Best Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta #7

coffee from Ombe Coffee
Sorry, I had to take a sip before the photo was taken… I mean, who can resist a coffee that looks (and tastes) this good!

We seriously can’t keep up with the pace of the coffee scene in Jakarta right now. Every other day a new cafe is opening with each new venue featuring well-considered design both inside and out. The emphasis on greenery and natural lighting is particularly obvious and in general, cafes seem considerably less smoky with designated smoking areas often tucked way and less conspicuous. Sipping an impeccably brewed coffee in such an aesthetically pleasing environment really does make coffee drinking an all-round sensory experience.

The days of simply ordering a ‘cappuccino’ or a ‘latte’ and remaining oblivious to the origins of the beans are fast disappearing. Most cafes serving *third wave coffee will ask you what beans you prefer. The barista may also offer a suggestion of bean to suit your selected coffee style. Drinking coffee has become as much an educational experience as a pleasurable pass time.

Today we present you with a further 6 Jakarta-based coffee venues which we know will hit the spot! You will see that the local coffee scene is going from strength to strength, with no sign of Jakarta’s love of coffee waning. As you can imagine, we’re pretty happy about this!

Happy sipping friends 🙂

Jo & Liz

6 Recommended Places to Sip Great Coffee in Jakarta

1. Bojak

Contact details:
Jl. Bintaro Utama 9 No.18
Pd. Pucung, Pd. Aren
Kota Tangerang Selatan

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 6am – 10pm; Friday – Sunday 6am – 2am

Instagram: Bojak Coffee & Meal

We like to sip: Bojak latte and cappuccino made with their specialty house blend which consists of a mixture of beans from Flores, Gayo, Toraja and Java.

Why this place? For both of us, having a quality coffee shop close to our children’s school is a real bonus. Not only is the coffee good, the venue is generally quiet and spacious enough that we can get some blogging done.

Other noteworthy information: Here you can stop for your coffee fix whilst also ordering some substantial food. Unlike other cafes which only offer light snacks, at Bojak an array of Minahasan dishes is on offer. We enjoyed Mie Bakso Sowan, Nasi Kuning Tikala and Nasi Goreng Ayam.

The facade of Bojak in Bintaro – South West of Jakarta’s city centre
Bojak barista Jakarta
Bojak’s barista Mumu preparing our freshly brewed coffee
bidi ketapang
Bojak’s latte served with ‘biji ketapang’
Two mango smoothies and a lychee iced tea were the order of the day for my three when we visited Bojak most recently
Nasi tempung
Nasi Tumpeng from Bojak in Bintaro, where traditional Minahasa dishes from Northern Sulawesi are a specialty
Mie Baso Sowan


*Established in 2015 as ‘Coffeesmith’ and is now trading as SMITH

Contact Details:
Jl. Duren Tiga Raya 19/5
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 9am – 9pm

Instagram: smith.jkt

We like to sip: We like SMITH for their traditional espresso based drinks (their beans are roasted on site). For their espresso drinks they use the SMITH blend which is a mix of Pasundan natural (from Jawa Barat), Silima Kuta and Toraja from Sulawesi.

On our last visit we enjoyed the SMITH signature coffee ‘The Yin Yang’ which is comprised of a shot of espresso, charcoal powder, vanilla essence, and milk, served on ice. It’s definitely worth trying!

Why this place?
Coming from Jl. Kemang Utara, you will find SMITH just across the intersection of Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya and Jl Duren Tiga Raya. SMITH is a very chilled-out place to stop for coffee if you live around this part of town or are passing through. Keep your eye out for it! The cafe is housed on two levels in an industrial style space and is well worth stopping for.

Other noteworthy information: Muhammad Aga, one of the owners of SMIH is the Indonesia Barista champion for 2018. He received the award in Bali in March this year.

The Industrial style facade of SMITH cafe
SMITH Barista Fakhri
Thanks for the great latte barista Fakhri
The SMITH cafe latte and cinnamon scroll
The SMITH ‘Yin Yang’

3. Shoot Me In The Head

Contact Details:
Jl. Gandaria I, No.92
South Jakarta

Opening hours: Every day 10am – 10pm

Instagram: Shoot Me in the Head

We like to sip: When we recently visited it was a particularly hot Jakarta day so I opted for an iced coffee – made using the pour over filtration method, then mixed with tonic water. It was refreshing and light. Liz enjoyed a latte made using the house blend (a mix of beans from West Jawa, Silimakuta in North Sumatra and Toraja in Sulawesi). We both shared an apple pie, as recommended by barista Muhammad.

Why this place? This place is owned- and run by Indonesia’s 2018 National Barista Champion Muhammad Aga who as you can imagine knows a thing or two about coffee! On the day we recently visited, Muhammad hadn’t long returned from the 2018 International Barista Championships in the Netherlands.

Other noteworthy information: This coffee shop is owned by the same owner as SMITH. Infact, SMITH stands for Shoot Me In The Head. So regardless of which SMITH you choose, you can be guaranteed you will be served quality coffee made by an expert barista.

The facade of Shoot Me In The Head cafe on Jl. Gandaria I, in South Jakarta
The bright and light-filled interior of Shoot Me In The Head cafe
Barista & owner of SMITH Coffee, Muhammad Aga won the 2018 Indonesian Barista Championships earlier this year in Bali
Preparing hand poured black coffee using single origin beans from Panama
japanese fizzy and latte
Cafe latte and a Japanese Fizzy made with hand poured coffee and tonic water
apple pie
Shoot Me In The Head’s signature apple pie

4. Doma Dona Coffee Roaster

Contact Details:
Jl. Wijaya 1, No. AB
South Jakarta

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 9am – 11pm, Friday – Saturday 9am – 11.59

Instagram: Doma Dona Coffee

We like to sip:
Doma Dona roast their own beans resulting in deliciously smooth coffee. We like the Doma Dona cafe latte and piccolo.

