Top Spots to Stop on Jl. Cikajang Raya

Jalan Cikajang Jakarta

Jl. Cikajang Raya is located in the leafy Kebayoran Baru neighbourhood, surrounded by the bustling Jl. Prof. Joko Sutono, Jl. Wijaya 1 and the main arterial road Jl. Wolter Monginsidi.

Indonesians who have worked in this area tell us ‘Cikajang’ has always been known for its delicious local food offerings; and up until five years ago was home to a steady stream of kaki lima food carts and small warungs serving up local comfort foods from the early morning until late at night.

The street is currently undergoing a ‘foodie’ and ‘shopping’ resurgence of a modern kind, but it is not that hard to imagine the way it was in times gone by. As we explored and strolled the Jalan for this post; shopping and enjoying coffee in modern spaces, we also experienced the aroma of traditional food cooking at local warungs and waited for food carts and sales people on bicycles to pass by before we could cross the road.

Be sure to stop on Jl. Cikajang some time soon and take part of its laid back village feel. We know you won’t leave disappointed!  Similar to our previous posts in the ‘Top Spots’ series, we include all the information you need to prepare to explore and enjoy all that this little enclave has to offer.

Let us walk you through our favourite places!

Jl Cikajang Jakarta


Jalan Cikajang Jakarta

Pull up a seat and enjoy the action of Jl. Cikajang, whilst enjoying your order

Talented Indonesian Pastry Chef Talita Setyadi returned to Jakarta in late 2013 and has just celebrated two years since the opening of her bakery / patisserie, ‘BEAU’. Talita’s artisan breads and pastries are free of preservatives, free of shortening and made using only the best available ingredients. Talita likes to give a local twist to her products by using local ingredients wherever possible.

Jl. Cikajang No. 29
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Ph: +62-21 27517454

Web: Beau
Instagram: Beau

Opening Hours: 10am – 6pm daily

Best for: At Easter time we enjoyed the most delicious Easter buns by Beau. Talita and her team prepared two different recipes: Traditional spiced fruit and Chocolate.

Beau’s Almond croissants are delicious as are their Bomba but above all, what keeps us coming back for more is the Bread. Beau’s artisan breads are arguably the best bread available in Jakarta. Beau’s Ciabatta is just perfect and their Seed and Grain Sour Dough is dense, satisfying and tasty.
Ps: Beau also does a great coffee. Jo’s pick? The Piccolo.

Other interesting notes: Keep an eye out on ‘A Journey Bespoke’ as we will be chatting with Talita in the next few weeks. We look forward to sharing her story with you!

easter buns by beau
Easter Hot Cross Buns by Beau
Bomba by Beau
An irresistable custard-filled Bomba
Beau's eclairs
An assortment of eclairs infused with local flavours. Pretty and tasty
Beau cakes
Each individual cake by Beau is a work of art. It is to be savoured and appreciated
Beau artisan bread
Crusty European-style artisan breads
Artisan breads by Beau
Artisan bread for all occasions
Baguette and Demibaguette
The traditional Baguette or Demi- Baguette is always popular as is Beau’s amazing Ciabatta
Piccolo at Beau
Sharing a Piccolo with a friend
Jl. Cikajang Jakarta
Jl. Cikajang of today …

Fashion First

Jl Cikajang Jakarta

Fashion First showcases some of the best emerging Indonesian fashion designers, and is conveniently located above Sophie Authentique which is also on our list. Once inside we discovered the shop is divided into the following sections for easy shopping: Edgy, Cultural, Formal and Classic. We spotted a cute leather top and cotton blouse with sheer detail in the Edgy section and some very nice leather clutches.

Jl. Cikajang No. 48
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Instagram: Fashion First
Opening hours: Mon – Sun | 10am – 8pm

Best for: Interesting one of a kind clothing, jewellery and accessories. Next time you’re looking for that special piece, why not shop local and support the Indonesian fashion industry and emerging designers.

