Green Spaces #6 – Jakarta’s Historic Taman Lapangan Banteng

When my family arrived in Jakarta in late 2013 one of my most immediate priorities was to find a park near our new neighbourhood of Kemang in South Jakarta. Coming from an area in Melbourne known as ‘the green wedge', we were accustomed to having easy access to green spaces such as parks and good ol' Aussie bushland. Hence identifying a nearby open space Continue Reading

Green Spaces in Jakarta #5 – Taman Proklamasi

The end of the academic year is drawing to a close which means that for many in Jakarta (and elsewhere in the northern hemisphere), school holidays are on the doorstep. Certainly for both Liz and I, our attention has begun to shift to our holiday plans, in particular how we will keep our children entertained for an unusually long period (almost 8 weeks.. Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Visit Kota Tua and Sunda Kelapa

Today we introduce you to our new series, “5 Reasons”. Inspired by a desire to continue exploring Jakarta and beyond, "5 Reasons" will: take you to new places, experience new foods and uncover new activities for you to try - whilst giving you 5 Reasons as to why you need to try these things for yourself (no second-guessing!) Today we invite you to join us on Continue Reading