Nasi Uduk Betawi – Jakarta Fragrant Coconut Rice


I have a soft spot for Nasi Uduk because it originated right here in Jakarta. The name literally means "mixed rice" in the Betawi dialect and is related to the Bahasa Indonesia term aduk ("mix"). The name also describes the dish preparation itself, which involves infusing fresh herbs and spices into coconut milk giving the rice an incredible aroma and Continue Reading

Tropical Coconut Salad Recipe

My family has been enjoying this recipe in Jakarta for four years now and it is still SO good! We often team this tropical coconut salad with chicken sate or other barbecued meats, or eat it on its own. The star of this dish is most certainly the freshly grated coconut, the perfect combo with fresh lemony kemangi (asian basil) blanched vegetables and the Continue Reading

Using Local to Make Apple Crumbles with Vanilla Custard

One of the first posts I wrote for our blog was titled, Tropical Fruits of Indonesia. As the name suggests it's a brief list of some fruits found in the supermarkets and pasars of Jakarta, that I was less familiar with at the time of writing. Well, that was over 18 months ago and in that time not only have most of the fruits from that original list become Continue Reading