Best Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta #8

We are regularly asked if we have ever experienced difficulties in deriving new ideas for blog posts.. and our unanimous response is Never! Jakarta is such a diverse and interesting city that we seem to identify a new story at every turn.

Certainly for our Best Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta series, we have a waiting list of coffee spots which will feature in future posts. We are now up to our 8th coffee post in this series. To put that into context, this equates to trying & testing the coffee (and food!) at over 50 Jakarta coffee shops. That’s a lot of ‘research’!! Today we present you with a further 7 coffee spots to stop. All located in the south of Jakarta, each serves the best coffee using mostly Indonesian beans. Each venue is desirable in its own way – be it a leafy oasis or a subdued space, we have the right spot whatever you are seeking.

Happy Caffeinating!

Jo & Liz

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Contact Details:

Jl. Cipaku 1 No. 9A
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 8am – 10pm; Sunday & Monday 7.30am – 10pm

Instagram: Cliq Coffee

We like to sip: Let’s get our coffee sipping started in a cool and cosy cafe on Jalan Cipaku 1 in the Kebayoran Baru neigbourhood! On the day we visited, Jo enjoyed the perfect strength piccolo and I sipped a smooth Cliq latte made with beans from Ethiopia, Honduras and Brazil.

Why this place?
Cliq Coffee is located just around the corner from Jalan Cikajang, one of favourite streets to stop, and on the same street as one of our favourite pasars … Pasar Santa. Cliq has a cosy vibe and the baristas and staff are super friendly and keen to please.

Other noteworthy information: Cliq Coffee opens early, so why not take advantage of this and make Cliq your starting point before a morning out exploring …. we suggest beginning with Pasar Santa right next door and then making your way to Jalan Cikajang. It’s easy on foot, and a great way to take in the sights and sounds of this buzzing neighbourhood. If you are arriving by car, there’s ample parking in the grounds of Pasar Santa.

We love that you can find gems like this nestled amongst traditional markets and sharing the landscape with street vendors and the buzz of Jakarta life
Barista Tommy and waiter Herry
Cliq Coffee is on two levels
The Cliq Coffee latte and piccolo
What about a slice of klepon cake?

Kayuh Clubhouse

Contact Details:

Jl. Cikajang No. 82A
South Jakarta

Opening hours: 7am – 10pm 7 Days per week

Instagram: Kayuh Clubhouse

We like to sip: On the days we visited Kayuh, we enjoyed our trusty order of  one latte and one piccolo. Yes, we’re creatures of habit 😉

Why this place? The vibe is chilled. The atmosphere is serene. You can hear yourself think as it’s a quiet place with no excessively loud background noise. This can be hard to find in Jakarta. Oh and of course the coffee is good not to mention the friendly and welcoming staff.

Other noteworthy information: We just love Jl. Cikajang! Find the best bread, great coffee, exceptionally friendly staff and of course the most authentic French-style pastries (often with a little local twist) at Beau. Opposite you’ll find Mister Sunday and their famous brownies and further along the street (towards Kayuh Clubhouse), you’ll find exceptional coffee at Ombe (along with amazing pisang goreng and an out-of-this world breakfast omelette).

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Street sign for Kayuh on Jl. Cikajang Raya
Barista Agus knows his beans!
“One caffe latte please made with Gayo Pantan Musara beans from the north of Sumatra”
Inside Kayuh Clubhouse.
Did you know ‘kayuh’ means ‘bicycle pedal’ in Bahasa Indonesia?


Contact Details:

Jl. Ciranjang No. 10
Kebayoran Baru 
South Jakarta

Opening hours: 8am – 10pm 7 days per week

Instagram: Nitro Coffee

We like to sip: On the day I visited Nitro, a great friend from Melbourne was staying with us here in Jakarta. Keen to give Kylie a good impression of the Jakarta coffee scene, I selected Nitro as her first taste of Indonesian coffee (made in a Jakarta cafe). We organised to meet up with AJB’s gorgeous friend/ Jakarta based photographer Vanessa van Houten and together we enjoyed lattes and a piccolo. The only reason the experience wasn’t completely perfect was the fact Liz was already busy and wasn’t able to join us 🙁

Why this place? Not unlike Kayuh Clubhouse, on the day we visited Nitro, it was pretty quiet, ideal for engaging in good conversation or pulling out the laptop and getting some work done. The lighting too is quite subdued and the space feels calm. The central coffee bar makes you feel invovled in the coffee making process and invites you to engage with the friendly staff.

Other noteworthy information: Located just near Pasar Santa, this part of town does not lack coffee options (with Cliq Coffee just down the road and GayoBies Kopi & Roastery as well as Toko Kopi Tuku located within the market itself).

Street view of Nitro on Jl. Ciranjang in Pasar Santa precinct
Barista Dery of Nitro Coffee uses beans from Kerinci (West Sumatra), which are roasted on site.
Kerinci beans have low acidity, are sweet and are known to produce a coffee that has a full body
Catching up with friends in Nitro Coffee

On Three Coffee

Contact Details:

Senopati Suites 3
3rd floor
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 41
Kebayoran Baru

Opening hours: 7am – 10pm 7 days per week

Instagram: On Three Coffee

We like to sip: It was late morning on the day Jo and I visited On Three Coffee and … confession … we had already had maybe … two coffees already that day … for the purposes of today’s post we both totally ‘caffeined up’ on a On Three piccolo. We were buzzing for hours afterwards! 😉

Why this place? We like On Three because it’s located a little away from the traffic and crowds of nearby Jalan Senopati, but offers the same cool vibe and great coffee of its local counterparts.

