Celebrating Easter in Indonesia with Margaretha Hanita

Gereja Katedral Jakarta (St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral) - Jakarta's Roman Catholic Cathedral is also the seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Jakarta With the Easter Holy Week just around the corner, we are keen to share a story about the Celebration of Easter in Jakarta, in particular from the point of view of a Christian Indonesian. Today Continue Reading

Celebrating Easter in Jakarta

It's hard to believe that it is now more than two years since we first arrived in Jakarta but I clearly remember (like it was yesterday), the wave of panic that swept over me when I suddenly realised that Easter was a matter of weeks away and I had nothing organised. Worse still, I had no idea where to source anything Easter- related in Jakarta. With Continue Reading

Easter Rocky Road

For many of you, Easter celebrations are about to begin and if you happen to have moved to Jakarta within the last twelve months, you may be wondering where Easter Bunny will source his eggs this year. Have no fear... this Friday, our ajb New Post Friday will provide you with a comprehensive list of where you can find many of your Easter needs, right here in Continue Reading