Visitors’ edition #1 : Family visiting with young children

Today we are excited to be launching our 'Visitors’ Series'. This is a Lifestyle Series based on some recent first hand experiences of hosting guests in Jakarta and was inspired by A list of little things we do for house guests visiting Jakarta post. ’Family Visiting With Young Children’ is the first post in the series. What will be included in the Continue Reading

Green Spaces in Jakarta #2 – Taman Menteng

We seem to be drawn to Jakarta's central suburb of Menteng. Its leafy tree-lined streets evoke a sense of tranquility in this often manic city. A drive down many of Menteng's wide boulevards allows you to gaze in awe at the impressive residences and imposing buildings and wonder who inhabits all this grandeur. Continue Reading

Growing your own produce in Jakarta

Today's ajb blog post is all about  'Growing your own produce in Jakarta'; in particular what you need to get started and advice on establishing a successful garden. Why this story? Well, after arriving in Jakarta I felt some confusion about what we were eating. 'Where are things being grown?' and 'In what conditions?' were regular thoughts to cross my Continue Reading