Top Spots to Stop in the Senopati Area

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area

Welcome! If you’re visiting Jakarta or the Senopati neighbourhood for the very first time it’s always good to learn a bit of history in order to understand what makes a neighbourhood tick. Here’s a few interesting facts to get you started:

  • The Senopati neighbourhood is located in Kebayoran Baru, a subdistrict of South Jakarta and was established in 1948 as a satellite town to accommodate the growing population of Jakarta. It was the last residential area to be developed by the Dutch colonial administration.
  • The Kebayoran Baru precinct was established solely as a residential area, but the district is now home to many commercial ventures and lifestyle businesses. Today we focus on Jalan Gunawarman, Senopati and Suryo.
  • Kebayoran Baru is one of the most affluent areas of Jakarta.

Now that you know which part of town you’re in, here’s what’s included in today’s Top Spots to Stop in the Senopati area edition.

We will:

  • Introduce you to unique and delicious cuisine from across the archipelago
  • Show you where to enjoy local art and register for a range of creative classes for you or your children
  • Point you in the right direction to shop locally designed and handcrafted furniture, homewares, and artisanal food products; show you where to admire or pick up luxury International branded furniture
  • Take a short pit stop to show you cool spots to chow down on a gourmet burger, grab a coffee and enjoy the best of what the Senopati neighbourhood has to offer.

Now it’s really time to hit the road or the pavement, for a day out in the hip, leafy Senopati neighbourhood.

Ayo! Let’s Go!

1. Attarine

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
Attarine’s street sign is discrete, so keep your eyes peeled as you head along Jl. Gunawarman – Attarine is on the right hand side, just before the Jl. Senopati intersection
10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
Street view of Attarine. Set back from the street, Attarine does not command your attention…but wait until you walk in the front door – a cute surprise awaits you..Broom broom!!!

The latest addition to the restaurant scene in the Senopati/Gunawarman area is Attarine. The newest initiative of the talented and ultra cool guys from The Potato Head Group, the name ‘Attarine’ is derived from the Souk el-Attarine; a spices and perfume market in Tunisia.

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
The kitchen staff of Attarine, busy preparing for lunch

Attarine offers modern, fresh and unpretentious food – a refreshing change in this world of seemingly over-complicated cuisine. Attarine is committed to using seasonal ingredients with unmistakable flavours of the Spice Trail evident throughout the menu (desserts and drinks included).

The ingredients are mostly sourced from the land and sea of this vast archipelago; including apples from Malang, fish from the seas around Bali and the famous spices of the Maluku Islands.

We were so excited with our experience at Attarine. The waiting staff are discretely attentive, friendly and extremely knowledgeable across the entire menu. The decor is fresh and fun! (I wanted to take the Fiat 500 for a spin… in Italy!). All in all, Attarine definitely is a restaurant that deserves your patronage.

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
The bright and modern dining space of Attarine. Unfortunately no food photos were taken as when we visited (in the evening), the lighting wasn’t suitable for capturing the beautiful food at its best.

Best for: Good quality, interesting and fresh cuisine with a genuine respect for use of Indonesian ingredients.

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
The bar at Attarine, including coffee by One Fifteenth Coffee

Other interesting notes: Did we mention the coffee? One Fifteenth Coffee have taken up residence in Attarine. Serving coffee from 11am, you can grab a cup if you work nearby, or if you’re heading out for a day of shopping at one of the many malls in SCBD, why not stop in for a coffee before you hit the shops?

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
Please note: No car parking inside the dining space (with the exception of one super-cute vehicle…!)

Jl. Gunawarman No. 11 A
Jakarta Selatan, 12110

Phone: +62 21 2277 1256
Hours: 11am – 4pm; 6pm – 1am

Web: Attarine
Instagram: Attarine

2. Alvin T

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
Jalan Suryo is host to some excellent local treasures. Design studio and furniture store, Alvin T is one such example.

Indonesian born founder and product designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo’s furniture is characterised by organic shapes, monochromatic tones and clean simple lines. His work hints of nordic influences yet his use of bamboo, rattan and wood reflect his love and respect for local material and craftsmanship. Alvin Tjitrowirjo prides himself in designing visually striking, high grade, hand crafted furniture, designed and manufactured in Indonesia, reflecting Indonesia’s artisanal heritage.