On Three is located on the second floor of the Senopati Suites building. To get there, take the lift in the lobby, press 2 and you will be transported straight to the cafe. Once inside you will find a bright, modern space (and if you are anything like us … you will find yourself admiring the artwork of notable Indonesian artists on the walls before finding your seat or even the coffee.)

Other noteworthy information: On Three is famous for their signature coffee such as their Kurogoma Coffee, Spicy Peppercorn Latte, Ice Coco Latte and Ice Creamy Coffee. The spicy peppercorn latte is on our list for our return visit!

On Three lift entrance taking you straight to the cafe
Outside cafe space
Bright artworks from local artists
The On Three Baristas
The On Three piccolo that had us ‘buzzing for hours afterwards’

Papiri Coffee

Contact Details:

Jl. Benda Raya No. 10
South Jakarta

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 7am – 10pm; Friday & Saturday 7am – 11pm

Instagram: Papiri Coffee

We like to sip: Oh gosh we do need to mix it up a bit… but as usual, we can’t go past a milk-based coffee. Our recommendations include the flat white and piccolo.

Why this place? We love Jl. Benda in Kemang but one thing that has been missing for quite some time is ‘good coffee’. We realise everyone has a different take on what ‘good coffee’ is, but for a creamy, full-bodied latte or a short, bold macchiato there haven’t been any real contenders on Jl. Benda in at least the time we’ve lived in Jakarta. Of course just across the road on Jl. Kemang Selatan is our favourite neighbourhood gallery & cafe Dia-Lo-Gue, who do a great coffee, however sometimes simply crossing the road is a matter of taking your life into your own hands. Hence our excitement with the arrival of Papiri Coffee on Jl. Benda.

Other noteworthy information: We love to sit in the window of Papiri and watch life unfold on this busy street. Oh and there’s parking directly in front of the cafe – a great bonus in a suburb that is often challenged for parking options.

Keen to explore more on Jl. Benda? Check out our recently published post right here!

Come and visit Papiri on Jl. Benda in Kemang, South Jakarta
Barista Sam is ready to make you the perfect coffee
Papiri serves up coffee brewed from our favourite coffee beans – Aceh Gayo harvested from the north of Sumatra as well as beans from Papua – the eastern most province of Indonesia
Inside Papiri. Take your pick where to sit with an abundance of options including a meeting room. At the other end of the space (not visible) is a smoking area, which is sealed off from the main cafe space

Titik Temu

Contact Details:

Jl. Jenggala II No. 3
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 9pm; Saturday & Sunday 7am – 9pm

Instagram: Titik Temu Coffee

We like to sip: The Titik Temu latte and piccolo! No surprises there! The beans were sourced and roasted in Bali.

Why this place? Firstly, Titik Temu in Bahasa Indonesia means ‘Meeting Point.’ Great name!
The cafe is housed in a small residential housing complex in a serene, leafy location in the Kebayoran Baru neighbourhood.’ Titik Temu shares its space with fashion house Duma which is located at the entrance to the building and Titik Temu is at the rear looking out onto a lovely green space.

We like that the space is a little different from some of the other places we like to sip great coffee in Jakarta, and were drawn to the mix of fashion retail, cafe and out door space.

Other noteworthy information: Indonesian singer ‘Raisa Andriana’ first established Titik Temu in Seminyak Bali, maybe you know it? Because of Titik Temu’s excellent reputation the cafe is always busy.

If you’re in the Kebayoran Baru area, be sure to check out this coffeeshop!
More and more speciality cafés are popping up around town to cater to different taste buds, and not just to cater to demand for espresso and a latte. Titik Temu is no exception and also likes to serve unusual brews like their Coconut Long Black and Iced Coffee Lemonade.
The Titik Temu cafe space
Cafe latte and carrot cake
Titik Temu shares their space with fashion label DUMA‘s flagship store
You can enjoy your coffee inside or in the Titik Temu backyard

Yamalu Coffee

Contact Details:

Jl. Deplu Raya No. 16

Opening hours: Tuesday – Thursday 9am – 8pm; Friday & Saturday 9am – 9pm; Closed Sunday & Monday

Instagram: Yamalu Coffee

We like to sip: As I type, Liz and I haven’t visited Yamalu Coffee together (yet!), but we both agree that this fantastic cafe located on the border of Bintaro and Pondok Indah is a must visit! Upon comparing notes we unanimously gave Yamalu’s latte the ‘thumbs up’. I also enjoyed a serve of warm canelé (baked custard pastries). Yummm!

Why this place? Set in a tranquil garden, just down a drive way off a very busy road you will find this oasis. Sit inside with vistas to the garden or enjoy a seat in the green space and while away your day with a book and a great cup of coffee (and maybe a little something on the side).

Other noteworthy information: This place is great for the family. Let the littlies stretch their legs and run free in the garden – not a common liberty in the average Jakarta cafe.

Yamalu’s entrance as viewed from Jl. Deplu Raya
Take a step into the walled garden and be transported to a green oasis
With cups made by Yogyakarta-based pottery company Kaloka, Yamalu’s latte is perfect both aesthetically and in taste
Talented barista Firmansyah is ready to make you a perfect coffee with beans from Kerinci and Aceh Gayo
The light and airy cafe space of Yamalu

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Kayuh Clubhouses’ colourful mural

Words: Jo Stevens & Liz McClean Photography: a journey bespoke

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