Why this place?
We believe Doma Dona is a hidden gem on Jl. Wijaya 1, Kebayoran Baru. From the street Doma Dona looks like any other cafe, but step inside and you will experience a special little cafe which places the spotlight on coffee beans from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

Doma Dona roast and brew their coffee straight from the owner’s field. Their beans include Toraja Mining, Toraja Mamasa, Toraja Sapan, amongst others from other regions such as Flores and Aceh Gayo.

Other noteworthy information: A special spot for crop to cup coffee from Sulawesi.

The entrance to Doma Dona cafe on Jl. Wijaya 1, Kebayoran Baru
Take a seat!
The Doma Dona roasting room and coffee beans sourced from Sulawesi
The Doma Dona cafe latte and piccolo

5. Goni Coffee – Pondok Pinang

Contact Details:
Jl. Pinang Emas 5, No. 23

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 7am – 9pm. Closed on Monday

Instagram: Goni Coffee

We like to sip: The Goni espresso based coffee. Our favourites are their cafe latte and piccolo

Why this place?
This is one of my favourite spots for a quick coffee before doing errands in my neighbourhood.

If you are a coffee lover living in Jakarta you probably already know Goni Coffee. Kemang-siders know this little coffee gem on Jl. Kemang Timur Raya, but now everyone must also take a trip to Pondok Indah (behind PIM 2) to check out their second cafe. Goni is renowned for its great coffee and their signature banana bread. A new addition to their menu is the kamir cake which is also seriously delicious.

You will never be disappointed by your Goni coffee experience. We go there first and foremost for the coffee. After that, it’s the relaxed ambience of the Goni cafes, and their friendly and knowledgable staff who have us coming back. Oh and we can’t forget the Goni coffee cups ….they are hand made by local ceramacist Ignasius Tommy.

Other noteworthy information:
Watch the local street sellers slowing pass the front window of Goni while you sip an expertly crafted beverage.

Goni Coffee Pondok Pinang is situated in a residential area, not far from Pondok Indah Mall, South Jakarta
Goni coffee cafe looks out onto a a small courtyard. Why not pull up a seat at the window?
The rustic interiors of Goni coffee in Pondok Pinang. It was once a local residence
Barista Mohammad Noorzi Mantasya serving coffee behind a stack of cups, hand made by one of our favourite ceramists, Ignasius Tommy
Barista Mohammad Noorzi Mantasya making the Goni Coffee cafe latte
The Goni Coffee cafe latte and signature banana bread

6. Ombé Kofie

Contact Details:
Jl. Cikajang, No.63
South Jakarta

Opening hours: Every day 8am – 8pm

Instagram: Ombé Kofie

We like to sip: The coffee at OmbĂ© is famous throughout Jakarta. I’ve become a bit of an OmbĂ© convert since its doors opened in Cikajang as the coffee is amazing and the food is delicious (and it just happens to be near my boxing gym so I drop in for my coffee fix afterwards!)
Our go-to coffee choices include a Mini (equivalent to a Piccolo) and a Regular Double (similar to a latte with a second shot of coffee). Liz and I enjoyed a sneaky serve of coconut and sesame banana fritters (pisang goreng) to share.. what a treat!

Why this place? The first time you walk in the door at OmbĂ© you will feel like you’re being greeted by long-lost friends. I must admit during my maiden trip to OmbĂ©, upon entering the building I was so surprised by the exuberant welcome I received, I looked over my shoulder to see who was following me. There was no-one there. What a lovely welcome!

Other noteworthy information: The Cikajang branch of OmbĂ© coffee is in fact the newest of 6 stores to open since OmbĂ©’s first cafe opened in the North Jakarta area of Pluit a few years ago. Perhaps as a nod to its North Jakarta heritage, OmbĂ© Cikajang features pork dishes on their menu including crispy pork belly and pulled pork burgers.

Street view of OmbĂ© coffee – the car park is often packed but there is plenty of parking in nearby streets
Look for this sign for exceptional coffee and wonderful service
Rarely quiet, the vibe in Ombé is always upbeat and energising
Ombe cikajang
The super-friendly and highly capable team at Ombé Cikajang in South Jakarta
OmbĂ©’s ‘Mini’ coffee is like a standard ‘Piccolo’ – this one was made using Aceh Gayo beans
My ‘Double White’ includes an extra shot and is made with beans from Honduras
Meeting AJB Friend & Follower Gracia, who happened to be working at OmbĂ© when we visited recently. It was such a lovely experience sharing Jakarta stories and hearing about Gracia’s overseas studies

Well, that wraps up our seventh instalment of ‘Best Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta’. How many of these places have you been? We’d love to know & also hear about any other coffee recommendations you have.

In the meantime, if you’re a Jakarta-based ‘coffee fiend’, find many more amazing coffee spots by checking out the following posts.

See you next Friday for another AJB post – Sampai Jumpa 🙂

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* Third wave coffee: is a movement to produce high quality coffee which is considered as an aritsan foodstuff rather than a commodity. Third Wave Coffee aspires to the highest level of appreciation including a knowledge of where the coffee is grown, subtleties in flavour and an appreciation of all stages of production- not dissimilar to how wine is appreciated.

Words: Jo Stevens & Liz McClean Photography: a journey bespoke

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