Other Interesting Notes: Fashion First carries over 30 brands by local designers

Jl Cikajang Jakarta
A view of Fashion First from its main lobby
Jl Cikajang Jakarta
Look what we found! Our picks from the Edgy section by young local designers. Thank you Mr Hanif for showing us around!
Jl Cikajang Jakarta
A selection of beautiful leather clutches

KooKoo Nailart and Pedispa

Jalan Cikajang Jakarta

Kookoo NailArt and PediSpa are not new to the Jakarta Beauty Spa scene. Their endurance is a testament to their reputation as a provider of a consistently high quality service by personable technicians in a clean, custom-built salon. Koo Koo’s well-designed interior includes pedicure stations on elevated platforms, each with its own basin.  This practical design enables for a more comfortable and more efficient service.

Jl. Cikajang  No. 39
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Facebook: Koo Koo Nailart and Pedispa

Best for: As the name suggests, Koo Koo is known for intricate and creative nail art, by highly skilled specialists. But the day Liz and I visited, we were not seeking nail art; instead opted for a basic manicure. Our practitioners were friendly and were keen to ensure we had a positive experience. We could not fault the service and the attention to detail. My hands were in a state of shock afterwards.. they rarely get any attention (the odd slather of hand cream.. if that!) let alone almost an hour of pampering. Do we recommend this service? Hands Down YES!

Other interesting notes: When consulting the menu of services prior to manicure, I did not read the fine information. In fact, the base manicure (which seemed extremely well-priced at Rp115,000) did not include the cost of nail colour so when we received our bill (Rp185,000 each), we were a little surprised by how much more the price was. However in all reality, you really do pay for what you get. Our Koo Koo manicure lasted a good fortnight (when usually if I have one, it doesn’t last beyond a few days). It is therefore good value for money!

Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
Our new best friends – Liz with her nail technician Ibu Nur and Jo with Ibu Puji. Anyone who can make my hands look pretty is a genius!
Jo’s hand striking a pose in OPI ‘Tickle’ nail colour 😉
Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
Liz’ fingers sporting OPI’s ‘Mr Great’
Jl Cikajang Jakarta
A traditional food cart parked on the side of the road

Kopi Kaylan

Jalan Cikajang Jakarta

Kopi Kalyan is another fairly recent addition to Jl Cikajang. The word kalyan (from the sanskrit language) means ‘Lucky’ and we feel very lucky to have found this cafe. Always a sign of a cafe’s popularity is its parking lot. Each time we have visited, the parking space out the front has been noticeably ‘penuh’.. ‘full’. But once inside, we found the cafe to be very spacious with ample seating, ranging from long communal bar tables to smaller tables for two to four and a comfy lounge area.

Kopi Kalyan use only local beans for their espresso coffee drinks, with beans sourced from Gordi (Jakarta-based online coffee subscription company)

Jalan Cikajang No.61
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Instagram: Kopi Kalyan

Opening hours: Sun-Thurs | 7am – 10pm, Fri-Sat | 7am – 11pm

Best for: Their cafe latte, and take away coffee. The espresso coffees are served on a wooden board which includes a complimentary slice of pandan sponge with a dollop of cream. Enak!  and the Kopi Kalyan take away coffee is served in cups with wording such as ‘Hallo’ ‘Hello’,  ‘Apa Kabah’ What’s News, and ‘Sruput’ ‘Slurp’ written on it.

Other interesting notes: The architecture inside the building is really interesting. The look is ‘industrial’, and the interior finishing includes sections of exposed bricks, concrete floors, large picture windows with black steel frames and dark timber beams. We like that smokers are separated from the main space in a designated smoking area.

Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
The industrial look inside Kopi Kalyan
Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
Say hello to talented and very friendly Kopi Kalyan barista Yusuf!
Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
Our Kopi Kalyan latte and pandan sponge go-to
Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
Practise your Bahasa Indonesia whilst waiting for your take away coffee … The cheeky Kopi Kalyan coffee cup line up goes like this…Hello! What’s News? Are you alone? Want to meet up? Come and have coffee! Slurp!

Ladies Who Bake
Jalan Cikajang Jakarta

Ladies who bake is the sweetest little shop on Jl. Cikajang, and is an absolute must visit for it’s ‘famous cherry crumble’ made with quality ingredients. Look out for the pink chairs on their front verandah, and as you walk up to the front door, the prettiest Yogyakarta tiles on the floor.

