7 Jakarta Ceramicists you should Know

Below is a list of SEVEN talented Jakarta ceramic artists you should know!

A ceramicist’s work is slow going … pieces are made by hand, fired, glazed and fired again. The process is time consuming and involves persistence and perseverance. 

Each ceramicist we feature today shares an incredible passion for their craft. You may already recognise two from our list .They inspire us by their skill and technical prowess, but just as importantly, we appreciate the way each ceramicist’s work reflects their own story, personality, style and values. 

Jo and I both share a love of ceramics, and have a growing collection of handmade pieces made by today’s ceramicists in our homes. We look to their pieces not only for ourselves but as gifts for family and friends, be it functional vessels such as mugs, vases and plates to more traditional vessels.

Over the last couple of years we have seen the Jakarta ceramics scene gain momentum. Two places we recommend to see the work of today’s talented ceramicists are the Jakarta Ceramic Market Pop Up (Check their instagram for dates) Mula by Galeria Jakarta at Cilandak Square, South Jakarta and Unearth Space on Level 2 of 1/15 Coffee, Jl Gandaria 1, South Jakarta.

7 Jakarta Ceramicists you should Know

Amalia Sakina – Ceramica Studio

Amalia Sakina (Image supplied by Amalia Sakina)

How long have you been making ceramics?
I have been working as a ceramicist for 3 years

Where did you learn the art of ceramics?
I studied at Bandung Institute of Technology majoring in ceramic design. In 2016 I started Ceramica Studio. 

My work is inspired by minimalistic and contemporary arts. I love to explore and study the shape of a clay, and use only one or two natural colours to complete my works. My work is also inspired by the everyday things related to daily lives, such as paper.

I enjoy creating tableware out of clay. My interest in culinary and food photography has led me to develop a ‘different style of tableware’ that people can use, at the same time enjoying the piece as a work of art.

I make mostly tableware and homeware products for daily life.

(Image supplied by Amalia Sakina)
(Image supplied by Amalia Sakina)

Ayu Larasati – Ayu Larasati Ceramics

Ayu Larasati ( (Image supplied by Ayu Larasati)

How long have you been making ceramics?
Almost 7 years now. I started practising when I felt the need to come back to work with my hands when I had a full time job as designer in Toronto.

Where did you learn the art of ceramics?
I learned a few first basic techniques when I was in college doing my undergrad and slowly honed my skills in my own time through night classes I took at am adult learning centre. I am also self taught through YouTube and the internet.

I enjoy creating mugs! Mugs are such a simple object but can be broken down into a small thoughtfully designed elements. I love making mugs!

My work is inspired by process and people’s stories. The process of making has taught me so much, and there’s a lot of wisdom drawn from the process of creating an object. Also, I’m very much drawn and inspired by the energy of people around me, their stories, their struggles, what makes them happy and how they find joy in life. 

I make mostly tablewares, but I do enjoy making vases that don’t look like your everyday vessels. Ikebana vessels for example have a very interesting shape that maybe isn’t perceived as a vessel to hold something but also a sculptural element in addition to what the item it holds. Together they make a very captivating form, both the vessels and the floral arrangements.

(Image supplied by Ayu Larasati)
(Image supplied by Ayu Larasati)

Antin Sambodo – Jinjit Pottery

Antin Sambodo (Image supplied by Antin Sambodo)

How long have you been making ceramics?
I have been making ceramics for 21 years now. I began in 1998.

Where did you learn the art of ceramics?
I learned the art of pottery from Liem Keng Sien , one of Indonesia’s Ceramic Masters.

I enjoy creating ceramic art. Nowadays I enjoy creating ceramic buildings, house themed mostly and tableware.

My work is inspired by my 2 handsome “boys” (my cats) Kiko and Mimot.

I make mostly mugs! I have a cat series right now.

(Image supplied by Antin Sambodo)
(Image supplied by Antin Sambodo)

Bregas Harrimardoyo – Pekunden Pottery

Bregas Harrimardoyo (Image supplied by Bregas)

How long have you been making ceramics?
As a professional potter and pottery as my main profession, 19 years.

Where did you learn the art of ceramics?
My father.

I enjoy creating ceramics for daily use.

My work is inspired by simple forms and the details and intricacy of Indonesian patterns.

I make mostly tableware and table lamps.

(A ‘kend’ water pouring vessel – Image supplied by Bregas Harrimardoyo)
(Image supplied by Bregas Harrimardoyo)

DAMAR BAGUS PERMADI – Dam Dam Ceramic Studio

Damar Bagus Permadi

How long have you been making ceramics? 
I have been making ceramics for about 10 years now. I started after I graduated from College. I also had a 3-year vacuum. (where I didn’t practise my craft)

Where did you study ceramics? 
I studied at the Jakarta Institute of  Arts

I enjoy making ceramics because my imagination and creativity are channeled and I make them with a passionate heart.

My work was inspired by my father, he was an architect who was responsible and dedicated to his family.

I make mostly ceramics for drinking coffee and tea and I love making mugs!

(Image supplied by Damar Bagus Permadi)
(Image supplied by Damar Bagus Permadi)

IGNASIUS TOMMY – Tommy Keramik Studio

Ignasius Tommy (Image supplied by Ignasius Tommy)

How long have you been making ceramics?  I began learning to make ceramics in 2006 and until now I still continue to study.

My work is inspired by … I do not look for inspiration, I feel it is better that inspiration comes to me and it just flows.

I enjoy making various items from raw materials of clay, but for now I’m making more tableware … coffee cups mostly.

(Image supplied by Ignasius Tommy)
(Image supplied by Ignasius Tommy)

Linda Wongso – Semaya Clay

Linda Wongso

How long have you been making ceramics? 
I have been making ceramics for 5 years now.

Where did you study ceramics?
I learned form Keng Sien, a ceramic artist in Jakarta and have continued to explore the craft myself.

I enjoy making coloured tableware.

My work is inspired by my background as a batik maker and everything that ‘is natural’

I make mostly tableware. I emjoy making mugs and spoons.

(Image supplied by Linda wongso)
(Image supplied by Linda Wongso)

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Words: Liz McClean, Amalia Sakina, Ayu Larasati, Antin Sambodo, Bregas Harrimardoyo , Damar Bagus Permadi, Ignasius Tommy and Linda Wongso
Photography: a journey bespoke and our 7 ceramicists featured here

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