ajb’s Tropical Christmas Cake Recipe for this Festive Season

As the festive season draws near, we are turning our attention to all things Christmassy including our 2018 ajb Holiday Gift Guide and last week's post on Holiday Gift Wrapping using Foliage and Fabric. So to continue this festive theme, today we head to the ajb Kitchen to whip up a delicious cake to see in this special time. But unlike the traditional Continue Reading

How to Make Gulai-style Padang Chicken Curry

Today in the AJB Kitchen we are making Gulai Ayam (Curry Chicken). Originating in Indonesia’s western most island of Sumatra, specifically the province of Western Sumatra, Gulai Ayam is a regular dish in Padang restaurants throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Richer and more complex in flavour than Kari Ayam, Gulai Ayam resembles an Indian-style curry due Continue Reading

Using Local to Make Apple Crumbles with Vanilla Custard

One of the first posts I wrote for our blog was titled, Tropical Fruits of Indonesia. As the name suggests it's a brief list of some fruits found in the supermarkets and pasars of Jakarta, that I was less familiar with at the time of writing. Well, that was over 18 months ago and in that time not only have most of the fruits from that original list become Continue Reading