Green Spaces in Jakarta #3 – Taman Honda Tebet

sealed central space

Continuing our theme of Green Spaces in Jakarta, today we deliver you our third *taman recommendation. To date, we have explored two parks just north of Jakarta’s CBD, both located in the leafy and well-maintained area of Menteng. However, unlike Taman Menteng and Taman Suropati, today’s park in focus, Taman Honda Tebet has a more neighbourhood vibe about it.

open space in Honda Tebet

Taman Honda Tebet is a suburban park where school children can be found playing freely, teenager boys can be seen playing futsal or teenagers & young adults simply engaging in Indonesia’s endearing pastime, *nongkrong.

teens hanging out
Adolescents engaging in ‘nongkrong’

kids playing on fitness equipment

Managed by the Jakarta Government, Taman Honda Tebet (formally known as Taman Kota Tebet) is located between Jl. Tebet Timur Raya and Jl. Barat Timur Raya.


History of Taman Honda Tebet
In the early 1960s the neighbourhood of Senayan (in Jakarta’s South Central Business District) was demolished allowing for the construction of a new sporting complex. As Jakarta had been declared host city for the 1962 Asian Games, a suitable sporting stadium and facilities were required.The residents of Senayan were therefore relocated and rehoused in a new area, east of Senayan, known as Tebet.

roadside nursery opposite Burgreens

Unlike many other parts of Jakarta in the early 1960s, the subdistrict of Tebet received formal planning. Tebet was designed with many parks (including Taman Kota Tebet), a well-defined main road & associated road systems, schools, clinics and other facilities to support the community.

plant nursery Tebet
One of the plant nurseries that line the streets adjacent to Taman Honda Tebet

In 2010 the Jakarta Government, in collaboration with PT Honda Prospect Motors, converted a bordering parcel of land into useable space and the area of Taman Kota Tebet increased to 2.6 hectares. This resulted in the park being renamed Taman Honda Tebet in recognition of this.

view across park
The name ‘Tebet’ is derived from the Bahasa Indonesia word ‘tebat’ which means ‘pond’ (Image by Nita Strudwick Photography)

Taman Honda Tebet consists of the following features:
Futsal field
Children’s playground
Jogging track
Fitness stations
Numerous large sealed areas suitable for bike riding, scootering or skateboarding
Large open grassed spaces for ball games and general play
Masjid (prayer room)
Public toilets.

playground equipment on sprung surface

path through park

Spending some enjoyable time wandering around the park with our friend (and unofficial ajb photographer) Nita Strudwick, we met up with a group of smiley-faced school children who were very excited to say hello and practice their English with us. Seizing the opportunity, I in turn practiced my Bahasa Indonesia and was greeted with lots of giggles (I’m not sure if that was a good thing or not!) Of course, I asked to take their photo and the children enthusiastically obliged; quickly assuming their favourite poses.

jo taking kids' picture
jo looking at pic with kids

After bidding the children *’sampai jumpa lagi!’, Nita and I crossed the road to Burgreens, a cafe and organic produce shop that I recall Liz telling me about. As we happened to be in the neighbourhood, it was the opportune time to check out what Burgreens had on offer.

front of Burgreens
The street view of Burgreens (image by Nita Strudwick Photography)

In the air-conditioned comfort of the dining space, Nita and I settled in and perused Burgreen’s creative menu. After much consideration (there was a lot that we could have happily chosen!) we placed our order.

Burgreens - Just Eat Right
One of the friendly staff members at Burgreens preparing some fresh ingredients for our juice

Nita enjoyed a Green Punk smoothie (made with local apple, pakchoy, kale, banana and lemon juice). I happily downed a Tumeric Twisted smoothie (made with mango, pineapple, lemon and turmeric). We feasted on a Mighty Mushroom burger and finished off with some raw cacao balls (made with dates, almond meal and cacao). All fresh, delicious and healthy!

Unfortunately for me, there was no room for coffee so I had to be happy with filling my tummy with all things healthy & virtuous and forego my evil acidic vice! (see chalkboard sign in image below..)

Burgreens & Nita

Taman Honda Tebet (also known as Taman Kota Tebet)

Jl. Tebet Raya
South Eastern Jakarta

Burgreens Eat & Go
Organik Klub (One Stop Organic Shopping)
Jl. Tebet Barat Raya no. 49 C
Jakarta 12410

Web: Burgreens
Instagram: Burgreens

Mon – Wed  11.00 – 19.00
Thursday     Closed
Friday         11.00 – 19.00
Sat – Sun    10.30 – 20.30

* Taman: park

* Nongkrong: Although there does not exist a direct translation in the English language, ‘nongkrong’ is a Bahasa Indonesia term that implies ‘hanging out’ with your friends. Nongkrong involves meeting up with friends and talking about ‘stuff’

* Sampai jumpa lagi!:  ‘see you again’ in Bahasa Indonesia

jo crossing the bridge

Words: Jo  Photography: Nita Strudwick and a journey bespoke




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