The Alvin T showroom is located on the second floor of the Goodrich Building. This building was once a 1980’s style house, and has since been refurbished to house the showroom and Alvin T studio. The showroom will provide you with plenty of visual inspiration for your next home design project.

Best for: Beautifully hand crafted furniture made from bamboo, rattan and wood.

Other interesting notes: Designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo is about to launch a contemporary furniture design project for the new Terminal 3 at  Soekarno Hatta International airport in Jakarta. If you haven’t travelled through the new Terminal 3 yet, it has a minimalist-industrial feel, and utilises a lot of glass. Keep an eye out for the work of Alvin T designs at T3, next time you are heading out of town.

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
A visit to the Alvin T shop is a must to fully appreciate the excellent high grade hand crafted furniture.
From the Alvin T latest collection. The Lyan dining chair made from three materials: Manao rattan for the bent back, and arm rest,mahogany wood for the chair base and legs and leather is used to tie it together.
10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
Loop stool made from laminated bamboo  and Malya dining chair
10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
Alvin T standing Cemara mirror, with a built in shelf and hook. Made of solid teak
10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
Alvin T Showroom Opening hours

Alvin T showroom
Jl. Suryo no 11 a, 2nd floor
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Web: Alvin T
Instagram: @alvint_id

3. Ambiente

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area

You won’t be able to miss Ambiente luxury furniture store. Ambiente is housed in a expansive, contemporary building with floor to ceiling glass windows, and a large yellow sign, located at the major intersection of Jl. Senopati and the road leading to SCBD. This is an internationally branded, contemporary luxury furniture store focusing on contemporary designs of European master craftsmen. They specialise in furniture and lighting, including smaller items such as mirrors, bookshelves, coffee tables, and rugs.

Best for: Everything! But more specifically, a great spot to stop and buy a special gift for an anniversary or significant birthday. The Tom Dixon range would be our pick for stunning objects and accessories that would fit the gift criteria perfectly. Look out for Tom Dixon copper ice bucket, cylindrical vase and candle sticks.

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
The expansive windows of Ambiente, allowing you to browse and admire the stunning pieces within. Our pick bottom right, the Tom Dixon copper ice bucket and candle stick

Jl. Senapati No. 70
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Web: Ambiente

4. Chief Barber & Supplies Co.

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
Established in 2013, Chief Barber has 3 locations across Jakarta: Senopati, Ciragil and the latest addition in Cipete.

We will be completely up front with you. Neither Liz nor I have had a hair cut at Chief Barber (or any other barber, for that matter..!) BUT in the name of accurate research, we did send my husband along to check it out. He arrived without appointment on a Saturday mid-morning and was politely told that there would be a 20 minute wait. To his delight, the wait was just that and before he knew it his ‘hot towel shave’ had begun. He is quite the connoisseur of the barber’s chair – and could be described as a fussy customer. So I was relieved and excited when at the end of his experience, the message “excellent experience – definitely will go again” appeared on my phone. He also felt that the price (Rp120,000) was very reasonable.

So based on this extensive customer research (!), we have concluded that Chief Barber certainly is a pretty good choice. My husband did say that the fit out is very cool, the chairs very comfortable and although his barber’s proficiency of English wasn’t particularly strong, he knew his craft well. All in all, a good experience!

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area

When we visited (around lunchtime midweek), some of the authentic barber chairs were occupied by Jakarta hipsters getting their beards expertly trimmed and their hair styled just so…!

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
We especially love the board out the front of the Senopati shop that classifies all the different styles available. Cosmo classic looks pretty good… what do you think?

Best for: Fine gentleman grooming services (eg: close taper shave, hot towel shave, hair dye).

Other interesting notes: Chief Barber also stocks a wide selection of pomade (hair product) from around the globe (eg: Australia – Uppercut, USA – Auavecito, American Pomade, Layrite & JS Sloane, The Netherlands – Reuzel, England – Daimon Barber, Indonesia – Chief Pomade & Happy Lavender, Germany – Schmiere).

Chief Barber & Co.
Jalan Senopati No.82, Kebayoran Baru
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Phone: +62 856-9500-2800
Hours: 10am – 8pm, 7 days a week

Instagram: Chief Barber
Web: Chief Barber

5. Kedaung Home

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
Kedaung Home facade

There are three Kedaung Home outlets in Jakarta; Kemang, Menteng and Senopati. While you are in this neighbourhood why not drop by this outlet (opposite Three Buns which is also on this list) for porcelain dinnerware, enamel cookware (the kind our mothers cooked with when we were children) stainless steel flatware and kitchenware accessories, all at very affordable prices.

