Best Cafes to Sip Coffee in Jakarta #5

The perfect brew and sweet treat at Pikul Coffee & Roastery, Jl. Cipete Raya

Great coffee, home baked sweet treats, light bites and fun cafe concepts are what our next ‘Best Cafes to Sip Coffee in Jakarta’ have in common. We’ve rounded up another 6 cafes in this increasingly creative caffeinated community for you, and hope you get a chance to visit them some time soon. As always we are skipping the international coffee chains because the Jakarta coffee scene have the perfect brew down pat!

Let’s get sipping!

Best Cafes to Sip Coffee in Jakarta #5

1. Cyclo Coffee & Apparel

Contact Details:
Jl. Crumble Crew,
Jl. Tulodong Bawah Blok D
No. 1A
Senopati, Jakarta

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 7am – 10pm | Friday – Saturday 7am – 12am

Instagram: cyclocoffeejkt

We like to sip: We knew the coffee was going to be good as soon as we heard that the guys from Goni Coffee had something to do with this place! And our suspicions were proven correct as Liz and I enjoyed sipping our matching piccolo lattes. The coffee was strong but not bitter. The piccolo size was just perfect and our accompanying treat (see below), hit the spot! This really is a delightful new coffee place that you must check out.

Why this place? Cyclo Coffee is one of a number of businesses housed in the Crumble Crew concept building. Located between Senopati and Pacific Place Mall (in Jakarta’s South Central Business District), this is the perfect place to drop in for a coffee after a spot of shopping (it’s near Grand Lucky Supermarket too, so after your groceries, treat yourself to a coffee on the go!).

We would also recommend this place for families as there’s most likely something for everyone under the Crumble Crew roof. Think Nalu Bowls (acai and smoothie bowls), Curry bowls, toasted sandwiches and noodles. It won’t disappoint!

Oh, and for that avid cyclist, as the name suggests, Cyclo Coffee & Apparel sells a range of cycling merchandise. It’s worthwhile dropping in and having a gander!

Other noteworthy information: These guys serve the most delectable martabak linting. Our favourite is the gulah aren with keju (palm sugar with cheese). A very Indonesian flavour match (with roots in Dutch cuisine, we believe); this combination is really subtle and goes perfectly with a coffee. Liz and I shared one roll.

Look for this sign as you sweep around the bend from Senopati towards Pacific Place. It’s on the right
Wall Art in Cyclo Coffee & Apparel. Drop in on a weekend and the place is teeming with cyclists
cafes piccolo latte martabak
‘Two piccolo lattes and a martabak linting to share, terima kasih’
cafes martabak linting
Freshly made martabak linting comes in two combinations: Palm sugar with cheese and chocolate sprinkles with cheese (We’ll take the former, thank you!)
cafes Cycle coffee staff
The dynamic trio at Cyclo Coffee: Syahban (barista), Ardi (sales) and Nabila (marketing)
cafes coffee at cyclo coffee and apparel
We seriously need to master the selfie.. where are we meant to look again? (- At least the coffee tasted good!)

2. Harapan Djaya

Contact Details:

Jl. Panglima Polim V. No. 36
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: Everyday 8am – 10pm

Instagram: harapandjaya

We like to sip: The Harapan Djaya piccolo latte, regular latte and ginger soda. M mmmh! To accompany your drink of choice Harapan Djaya also have a selection of locally made sweet treats that trigger memories of an Indonesian childhood. On the day we visited we enjoyed a square of steamed black glutinous rice cake with our coffee.

Why this place? This place is super cute, I say cute because of its compact size but also because it has a very sweet ‘choose your own coffee cup’ concept. It works like this. Once you order your beverage of choice you will be asked to turn to face the wall behind you displaying a beautiful collection of bespoke cups. You will be guided to the row of cups that matches the size of your brew. After that, you will be asked to choose the cup you would like to sip from in that row. So much fun choice! We loved the cups, the concept and especially the coffee and the zingy ginger soda.

Interesting notes: Eventually Harapan Djaya will also house a roasting area, it is in process at the moment. You can catch a glimpse of the work if you look down the corridor from the bus-stop like seating area. Also, you can buy home made ice-cream, flavours include coffee, lavender and vanilla. Yum! The day we visited baristas Jessica and Kiky were making up a large batch.

