Best Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta #4

Filosofi kopi latte to go
In today’s ajb Friday post we serve you up a further six coffee spots that we’re sure you will enjoy. As you know, Liz and I both LOVE our coffee, so writing posts about this topic is a genuine delight – we get to hang out together whilst sipping our favourite brew – all in the name of research. Sounds good, hey!

Spreading our coffee wings more widely, today we venture to some wonderfully diverse parts of Jakarta. All coffee spots featured have unanimously received our thumbs up for atmosphere, conviviality and of course taste! So next time you’re Out and About in Jakarta, check out our blogged coffee spots to help you identify your next top coffee (see below for links to our previous 3 coffee posts).

And as always, if you’ve discovered a top coffee spot that we haven’t yet featured, please share it with us in the Comments section below. We always love to hear from you.


Djule Kofi
*Since posting, Djule is in the process of moving to one of our favourite streets, Jl. Cikajang. They hope to be open again this October. We’ll keep you posted!
Djule pronounced Joo Lé is located a few blocks away from Block M Square and Mall and is the sister cafe of Ombè Koffie of North Jakarta. The Blok M area once only known for its raging nightlife is in the process of regeneration and fast becoming the newest hotspot by-day for hip local creatives.

Once inside Djule, you will be ushered to the long counter and coffee station to order your coffee. The friendly and knowledgable baristas will offer you four choices of espresso based coffee beans for your chosen brew. On the day we visited, Djule were serving coffee brewed from beans sourced from around the world.

Contact Details:
Jl. Melawai Raya no. 6
Blok M, Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: Daily  8.00am – 8.00pm

Instagram: Djule.Kofi

We like to sip: Their full bodied piccolo latte and cafe latte

Why this place? Although Djule doesn’t primarily serve coffee sourced from local beans, the baristas certainly know their craft. However, after the coffee, the biggest drawcard has to be the large picture windows that frame the facade. We highly recommend you pull up a stool and sit at the window seating. Here you can watch the world go by on bustling Jl. Melawai and see Jakarta street life at its best.

Other noteworthy information: Follow Djule IG account for upcoming Creative Weekend events. They recently partnered with one of our favourite local artists, Ruth Marbun in an Art Merchandise Class.

Djule Kopi facade
The Djule facade and our favourite spot to sit looking out onto Jl. Melawai
Djule Kopi piccolo and latte looking out
Watching the world go by whilst savouring our coffee of choice at Djule, a piccolo and caffe latte
Looking out of Djule Kopi Jakarta Selatan
Looking out onto Jl. Melawai with its newly paved footpath
The busy street outside Djule Kopi
Jakarta street life at its best!

Filosofi Kopi

Filosofi Kopi is TERKENAL! in Jakarta! Yes, FAMOUS! The movie of the same name Filosofi Kopi was filmed here, and went on to become a local box office hit. Have you seen it yet?, if not, hold out for our movie review. COMING SOON.

Filosofi Kopi the second cafe in our list is located a few blocks away from Block M square and Mall, inside Pusat Niaga and across from the M Hotel. The first day we visited, we walked the short distance (no more than 5 minutes) from Djule cafe, along nicely paved streets. To make sure we had ‘our bearings’ right, we asked a guy in a suit if we were heading in the right direction. He responded with a nod and a knowing smile, as if to say, ‘everyone around here knows where Filosofi Kopi is’.

Contact Details:
Jl. Melawai 6, no 25
Kebayoran Baru

Filosofi Kopi is also located at Jl Bintaro Utama 1

Opening hours: 
Melawai | Monday – Sunday: 11.00am – 11.00pm,

Bintaro | Monday – Friday 3.00pm – 11.00pm: Saturday – Sunday 11.00am – 11.00pm

Instagram: Filosofi kopi

We like to sip: Their takeaway cappuccino and cafe latte in the coolest takeaway cups in town.  Confession… I saved my cup for days afterwards, I thought the artwork was way too cool to dispose of so soon.

Why this place: Of course the coffee, but who doesn’t love a local hangout that has links to the movies!

Other noteworthy information: We highly recommend a visit! Bring your family and your friends to Filosofi Kopi. We believe it captures the essence of Jakarta’s popular cafe culture right now.