Best for: Maison jars, drinking glasses, glass storage containers, white porcelain dinner sets and platters

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
If you are feeling nostalgic for enamel ware you may have known as a child, Keduang Home Senopati has a remedy for that.
10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
Every visitor to Jakarta should own one of these bright enamelware mugs with a lid. They are used in households throughout Indonesia to keep hot drinks warm. Why not add one to your shopping list!
10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
Ceiling to floor white porcelain ware

Interesting notes: Keduang was founded in 1969 by Mr. Agus Nursalim, and according to their website are one of the largest glassware manufacturers in the world.

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
I’m loving this commercial grade citrus juice press spotted at the Kedaung Home Senopati outlet!
10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
And look at this! Jo spotted a vintage floral and green enamel stacking lunch box known as a ‘Rantang’ in Indonesia. Rantang carriers are a kind of lunch box used widely in South East Asia. Normally they come in two or three tiers. The bottom most layer is the one used for rice.

Jl. Senapati No. 71
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Web: Kedaung Home

6. Ruci’s Joint
10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area

Heading along Jl. Senopati, the road veers to the right and becomes Jl. Suryo. Keep your eyes peeled to the left of the road for a white building located on the corner (just after the sports field). You will see a light-bulb sign just inside the door that says, ‘Ruci’s Joint’. Now stop the car! (or stop walking…!) You’ve reached your destination!

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
Contemporary art that beckoned us to dwell a little longer..

What is Ruci’s Joint? Well, it’s many things… perhaps first and foremost it is an Artspace. Located up the central stairs is a compact sized gallery featuring contemporary artwork by local artists. With a view onto busy Jl. Suryo, it is relaxing to browse the exhibited works whilst casting the occasional eye to the hustle and bustle of the world beyond the glass.

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
‘Luminous Landscapes’ by Rifandy Priatna
10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area
Ruci’s cafe space and central stairs that lead to the upstairs Artspace

Best for: A quick ‘hit’ of local art. The small urban gallery upstairs always exhibits works by local artists. Entry is free. Have a wander and soak up the works on display, It’s a great antidote to the bustling life that awaits you outside the doors. Since posting Ruci’s Joint has rebranded. The ground level space hosts a cafe by day and a neighbourhood bar by night.

Ruci’s Joint
Jl. Suryo No.49, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12180

Phone: +62 812-1010-3374
Hours: Open daily from 8am

Instagram: Ruci Artspace
Instagram: Ruci’s Joint
Web: Ruci Artspace

7. The Gunawarman

10 top spots to stop in the Senopati area

The Gunawarman is a very new boutique hotel (only six months young) featuring a distinctive European facade on leafy Jl. Gunawarman. The Gunawarman is fast becoming very popular for its fine dining experience; but on the occasions we visited we chose the more casual dining options. In the lobby lounge area with comfy sofas and chunky leather stools, we enjoyed small bites from the Sofia restaurant; handcrafted cocktails, and delicious cakes from the KITTE Patisserie and Boulangerie. On another occasion we stopped by just for coffee, and we were thrilled to learn The Gunawarman was brewing from local beans.

Best for: Fine dining or casual dining options.

The Gunawarman elegant dining room serving Italian, French and Asian cuisine.
The beautiful ambience at the Gunawarman, enhanced by the row of striking floor to ceiling arc windows.
Barman Didi at the Gunawarman, working on a handcrafted signature cocktail
The Gunawarman Cappuccino and brownie
The Gunawarman cappuccino using Kopi Ku beans. A blend made from Toraja Garut and Aceh beans
Did someone say cake! Indulge in the vast selection of tasty delights from the KITTE’s bar. It is open from 6am -10.30pm. You may eat in or take away.
The Gunawarman is brewing everyday from 6am-10pm. You can drop in to grab a takeaway coffee made from their locally sourced blend and single origin coffee beans or enjoy it inside on one of their comfy sofas.

The Gunawarman

Jl. Gunawarman No. 3
Jakarta Selatan

Web: The Gunawarman
Instagram: @thegunawarman

Telephone:+62 21 2277 0007

8. Three Buns Burgers and Cocktails

There is ample parking or drop off space out the front of Three Buns. The day we visited we were on foot, so Three Buns was the perfect lunch time pit stop out of the heat.

