Creative People: Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy

Today we are back in Jakarta spotlighting creatives who are making their mark on this dynamic city and beyond!

From fashion designer, furniture, handy-crafts, and art seller and now fashion brand developer and curator of art from emerging Indonesian artists – we headed to PIM 1 to get to know a little bit more about Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy, founder of 2Madison Gallery and 2Madisonavenue

Kenalkan : Maggie

Your full name please: Margaretha Hutauruk-Eddy

What do you like to be called? Maggie

Please tell us a little about your background – Where did you grow up?
I was born in Jakarta to a family of Batak descent. Both of my fraternal and maternal grandparents worked in the education field, so my family was conservative and old-school. However, when I was 2 years old, my dad received (another) Scholarship, this time from NYU Graduate School. So my parents, my sister and I lived in New York for about 3 years. My mother said life in New York was pretty challenging for us (economically), but I didn’t remember much of it. All I see from the old family photo albums were just pictures of me and my sister smiling or laughing in the NY City parks. After NY City, we moved back to the vibrant Jakarta City. I think the vibe of the two cities were not too dissimilar, except one belongs to a very rich and powerful country.

Maggie ( wearing the yellow beanie) with her mother and sister in Queens, NYC
(Image by: Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy)

I attended Catholic school up to Junior High School. My childhood was filled with many activities: Drum band, vocal group, choir practice, piano lessons and math tutoring sessions. They were all pretty much the “standard” activities for girls my age back then, except, I was also taking painting classes in Taman Ismail Marzuki (this was uncommon back then), and a pattern making class. Even though I was the only ‘kid’ in my  pattern making class, I liked every minute of it 😀

After I graduated from high school, I lived in the US for about 9 years. I got a degree in Fashion Design, then I worked in the Fashion industry in New York City. I really loved being there, and I thought I was going to be living there permanently. Life was perfect (I thought). Then I met my future husband in Jakarta on of one of my vacations, and the big plan changed

What did you want to be when you were a child?
Initially I wanted to be a Painter or Architect, then later on I decided to be a Fashion Designer instead.

I got into the art scene … when I was 8 years old. I was taking Art Classes from painters in Taman Izmail Marzuki, which was a very special experience for me. I loved their messy studio. I adored their messy hair and their charisma. I was impressed by my mentor’s art works. Too bad I didn’t have an iPhone back then 😀

Lucky for me, my granddad was into the art scene as well. My granddad used to take me and my cousins to Erasmuis Huis or Goethe Institute to see various classical concerts or exhibitions. That was very memorable.

Maggie and her college friends. Maggie second from the left and Joo Young Shin (far right) who Maggie is still in close contact with. (Image by: Joo Young Shin)

Fast track to now! Can you tell us about your 2maggieson Instagram persona? Very cool Maggie! 

Maggie’s Instagram Persona (Image by: Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy – Instagram @2maggieson)

First of all, Thank you!

2Maggieson is basically an alternative account where I can post a bit about myself, my family, and of course, about my inspiration, passion, thoughts, and whatever crosses my mind 🙂

I am also hoping that through this personal account, I can “meet” and be friended with other maker/design-art-culture enthusiasts from anywhere and exchange advice and tips. (Head to Maggie’s 2maggieson Instagram to check out her persona!)

Can you tell us about the 2Madison Artisanal Space concept in Kemang?
Initially 2madison started off as an alternative platform for local makers of furniture, handy-crafts, and art. Some products were produced by 2madison, but some would be works of other brands/designers/ artists. 

Emerging Artists and Maggie (Image by: Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy)
Maggie and emerging artists she has collabortated with (Image by: Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy)

Today I am more focused on developing my fashion brand and curating art works from young artists. I still do furniture and interior works, but a lot less now.

Maggie with artist Bebe Wahyu. Maggie collaborated with Bebe on one of her fashion ranges. (Image by: Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy)
Auctioning painted denim jackets by various local artists for charity
(Image by: Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy)

When I started 2madison, I felt that there were not many art community events around. There were some, but it was either very upscale, or closed for specific communities. 

So I decided to learn how to conduct creative workshops as well as hosting humble art exhibitions, where I can share my platform with other artists and designers. 

Maggie with artists she has collaborated with (Image by: Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy)

This is not an easy thing to do. It is also very costly.

I know I still have many things to learn, but I love every minute of it.

Art and Craft workshop for Kindergarten teachers. (Image by: Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy)
Maggie with local artists she has collaborated with
Maggie with local artists she has collaborated with (Image by: Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy)
Integrating Mural art with interior design at 2Madison Gallery & Artspace
(Image by: Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy)

What are you working on right now at 2Madison Gallery & Artspace?

There are three exciting events that I am working on right now:
First, on Thursday, Feb 7th 2019 I’ll be showcasing my fashion line at New York Fashion Week. It’s a group show, under the name of Indonesian Diversity, in which 4 Indonesian Designers/Brands (including me) will be presenting the Fall/Winter 2019 collection to the global fashion industry.
Following NYFW, on Monday, Feb 11th 2019, my collection, which I named “Seventh Earth” will be shown at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, in New York. 
I am hoping that through these 2 events, the brand will get recognition in America, especially those in New York. I also hope that through the NYFW platform I can show ‘my take’ on how to use hand-made traditional fabric made as part of ready-to-wear fashion, and create global interest of ULOS, the fabric of my heritage.