Filosofi kopi facade
Filosofi Kopi and the shooting location for the film with the same name
Filosofi Kopi latte, barista and art
We loved all of this! The quirky space, the artwork, the serious baristas and these cups!
Filosofi Kopi graphic art takeaway cups
And there are those cups again…filled with some of the best takeaway coffee you can find in South Jakarta!
Liz and Jo and their takeaway coffee from Filosofi Kopi in front of the street art
You MUST visit Filosofi Kopi! We certainly will be back!

Gentle Ben

I’ll be honest with you – I wasn’t actually looking for Gentle Ben. I had seen the cafe on Instagram, admiring their feed but in actual fact, I was on my way to one of our favourite Jakarta furniture shops, Ethnicraft, when I realised I needed a coffee! I just happened to be on the traffic app Waze, navigating my driver when a little coffee cup icon popped up. Next to it, was written  ‘Gentle Ben’. The name sounded really soothing, just what I was hoping from my cup of coffee, so my driver and I took a detour to the cup icon instead – and I’m glad we did for what I found was more than just good coffee… read on….!

Contact Details: 
Jalan KH. Ahmad Dahlan Kebayoran No.32
Kramat Pela, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: Open daily 8am – 9pm

Instagram: Gentle Ben

We like to sip: A strong caffe latte. And with a scan of the menu, I realised that I was hungry too so I ordered a smoothie bowl to get me through my busy day.

Why this place: Just around the corner from another favourite, One Fifteenth Coffee, Gentle Ben has a chilled out atmosphere. Chef Aril Yuda Prawira has worked in Melbourne for many years and this is apparent in his menu, which is fresh & uncomplicated. Innovative ingredient combinations demonstrate a strong emphasis on the use of locally sourced ingredients – something that really appeals to us. Chef Aril’s menu also includes gluten and vegan options.

Other noteworthy information: Under the same roof as Gentle Ben is Flip Side, a clothing and accessories store owned and run by Linda Tanudireja. It’s not commonplace to walk into a cafe in search of a good coffee and leave with a good coffee AND a brand new dress (yes, this happened to me – woohooo!!!)

gentle ben and flip side in Jakarta Selatan
The front of ‘Gentle Ben’ and sister store, ‘Flip Side’ in Jakarta’s South
Gentle Ben barista
Gentle Ben’s barista in action
Cafe latte from Gentle Ben
The perfect latte
My smoothie bowl that packed a seriously healthy punch. Loaded with fruit, grains and nuts, this ‘snack’ was the perfect fuel for my busy day

Pigeonhole Coffee Chapter 2

Pigeonhole Coffee Chapter 2 is the baby squab of the original Pigeonhole in Bintaro, Jakarta. Located in the super-cool collaboration space, Shophaus in Jakarta’s leafy and well-heeled area of Menteng, Pigeonhole Coffee Chapter 2 serves a top-notch coffee along with a small selection of pastries. Definitely the place to go if you’re serious about your coffee.

Contact details:
Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No.36
Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat
DKI Jakarta 10310

Opening hours: Open daily 7am – 10pm

Instagram: Pigeonhole Coffee Chapter 2

We like to sip: A cappuccino for Liz & a latte for me – so beautifully presented on a timber tray.

Why this place: Shophaus is a one-stop shop for many of your culinary desires. Under the one roof you will find seven different businesses trading in coffee, smoothie bowls, pastries, gelato, as well as a restaurant and other small enterprises.

Shop Haus’ sign – Keep an eye out for this.. as well as the building whose facade consists of white shutters

Other noteworthy information: The communal area onto which most of the shops open is a light, breezy and harmonious space. Bring some work to do, pack your current reading materials or organise to meet your friends. It is a lovely experience.

Our bird’s eye view of Pigeonhole Cafe Chapter 2
The communal seating area in Shophaus
One latte and one cappuccino, please! Coffee by Pigeonhole Cafe Chapter 2

Simetri Coffee Roasters

Located in West Jakarta, Simetri Coffee Roasters is an absolute find! One sunny day we were heading out west to meet our friend Raymond from local furniture company Nagarey. On the way we suddenly realised we were running way too early (yes, I did say early – not something you hear too often in Jakarta!). Upon contacting Raymond and explaining our situation, he suggested we head for coffee, nominating Simetri as his place of choice. Let’s just say the man not only has good taste in furniture..!

