Growing your own produce in Jakarta

Today's ajb blog post is all about  'Growing your own produce in Jakarta'; in particular what you need to get started and advice on establishing a successful garden. Why this story? Well, after arriving in Jakarta I felt some confusion about what we were eating. 'Where are things being grown?' and 'In what conditions?' were regular thoughts to cross my Continue Reading

A list of little things we do for house guests visiting Jakarta

  There is nothing Jo and I love more than to have family and friends stay with us in Jakarta. Visits no matter how short are precious opportunities to catch up on news from home and beyond, chill at home together and a chance to put our 'Jakarta tour guide' hats on. So, if you are expecting a guest (or two, or five!), here are a few things we Continue Reading

Best Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta #2

A few months back Liz and I posted the story, 'Best Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta'. This story was compiled after extensive research into the topic; sipping and savouring many impressive brews from numerous coffee spots that we initially identified. Since then, we have discovered many more cafes worthy of a mention, so many in fact that we will have to Continue Reading