How to make Lidah Kucing cookies for this Eid holiday

Ask any Indonesian what their favourite biscuit is for Idul Fitri (or any special celebration for that matter), and without hesitation you’ll hear, ‘Nastar!’, ‘Kaastengel!’, ‘Putri Salju!’, 'Kue Semperit!’ and ‘Lidah Kucing!’. These biscuits clearly are the favourites of Indonesia. And as these cookies are being named, you’ll also detect a hint of nostalgia Continue Reading

How to make your own Pulled Jackfruit Tacos

Ready to get cooking? We hope so because today we're off to the kitchen with a lesson on how to make the most delicious taco ever - a big call? Well, just wait until you've had your first bite then decide for yourself. The following recipe is meat-free - although you might not believe it if you hadn't prepared it yourself. This is because the star Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Visit Kota Tua and Sunda Kelapa

Today we introduce you to our new series, “5 Reasons”. Inspired by a desire to continue exploring Jakarta and beyond, "5 Reasons" will: take you to new places, experience new foods and uncover new activities for you to try - whilst giving you 5 Reasons as to why you need to try these things for yourself (no second-guessing!) Today we invite you to join us on Continue Reading

Introducing Textile Designer FikaJulia

We are LOVING the playful, authentically Indonesian designs of emerging Jakarta based Print and Textile Designer, Fika. At just 26 years old, Fika has an impressive CV which includes designer, entrepreneur, business manager and lecturer. Channelling a tropical ‘Sumba Island’ sensibility, Fika, working under the brand name FikaJulia creates a vibrant, Continue Reading