How to make Lidah Kucing cookies for this Eid holiday

Ask any Indonesian what their favourite biscuit is for Idul Fitri (or any special celebration for that matter), and without hesitation you’ll hear, ‘Nastar!’, ‘Kaastengel!’, ‘Putri Salju!’, 'Kue Semperit!’ and ‘Lidah Kucing!’. These biscuits clearly are the favourites of Indonesia. And as these cookies are being named, you’ll also detect a hint of nostalgia Continue Reading

An afternoon with Jakarta-based artist Ruth ‘Utay’ Marbun

Flicking through the daily feed of images on Instagram I started to zone out until.. ‘Hold on..What was that?’ I put my pointing finger into reverse and scrolled back to see what the flash of colour was all about.  A portrait, presumably of a woman is what I encountered. But the image didn’t give much away. I paused to dwell and wonder. Who is this person? Continue Reading