The inviting Harapan Djaya entrance on Jl Panglima Polim
Which cup will you choose?
We chose the sweet marbled yellow cup for our piccolo and speckled pink for our latte
Highly recommended … the refreshing ginger soda and with your coffee, the traditional Indonesian cake, Bolu Ketan
Jessica and Kiky baristas and eskrim makers

3. Louie Coffee

Contact Details:
Jl. Ciputat Raya No. 5
Pondok Pinang
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: Everyday 8am – 7pm

Instagram: louiecoffee

We like to sip: First to the back story of this review. On the day Jo and I visited Louie Coffee it was about midday, and we had already seriously sipped our way around the coffee menu at Rubiaceae Coffee Roasters on Radio Dalam not far from here. To balance out our already increasing caffeine levels we opted for a piccolo latte, a regular latte and two glasses of water.

Why this place? Louie coffee is located on Jl. Ciputat, Pondok Pinang, just before the Pondok Pinang toll. It’s in my neighbourhood, and I drop in for take away coffee before I hit the toll road leading to places such as Bintaro, Tangerang – Ikea or the Ariport.

You can be super confident the coffee will be ‘Championship level’ at this cafe. The owner Louise Lehir was an Indonesia Barista Championship semi-finalist in 2015 and for the last 12 months Louise and her team have continued to serve up excellent espresso based coffee using both local and international beans. They also have the option for Manual brew as well as hot non coffee options such as tea and hot chocolate. If you like us, enjoy your coffee with something local and sweet, we recommend the Louie home made cakes and small bites, baked by Louise’s sister. We enjoyed the Louie beef bacon quiche and light and just- the- right- size croissant.

Other noteworthy information: Jo and I did a little happy dance when we spied the stack of Australian ‘frankie’ magazines for cafe patrons enjoyment! It’s one of our favourite magazines and covers fashion, art, design, travel, photography, music, craft and real-life inspiration! It makes us feel very nostalgic for Australia.

Look out for the blue sign with white block letters on your left coming from Pondok Indah. The cafe is on the ground level of an office building. There is parking in front and ample underneath the building.
Please meet owner and barista champion Louise. Louise is one multi-talented woman. She also has a background in interior design, hence the light, modern fit out and cafe space.
Our coffee of choice at Louie, a piccolo latte and a regular latte
When a cafe advertises home made baked goods, it’s hard to resist. After a morning of sipping coffee, the perfectly sized croissant and light and tasty quiche went down a treat.
The Louie Coffee take away cup, designed by Louise
One of our favourite Aussie magazines, ‘frankie.’ We were thrilled when we spied a basket of them at Louie cafe

4. Pikul Coffee & Roastery

Contact Details:

Jl. Cipete Raya No 7A
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: 7 Days a Week: 7am – 10pm

Instagram: pikulcoffee

We like to sip: The guys behind Kemang Timur’s best coffee spot, Goni Coffee have now expanded their influence on the coffee scene in South Jakarta with the opening of Pikul in the neighbouring suburb of Cipete. Here on Jl. Cipete Raya, Argam and Fausan are roasting and blending their own coffee. On the day we visited, we enjoyed a latte made with a carefully balanced house blend featuring beans from Guatemala, Ethiopia and Bali.

Why this place? These guys are committed to their coffee and to delivering the best possible product. Their customer service is always personable and Pikul’s coffee is always consistently good. Also, Pikul celebrates local jajanan pasar (local cakes) with their highly sought after Lupis Ketan – a traditional sweet made with sticky rice, palm sugar, pandan and coconut. Get in early if you want a taste as it sells out quickly!

Other noteworthy information: Pikul has an excellent floor seating area, known as a ‘Majala’ or in Bahasa Indonesia, a ‘Lesehan’. This type of space is suitable for little children and the cafe is sufficiently open enough that pram access is possible.
And here’s a bit of information that we found endearingly curious: The word, Pikul refers to the amount of weight a man can carry on a pole that rests cross his shoulders.

cafes Pikul sign
Street sign – Look out for it on the right as you approach from Jl. Antasari
Argam weighs the ground coffee before extracting
Pikul latte
Latte – simple and perfect
Lesehan at Pikul
Lesehan floor seating for that relaxed catch up

5. Rubiaceae Artisan Coffee

Contact Details:

Jl. Radio Dalam Raya 11c
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm | Saturday : 9am – 8pm | Sunday : CLOSED


We like to sip: The Rubiacaea Artisan Coffee signature dirty chia latte, (Indian tea made from cardamom, spices and a shot of coffee), piccolo latte and a regular latte. We report that they were all delicious.

