2pm is when it has truely woken up, and after 6pm is when it is most alive!) Many stores are closed on Mondays,

The location:

pasar santa
Pasar Santa is nestled in the leafy Kebayoran Baru neighbourhood. We enjoy walking the perimeter of the pasar just as much as visiting Pasar Santa itself.
pasar santa
Cliq coffee (not to be missed either) is on the main road leading to Pasar Santa.
pasar santa
On the perimeter road of Pasar Santa expect to see local food carts lining the streets. The type of food changes according to the time of day. Otak Otak (fish barbecued in banana leaves) is often served mid to late morning and on into the afternoon.
pasar santa
The entrances to Pasar Santa are clearly visible from the road. There are 4 main entrances to the building.
pasar santa
We recommend a visit to TOKO KOPI TUKU (Tuku means ‘buy’ in Javanese) Walk along this verandah to TOKO KOPI TUKU.
pasar santa
Head down the steps to the Lower Ground Floor to the ‘pasar tradisional’ Here you will find every local fruit, vegetable, meat, spice, herb, rice and coffee you could ever imagine as well as tailors and sellers of household supplies

The Vibe Inside:

pasar santa
If you have not visited Pasar Santa Modern Market yet, this is what you will find. The modern pasar is in the roof space of the building and is divided into uniquely decorated and festive laneways. Shops line the laneways and each has its own brightly coloured roller door and cool signage.
pasar santa
The casual Pasar Santa Modern Market vibe.
Local office workers make their way here for their favourite Indonesian cuisine.
We love this sign!
It’s Chill!

Best Places to Visit:

First Coffee!

TOKO KOPI TUKU is located on an outside veranda on the base level of Pasar Santa (Lantai Dasar) grab your take away coffee here. Open 7am-8pm every day except Saturday.
pasar santa
You’ve arrived at TOKO KOPI TUKU! Don’t forget to smile!
KIOS DUNIA KOPI is located in the traditional market on the lower ground floor. It has been in operation for 17 years.
Say hello to Pak Suradi owner of KIOS DUNIA KOPI. He will be happy to help you with all your coffee needs. He will even make you a shot of espresso if you would like to sample his beans.
Aceh Gayo Wine (fermented beans)
Beans from across the archipelago at KIOS DUNIA KOPI. They are roasted in Cileduk Jakarta.
pasar santa
GAYOBIES KOPI & ROASTERY can be found on Level 1 and is open daily from 11am – 9pm.
pasar santa
GAYOBIES serve excellent coffee both here and in their Cikini cafe.

Vintage Clothes and Curios

Adina Geraldine from DAI VINTAGE Pasar Santa. Open Thursday – Saturday (3pm – 9pm) Other days by appointment
Vintage phones and polaroid cameras
pasar santa
Vintage shirts
More vintage shirts, and sunglasses
Pasar Santa
DAIVINTAGE polaroid, clocks and sewing machine
Vintage records and music equipment at CYCOTRONIC
More record stores ! Check out LAIDBACK BLUES RECORD STORE. Open every day (3pm-10pm)


pasar santa
METROYAL SKATESHOP skateboards. Open Tuesday – Friday (1pm-9pm) Saturday – Sunday (10am – 8pm)
pasar santa
POST Bookshop is an independent bookshop and publisher at Pasar Santa’s upper floor. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday (3pm – 8pm)

Home & Design

KEMALA Home Living Showroom. Open Monday – Saturday (10.30am – 4pm)
KEMALA Home Living is known for its beautifully crafted pieces for the kitchen and table.
KEMALA Blooms is just up the laneway from KEMALA Home Living


pasar santa
Look at my sparkling clean shoes from SCHUH-WASCHE !! Their motto, Say no to dirty shoes.
Pasar Santa
Aldi from Sneaklin Pasar Santa. Sneaklin are another premium shoe cleaning service located on Level 1 of Pasar Santa.
pasar santa
The Sneaklin crew at work!
pasar santa
MASPRINT is a digital printing service.
pasar santa
MASPRINT prints T-Shirts, all types of textiles and patches. Open Tuesday – Sunday (11am – 7pm)


pasar santa
Also located on Level 1 is CLOUD NINE CAKERY. They are a catering service and make homemade cookies, cakes and desserts.
Their best sellers are their kookie shots, chocolate chip chunk cookies and original cheesecake. They use only fresh ingredients.
Pasar Santa
SERENDIPITE sell potato doughnuts and nutella based brownies. Open Mon- Fri (10am -5pm) and Sat-Sun (10am – 8pm) Both are delicious!
Miechino has been here since Modern Market was established. Serving rubber noodles (Mie Karet) with either chicken or mushroom or Indonesian style with meatballs (bakso). Click here to read Jo’s interview with Oka Diputra, owner of Miechino
pasar santa
Sooo…. what did you think? Does Pasar Santa look like somewhere you would like to visit?

Pasar Santa
Jl. Cisanggiri II
South Jakarta, Indonesia


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Words: Liz McClean Photography: a journey bespoke

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