An afternoon with Jakarta-based artist Ruth ‘Utay’ Marbun

Flicking through the daily feed of images on Instagram I started to zone out until.. ‘Hold on..What was that?’ I put my pointing finger into reverse and scrolled back to see what the flash of colour was all about.  A portrait, presumably of a woman is what I encountered. But the image didn’t give much away. I paused to dwell and wonder. Who is this person? Continue Reading

How to Shake up your Look with Rugs

Every year about this time I get the urge to 'shake up my home furnishing look'. I get swept up in the energy of a new year and I'm inspired to make some changes; in fact it often begins with a hankering to buy a new rug, and with the vast array of Hamsptead home rugs available, why wouldn't I? I'm not one to be deterred by a homeware challenge, so I took to Continue Reading

Green Spaces in Jakarta #3 – Taman Honda Tebet

Continuing our theme of Green Spaces in Jakarta, today we deliver you our third *taman recommendation. To date, we have explored two parks just north of Jakarta’s CBD, both located in the leafy and well-maintained area of Menteng. However, unlike Taman Menteng and Taman Suropati, today’s park in focus, Taman Honda Tebet has a more neighbourhood vibe about Continue Reading

Hail the Bajaj – Jakarta’s Three Wheeled Taxi

If you have spent time in Jakarta, then you will have seen many a bajaj (pronounced baj-ai). Usually painted in a bright orange, these three wheel vehicles are a common sight on the crowded roads of this bustling city. Bajaj are usually noisy and often (unfortunately) quite smelly; routinely expelling plumes of exhaust. Yet they are still an endearing sight Continue Reading