Contact details:
Jalan Puri Kembangan No.10D
Kembangan Selatan
Jakarta Barat

Opening hours: Open daily 8am – 10pm

Instagram: Simetri Coffee Roasters

We like to sip: Iced coffee with milk and a latte. I was also feeling a bit peckish and asked for their most popular dish on the menu. I was presented with their chorizo sausage with eggs and local vegetables, served with home-made garlic bread. It hit the spot.

Why this place: According to Raymond (also a coffee-lover), the coffee scene in West Jakarta is growing at a steady rate, with some hip cafes opening their doors in the past few years. Located amid a variety of shops, Simetri could be easy to miss – but keep an eye out for the small sign. Once inside, the wall art deserves your attention and as you head upstairs to the cafe-proper, you will appreciate the airiness of the design. It offers a quiet oasis from the bustle of the outside world.

Located on a busy street, keep an eye out for Simetri’s little sign
Simetri’s barista, Wilson pouring the perfect cup
A hot latte and a refreshing iced coffee by Simetri
My brunch – The Menu Favourite
Wall Art – Simetri

Walking Drums Cafe

Walking Drums is a little gem of a cafe which offers A LOT – location, great coffee, a cool cafe concept, shady trees and a healthy lifestyle philosophy.

The cafe is located on the corner of Jl. Hang Lekiu and Jl. Patiunus (a route I take to jump onto Jl. Sudirman from Pondok Indah) Normally we are whizzing through this part of town if I’m heading into the city centre. But not this day!

On numerous occasions out of the corner of my eye I’ve spotted the Walking Drums big rusty container, but I never had time to stop. Until NOW.

Walking Drums cafe is housed inside a repurposed steel container and nestled under large shady trees. Walking Drums serve a range of hot and cold brews from local coffee subscription company Gordi in Cipete. We give them big ticks for that. But there is more…The cafe overlooks a large community sports centre where you can play futsal and basketball. More recently there were tennis courts. Walking Drums is also in the process of expanding. They are moving up and making way for a rooftop. Watch their IG for news of its completion.

Contact Details:
Jl. Patiunus Blok F4

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday  9.00am -10:00pm

Instagram: Walking Drums

We like to sip: Their full-bodied piccolo, and lemon Americana on ice

Why this place? It has everything we love in a cafe. Great coffee, sweet treats, an interesting location and fit out and very friendly staff

Other noteworthy information: Walking Drums is another local cafe leading the charge in supporting the Indonesian coffee industry as well as healthy living. On the weekends, you will see their white board welcoming walkers and families out exercising. They also play host to many families out on a Sunday for Car Free Day. Finally, if you happen to  check Google Maps, you will find Walking Drums Cafe located on the map just before Lapangan Tenis (tennis courts)

Walking Drums container
Walking Drums cafe housed inside a repurposed steel container
Walking drums entrance
The main entrance to Walking Drums and a welcome sign to their customers who have arrived from their morning exercise
Walking drums piccolo sweet treats and barrista
The Walking Drums cappuccino made from local beans and their large selection of sweet treats
Walking Drums friendly and knowledgeable cashier Meniska Violita and talented barista Arif
Walking drums iced lemon americano
Walking Drums iced lemon americano
Walking drums Futsal and Basketball fields
The Futsal and Basketball courts next door to Walking Drum cafe

Some Interesting Coffee Facts
Of the world’s coffee drinkers, 70% consume Arabica coffee, which is grown at higher altitude. The remaining coffee consumers drink Robusta coffee which is naturally more caffeinated and is an easier crop to grow.

Coffee is the second most traded commodity on the planet (Crude oil is Number 1).

Coffee is actually a berry, not a bean. It grows on trees. Each berry is known as a ‘coffee cherry’

Indonesia is the 4th largest producer of Coffee (behind Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia).

Coffee is not native to Indonesia. Whilst under Dutch occupation, Arabica coffee plants were brought to Indonesia by the VOC (Dutch East India Company ) in the 17th Century.

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Words: Jo & Liz  Photography: a journey bespoke

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