Jalan Cikajang No. 56
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Instagram: Ladies Who Bake

Delivery number: 0851 1035 1213

Opening hours: Mon – Fri | 10am – 7pm, Sat – Sun | 10am – 9pm

Best for: Their famous cherry crumble! You can purchase just one slice or a whole crumble. You might also like to try their Mandarin Orange Crumble, Apple Crumble or Strawberry Crumble. If you really can’t stop by, you can find Ladies Who Bake on the GoJEK GoFood App, Search Ladies Who Bake Cikajang.

Other interesting notes: We’ve been told Ladies Who Bake is owned by Jakarta actress and presenter Rianti Cartwright who loves to bake and make movies.

Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
Ladies Who Bake pretty facade
Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
The famous cherry crumble!
Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
The Ladies Who Bake mandarin and orange crumble. Enak!
Jl Cikajang Jakarta
You can easily sit, eat crumble and watch the world go by inside the very sweet Ladies Who Bake cafe
Jl. Cikajang Jakarta
The old and new together on Jl. Cikajang

Mister Sunday

Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
The modern facade of Mister Sunday

A few years back I was offered a home made salted caramel brownie to taste by a young man named Fergie at Dialogue Arts Market in Kemang. (it’s Liz here) I usually opt for savoury but was quickly sold after the first sweet bite!  I purchased a box of salted caramel brownies from Fergie which he then boxed up beautifully, including a card with a message of my choice written by Fergie’s staff in Calligraphy style. I knew then and there that Fergie was onto something! Fast forward to now and Fergie has established what we know as Mister Sunday, the cafe Fergie and his business partner Yusuf own on Jl Cikajang.

We asked Fergie about the choice of name for his cafe. He said he was looking for ‘a name that could capture the whole idea of his food, drinks, cakes and ambiance’. ‘Everything should be comforting and casual’, he said, ‘So we decided to use ‘Sunday‘ as a reference to ‘easy like Sunday morning’. Mister is us, the two guys, Fergie and Yusuf who run the outlet. It’s is a passion project!’

Jl. Cikajang No.30
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Instagram: Mister Sunday
Web: Mr Sunday

Opening hours: Sun | 8am – 10pm, Mon – Thurs | 9am – 10pm, Fri – Sat | 9am – 11pm

Best for: Coffee! Mister Sunday use only all-Indonesian coffee beans and collaborate with local roasters to create their own private blends which later they will sell in the cafe. They have two blends, the first is from Bali and Bengkulu and the second blend is from Flores and Koerinci. They are currently working together with a local roaster to create more.

Cakes and brownies. Their moist home made Nutty Carrot cake with walnuts and cream cheese icing is delicious and you know how I feel about their brownies, particularly the salted caramel which is crunchy on the outside yet very moist inside.

Other interesting notes: We love the architecture of this building and the modern scandi style decor. The architect of the building is Willis Kusuma and the bar chairs are from local homewares shop Elements. Finally, all the Mister Sunday baked treats are made on the level above the cafe.

Whole cakes are available for delivery. Order one day ahead. Whatsapp: 081286873131


Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
The modern Mister Sunday cafe fit out
Attention to detail from floor to ceiling at Mister Sunday
Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
The Mister Sunday latte and cappuccino

Sophie Authentique

Jalan Cikajang Jakarta

The original Authentique bakery is in my neighbourhood (it’s Jo here!). In fact, this petit establishment is one of the reasons that we live in the charming village-style suburb of Kemang (in particular the *’Dalams’ of Kemang). I recall sitting in the window at Authentique bakery, looking out onto the street as the orange bajajs (this is before the blue ones were on the road), chugged up and down the street. Interspersed were giggling local school children as well as the odd *bule riding their push bike.

Inside the cafe, I could hear a multitude of languages being spoken: in particular Bahasa Indonesia, French and English (with an array of accents). I felt excited by this dynamic, colourful and authentic neighbourhood with its little bakery and knew then and there that this was the right place for me and my family to call ‘home’. Approximately 2 months later, we officially moved to Jakarta and into a home not far from this bakery. Here we remain!