Three Buns (also of Potato Head Family fame) is the perfect day time spot to stop for families, looking for a place to eat outside of the busy Jakarta malls.

The two most obvious things you will notice when you stop out the front of Three Buns is the ‘Wilfrid the bulldog’ sign and the Three Buns van taking pride of place at the restaurant entrance. Wilfred is the Three Buns Mascot, and his cute, chubby face motif can be seen throughout the restaurant. Kids will love this. The vintage van is a sign that this place is hip and happening…and it most certainly is!

This neighbourhood loves it vintage cars and in this case a van or its it a truck? No you can’t enjoy your meal inside it, but it is an excellent visual treat when you arrive!

Best for: Families. Three Buns has an excellent selection of gourmet burgers made from quality prime beef and lamb from Australia and cooked to your liking. You can also accompany any order with a fresh delicious salad. Our top pick is the Beets By Dre (roasted beetroot, caramelised and pickled squash, feta and sage). You can also have your favourite burger protein style, sans the bun and wrapped in iceberg lettuce. Our favourite is the ‘Aint Nuttin But A Peanut’ (prime beef patty, peanut sauce, pickled chilli, cucumber, carrot, coriander, wrapped in iceberg lettuce.

This urban oasis is situated on leafy Jl. Senopati Raya.  You can choose from the funky stepped seating or the communal style tables on the ground floor if you prefer.
Kids and families will love the casual open space and cool elevated wooden seating that requires you to step up onto it.
Tom was our blog assistant the day we shot these pics, and here he is enjoying a break and a Three Buns Little Huey burger.
Ginger Ninja
The Three Buns ‘Ginger Ninja’ made from a fresh spicy syrup then added to ice and slices of lemon
Three Buns is more than just a hamburger joint, they also serve a good range of salads and juices. Clockwise: Beets By Dre salad, Ginger Ninja juice, House Side, LL kool slaw.

Interesting notes:  Three Buns also acts as a hub for supporting and building the Jakarta creative community, whilst also working closely with like-minded international talent from the fields of Art, Music and Fashion. Follow Three Buns on Instagram for their next artistic pop-up.

Three Buns

Jl. Senopati Raya No. 90,
Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta Selatan

Web: Three Buns
Instagram: Burgersandheads
Reservations and general enquiries:  +62 21 2930 7780
Opening hours : Everyday 11am – Midnight

Why not spend some time away from your usual mode of transport and visit our  Top spots to stop on Jl  Gunawarman, Jl Senapati and Jl Suryo on foot. Take your time strolling around, stopping to recharge, take some photos, and don’t worry if you don’t get to visit them all, you can always come back!

If you have a friend who might enjoy this post we would love you to share it with them too.

Happy exploring!

Words: Liz McClean and Jo Stevens  Photography: a journey bespoke

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  1. Jenny says

    Thanks for these recommendations, Liz and Jo. Looks like a great area to explore. We’ve been to Three Buns and it was lip-smackingly good.

    • ajourneybespoke says

      Hi Jenny! Nice to hear from you. We enjoy taking our visitors to Three Buns too, especially if they have kids. There’s yummy food and drinks for everyone. See you soon 🙂

  2. Gulsen says

    Loved reading this weeks blog ladies!! So many interesting places to visit on Senopati, thanks to you guys will definately stop now to check them out:)

    • ajourneybespoke says

      Hi Gulsen, thank you! So glad you enjoyed the post. We agree, there is a lot going on in this neighbourhood, and something for all the family. XX

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    Will definitely be checking out Attarine. Thanks ladies for some other great suggestions for a day out in South Jakarta!! xxx

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    Amazing, I was trying to think of somewhere to lunch with the family today….. you have provided so many options! Love this weeks blog. x

  5. says

    My husband and I visited Attarine on our last trip to Jakarta. Everything we ordered was wonderful, but especially the olives! Good olives are something we don’t get a lot of in Indonesia so I happily ate the whole bowl.

    • ajourneybespoke says

      Hi there Amanda! That’s funny you mention the olives! We were at Attarine yesterday and the 3 bowls of olives that we ordered as a part of our Starters were demolished in no time… we couldn’t spear them quick enough! We also loved the stuffed onions, the beautiful breads with delicious toppings, the skillet prawns… oh, the list is long!!! Glad you enjoyed it too 🙂

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