Fabric I feature in the “Seventh Earth” collection
Ulos (traditional hand-woven fabric from North Sumatra), Tenun Makassar (traditional fabric from Sulawesi) as well as Tenun Makassar, Tenun Baduy, Printed Neoprene, Japanese Cotton, beaded lace, tulle, organza and wool-crepe.

On Friday, Feb 15th at 6.30pm at 2madison Gallery Jl. Bangka Raya 20, Kemang.  I will present “Seventh Earth Art and Fashion Exploration”. It is a group exploration where we will use Canvas, Fashion, and Recycled material as a medium. 
For this event, I am supported by 7 local artist and 2 local brands that I adore:

*Soni Irawan (Yogyakarta)
*Hana Madness (Jakarta)
*Lala Bohang (Jakarta)
*Chairol Imam (Solo)
*Esa Apriansyah (Bandung)
*Imeldams (Cilegon)
*Dina Adelya (Jambi)

*2madison X DGTMB by Eko Nugroho (Yogyakarta)
*2madsion X Robet Olga (Solo)

This exhibition will start on Friday February 15th until March 3rd 2019, and it’s open to the public. I am hoping that through this activity, I can create opportunity for local artists/designers to showcase their work to the general public, to network, and most of all to inspire each other.

Maggie’s Jakarta & Indonesia:

3 words to describe your Jakarta?

Vibrant, Dynamic, Diverse

What’s your favourite Indonesian book? Masih Ada Kereta yang Akan Lewat (Mira.W)

What’s your favourite Indonesian Movie? / Band ? / Singer ? Indra Lesmana and now Joey Alexandre

Who is your favourite Indonesian artist? / creative? I Nyoman Masriadi

Where’s your favourite place to eat in Jakarta? 2madison Cafe

What’s Jakarta’s best kept secret? The walls of street art and murals. Though disorganised at the moment, it has such potential

Tea, Coffee or Juice? And where? I like really strong coffee. If I am not in a hurry, I’d be getting my coffee from 2madison Cafe or GONI, in Kemang Timur

Favourite Apps? GoFood 😀 and PicsArt

Where do you go to relax in Jakarta? Relax Living, a family massage centre in Pondok Indah.

Liz, Maggie and Jo enjoying a morning together talking art, fashion, food and more …2madison Avenue features chic-bohemian-artsy-chic ready to wear fashion, designed for confident and stylish women who appreciate culture and art, and who want to wear/use products with special meaning and importance.

Finish these sentences:

Every visitor to Jakarta should eat Rendang from Pagi Sore, Padang Restaurant

Every visitor to Jakarta should visit Cafe Batavia

What’s your favourite place to visit in Indonesia? 
Seminyak & Canggu, Bali

Or place you would like to visit?
Bunaken, an island off North Sulawesi

And finally …

What gives you energy?
Double Espresso in the morning

Who do you find inspiring and why?
I have always been obsessed with Gustav Klimt, from his work and life story. Lots of my campus projects were inspired by him. Many of my college composition, pattern and texture combining, are inspired by his work.

What’s one thing about you that would surprise people?
I am actually shy. 🙂

What annoys you?

What delights you?
My family
When I know that my “creative experiment” is working
Those few moments just before I leave for a long vacation

How our readers can follow you and your work on social media?

Instagram: 2maggieson  (Maggie’s Personal Account)
Instagram: 2madison gallery
Instagram: 2madison cafe
Web: 2madison – Home, fashion, art, art classes and events
Web: 2madisonavenue– Maggie’s fashion line

Where can they visit you?

2Madison Gallery & Art Space
Gedung Promenade 20
Jl. Bangka Raya No. 20 Unit A-B
Jakarta Selatan

2Madison Avenue Indonesia
1st Floor, Unit 101B
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Jakarta Selatan

2Madison Head Office/Workshop
Jl. Adyaksa Raya R12
Lebak Lestari
Jakarta Selatan


Jo, Maggie and Liz at Maggie’s 2madison avenue shop in PIM 1 Pondok Indah.
Under the 2madison Avenue platform Maggie continues to collaborate with painters, street artists, illustrators, designers and crafters on making a variety of creative products including fashion, furniture, home-decor, and more, though has now decided that fashion would be the core of her focus.

* Kenalkan Let me introduce

Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy is one effervescent and inspiring lady isn’t she! It was wonderful spending time with Maggie this week as she shared her desire to make art accessible to all, her passion for mentoring young and emerging Indonesian artists and her excitement at being chosen to showcase her fashion line at New York Fashion Week  2019.

If you are in Jakarta this weekend, why not check out Maggie’s creative spaces in Kemang or PIM 1, or perhaps enrol in one of Maggie’s upcoming art classes. Maggie would also love to see you at her upcoming “Seventh Earth Art and Fashion Exhibition. 

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Words : Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy and Liz McClean   

Photography : a journey bespoke and Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy

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