Meet Nita Strudwick of Nita Strudwick Photography

Nita Strudwick of Nita Strudwick Photography
Nita Strudwick of Nita Strudwick Photography

Q: What do two women, blogging for the very first time in Jakarta do, when they require the skills of a professional photographer for their About Us page?

A: Put in a call to Nita Strudwick in the hope she might be available to work with two photographic, inexperienced girls!

To our relief Nita was happy and available to work with us.

On the morning we met with Nita, Jo and I were both feeling a little apprehensive to say the least. All our earlier efforts of hair and makeup had been undone by the steamy Jakarta morning and by 10:00am when Nita arrived we were less than ready. Nita being the professional that she is, had us sipping tea and distracting us from our photographic stage fright.

“Just chat!” said Nita, as she turned on some music, and poured an abundance of encouragement on us; it was then that our faces changed from a little strained and unsure, to relaxed and at ease.

That morning was the start of an exciting collaboration!

We are thrilled that Nita will join us; contributing her time and photographic expertise on a journey bespoke blog. You will see Nita’s work featured on the blog regularly.

Keep reading below for the story of this very special lady, who is warm, a wonderful talent, and our friend.

Kenalkan* Nita

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a Mother and Photographer. I’ve spent most of my childhood life in Jakarta.  I learnt photography seriously during our six years living in DC. I went to Washington Photography School.

Have you always wanted to be a photographer?
I never thought one day I would be a photographer, but I always liked taking photographs with my pocket camera, especially when I had Camille (my daughter). Capturing that moment when she was a baby, it was really special. Even now when I see those photos again, I’m always in tears. That’s the power of photography.

How would you describe the Nita Strudwick photographic style?
Candid, Casual and Elegant

Family Photography
Children's Photography by Nita
Children’s Photography


Portrait Photography by Nita
Portrait Photography

Where do you find inspiration for your photography?
Inspiration for my photography always comes from anywhere, but mostly from magazines.

Favourite place to visit and photograph?
My favourite place to photograph is always Bali. I never get enough of shooting anything and anywhere there.

We enjoy your web site Through My Lens about your travels and the places you are photographing. Can you tell us about your most recent trip?
A special photography highlight last year was our visit to Sri Lanka; Camping in Willpattu National Park. It was an unforgettable experience. Not just a comfortable tent but the food they served was wonderful Sri Lankan food. If you stay around Colombo, do not forget to shop for handcrafted Sri Lankan products, and have a nice lunch barefoot!  Wallawwa Boutique Hotel is the place to go for an Eco friendly hotel which has beautiful interiors.

Any new projects you are working on at the moment?
At the moment I’m working freelance for a Law firm to provide the photography for their Company Profile and Website. I’ve just shot a wedding in Australia, as well as completing a contract with UNICEF, to photograph an ECD Project (Early Childhood Development) in Sulawesi, financed by Starwood Hotel through UNICEF.

Elegant nature photography

Your home interior style?
I like to mix traditional and modern

Any fashion trends you are following?
I don’t usually follow trends, but I like something that will last forever. I adore the Olsen Twin’s style and fashion blogger Olivia Palermo.

What does a typical day involve for you?
A typical day involves trying to balance family and my work schedule, so meeting with a client and preparing the shoot on weekdays. Although I always end up working on the weekend too.

3 words to describe your Jakarta
Hectic (traffic), Dynamic and Stimulating

Music you are listening to

Magazines you are reading
Bazaar, Martha’s Living and Frankie

Any tips for new expats moving to Jakarta?
Be adventurous, there are many things to explore and don’t be put off by the heavy traffic

Favourite places to eat in Jakarta
E&O for the best Indonesian fusion and ambience
Seribu Rasa in Menteng
Table8 in the Hotel Mulia for Sunday Brunch
Mamma Rosy in Kemang Raya for Italian
Jun Njan in Grand Indonesia for Chinese seafood

Favourite cafe in Jakarta?
KOI in Kemang and Monolog in Plaza Senayan

Food Photography


Casadina Kitchen & Bakery, Menteng
Interior Shot: Casadina Kitchen & Bakery, Menteng

Favourite places to go for tea and coffee?
Pand’or and Sophie Authentique French bakery in Kemang

Favourite place to take teenagers to shop?
Grand Indonesia and Kota Kasablanka

Favourite homeware stores?
Ace Hardware for general stuff, Kedaung Home and for antiques we usually go hunting around Ciputat or Kemang.

What do you do for fun when youre not working?
Catch up with my two sisters

Where do you go to relax in this busy city relax?
My home for a massage

Instagram: Nita Strudwick


*Kenalkan: let me introduce
Words: Liz  Photography: Nita Strudwick Photography




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      Thank you Helen. Yes, Nita is an inspiring person who is keen to further explore her own country of Indonesia and further afield. All readers of ‘a journey bespoke’ will be treated to her beautiful photography on a regular basis (Liz and myself included!).


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