Why this place? It’s in a great location, and the only third wave cafe on Radio Dalam serving an excellent range of espresso based coffee from Sumatra Solok Sanggul, Java Taneuh Sunda Gulali as well as blends form Brazil and Colombia. Another first for Rubiacaea Artisan Coffee is it aims to encourage and introduce more women to the coffee industry as passionate and eager baristas. On the day we visited we were served by barista Fanny who was knowledgable and passionate about her craft.

Other noteworthy information: Interested to know about the origins of this cafe’s name? Rubiaceae is the name of the familia of flowering plants that includes coffee. Additionally, their second floor is available for bookings every Sunday, if you need extra space for work or study. If you prefer something other than an espresso based coffee, Rubiaceae also serve tea, cold drinks, hot chocolate and hot mocha. Why not grab a take away coffee on your way home from shopping at Grand Lucky or try their signature dirty chai for something sweet and comforting.

Rubiaceae is a little tricky to spot on Radio Dalam. If you are coming from Pondok Indah it is on your left between Sushi Tengoku and Grand Lucky
The all-girl barista squad
The Rubiaceae take away coffee cup
Perfect morning coffees at Rubiaceae made to our liking
The Rubiacaea signature dirty chai, aromatic, but not too sweet
The casual upstairs cafe space at Rubiaceae

6. Watt Coffee – Roastery

Contact Details:

Watt Coffee Kwitang
Jl. Kwitang Raya
No. 14 RT1/RW7
Kwitang, Senen, Kota Jakarta Pusat

Opening hours: 7 Days: 8am – 10pm

Watt Coffee Bangka
Promenade 20 Unit Y
Jl. Bangka Raya No. 20
Mampang Prapatan
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: 7 Days 8am – 9pm

Instagram: wattcoffee

We like to sip: Watt Coffee consists of two venues: one in Jakarta’s city centre and the second in Bangka – a suburb in Jakarta’s south (just near Kemang).

I know I really should mix it up a bit when it comes to my coffee order, but why change when you’re on a good thing! Hence, on the day I visited Watt Coffee in Jl. Bangka Raya I ordered a piccolo latte made by barista Rangga. And at Watt’s cafe in Kwitang, my latte to go, poured by barista Andro made my 2 hour drive home in peak hour traffic all that more bearable! Both coffees were strong, full-bodied and served at my perfect temperature (warm-hot).

Why this place? Watt Coffee has been operating since 2014 and has built up a very loyal following. Not only is Watt Coffee known for great caffeinated beverages, they also do really tasty food including burgers, grilled sandwiches and pizza.

Other noteworthy information: The cafe in Jl. Bangka Raya sells coffee equipment – and I almost forgot to mention that these guys also roast their own beans..

I visited Watt Coffee in Jl. Bangka Raya around 9am on a Thursday morning. The venue was pretty quiet at that point in time and the thought crossed my mind that it would be the perfect spot to catch up with a group of friends; or even as a venue for your next book club get together.

cafes Watt Coffee Kwitang
Street sign for Watt Coffee, Kwitang
cafes Inside Watt, Kwitang
Watt Coffee, Kwitang
cafes Andro Watt Coffee
Head Barista, Andro, behind his machine
cafes Watt Coffee takeaway
One latte to go.. I loved the cup so much that I rinsed it out and it now sits on my desk, holding my little stationery pieces!
cafes Watt Bangka
Watt Coffee, Jl Bangka Raya in the Promenade 20 Complex
cafes Barista Rangga
Barista Rangga pouring a perfect piccolo
cafes Piccolo latte Watt Coffee
My piccolo
cafes Watt Bangka
Watt Coffee, Jl. Bangka Raya
cafes Watt Coffee Bangka
‘Cheers Big Ears!’ – And that’s a wrap on this coffee story.. Thanks for joining us 🙂

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Words: Liz McClean & Jo Stevens Photography: a journey bespoke

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