Since this day, Authentique has been rebadged as Sophie Authentique and has expanded with quite a few outlets across Jakarta (see below for details). Luckily for us, the quality of the breads, pastries and other menu items has remained of a consistently high standard.

Sophie Authentique
Jl. Cikajang No. 48
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Instagram: Sophie Authentique

Web: Sophie Authentique

Opening hours: See website for hours

Best for: Absolutely their irresistible Canele (Check out our Canele post dedicated to this amazing French cake from Bordeaux), as well as their Pumpkin and Feta Quiche, Lemon Tart, Wholemeal Croissants and Swiss Chocolate Tart (and others!)

Other interesting notes: The little bakery in my neighbourhood is about close its doors and my heart feels heavy in this knowledge. However, Sophie and her team assure me that the ‘replacement’ cafe, which will be bigger and more convenient on Jl. Kemang Raya will still have the same quality products, service and friendly, laid-back atmosphere. Keep an eye on their Instagram for more details.

Sophie Authentique, Cikajang
After a long day of blogging, it’s useful to drop into Sophie’s and grab a few Quiches for the family. Whip up a salad at home, and Voilà! Dinner is served! Buon Appétit
Sophie Authentique Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
The dining space at Sophie Authentique is spacious and comfortable. It is perfect for a larger gathering (I’m thinking Book Club meetings!) or family brunches on the weekend
Jalan Cikajang Jakarta
Trying to be a good Mum with Quiches to Go. I know dinner will be well-received tonight!
Our family loves the chewy, creamy texture of Canelé. A box of these delicacies makes a lovely gift too
Chocolate tart
Sophie’s Chocolate tart is an all-time favourite with my eldest daughter, Anneli

Titan Baking

Titan Jl. Cikajang
Keep your eyes peeled on Jl. Cikajang for this sign. It’s worth noticing!

My closest Titan Baking shop used to be the one on Jl. Fatmawati in South Jakarta.. that was until the MRT development turned this road into a ‘No-Go Zone’ due to continuous traffic delays and re-directing of traffic. Fortunately as the old adage goes, ‘there are not problems, only solutions’ – and this situation made me look for another Titan outlet. Hence we found Titan on Jl. Cikajang.

Titan Baking
Jl. Cikajang No. 34
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Instagram: Titan Baking
Web: Titan Baking
Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday 8.00am – 7.30pm | Sunday and Public Holidays 8.00am – 4pm


Best for: All your baking needs. Titan is (probably) Jakarta’s Number 1 baking shop, stocking a large range of baking ingredients, utensils and equipment. Also, Titan has a range of dried fruit and nuts, seeds (eg: Chia) and other grocery lines. During my recent visit, I was also looking for party supplies and was particularly excited to find that Titan has quite a selection of party merchandise.

Our recommendation? Make the time to visit Titan Baking and explore what they have to offer. This really is an important shop if you like to bake!

Other interesting notes: You can buy online. Visit their website to view their products and place your order.

Titan baking
An assortment of baking and grocery lines
Bakeware at Titan
Bakingware for all your needs
Chia Titan
We do love Chia – On cereal, in smoothies and in baking. Fortunately Titan generally stocks Chia, so when I’m there, I’ll grab a few bags for the pantry
party cups Titan
Novelty party cups in an assortment of colours and patterns
Party boxes Titan
These party boxes were perfect as take home lolly bags at my son’s recent birthday party. Using twine, we attached ‘thank you’ notes to each box
Cake stand Titan
This super-cute cardboard cake stand from Titan was perfect when we had to transport the food for our son’s party. It can be easily assembled and used again
Balloons Titan
Titan has a good supply of party essentials

Let us know if you check out some of our favourite spots on Jl. Cikajang! We love to hear your feedback!

 *dalams – the word ‘dalam’ means ‘inside’ in Bahasa Indonesia. Many suburbs have streets called ‘dalam’, referring to the fact that these streets are located in the heart of the suburb

*bule – refers to a foreigner, in particular one with fair skin (not generally considered a derogatory term)

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Words: Liz and Jo  Photography: a journey bespoke, Fashion First and Mister Sunday


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