Best Places to Sip Coffee in Jakarta #10

Dear AJB Readers

Today marks our final blog post and what better way to wrap things up than over coffee! 

Can you believe we have written more that 220 blog posts these past 5 years, of which 10 have been dedicated purely to Jakarta-based coffee shops. Our story today delivers you a further six fantastic places to sip your favourite brew, all of which are located in the South Jakarta area – where we call home. 
So come with us one final time as we savour some of the best Indonesian coffee, prepared by some of Jakarta’s most talented baristas.

It’s been a wonderful journey and we thank you for your enduring support and kindness. 

We wish you happiness and wonderful adventures always,

Jo and Liz
A Journey Bespoke

Brookland Coffee

Contact Details:
Jl. Panglima Polim V No.60
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta

Opening hours: 7am – 10pm daily

Instagram: Brookland Coffee

We like to sip: On the day we visited, Liz and I were greeted by Pandu the super-friendly owner of Brookland Coffee, along with his delightful mother. Their excitement for this new coffee venture was palpable and they were keen for us to share Brookland Coffee with you, our readers. 

Whilst placing our order of one piccolo (for me) and a latte for Liz, we chatted to barista Dista who explained that the coffee was made using a Bali-Brazil blend roasted in Bandung by Two Hands Full

Why this place? Three main reasons: the friendly staff, the cosy welcoming space and Brookland’s celebration of local food. We were thrilled to see that the guys at Brookland recognise the value and significance of traditional recipes. For instance, Brookland’s simple menu features regularly changing street food options such as nasi kecombrang (my favourite), nasi cumi ijo and nasi kuning. Prepared just across the road, these simple meals are wrapped in banana leaf and can be eaten in-house or take away. Fresh, authentic and tasty (and excellent for the environment with no plastic wrapping in sight), we couldn’t resist a nasi kecombrang on the day we visited.

Other noteworthy information: Brookland Coffee is the sibling to well-established coffee house, Seven Speed Coffee so it’s not unusual to see their staff at both locations.

Next to a barber and located just around the corner from the busy Jl. Panglima Polim Raya, Brookland Coffee has developed quite a following with the Jakarta cycling community
Barista Dista was working the machine when we visited Brookland
Nasi kecombrang – yes please!
Jo and Liz enjoying a catch up over coffee and nasi kecombrang in a comfy corner at Brookland
The staff at Brookland are as bright and cheery as the sign that greets you out front

Kopikalyan Barito

Contact Details:
Jl. Barito II No.19
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 7am – 10pm, Friday & Saturday 7am – 10pm

Instagram: Kopikalyan

We like to sip: On the day we visited I enjoyed a chai latte (yes I know, how shocking! – but I had already reached my caffeine quota for the day when a friend suggested we meet at this cafe). My friend ordered a cappuccino and was completely satisfied with her cup! My chai latte was tasty too (but a little sweet for me).

Why this place? Kopikalyan has a reputation for its consistently high standard coffee, roasting their own beans in-house at their Jl. Barito cafe. However, what makes Kopikalyan stand apart from the many others that serve excellent coffee is its proximity to my favourite Jakarta market, Pasar Mayestik where I buy fabrics and fresh produce. As a part of my planning I always build in a pit stop at Kopikalyan either beforehand to organise my ‘plan of attack’, or after my market experience, to rest and reflect on my day.

Other noteworthy information: It’s the little things isn’t it! At Kopikalyan each coffee ordered comes accompanied by a bite-sized piece of bola pandan –  a perfect little something that doesn’t overwhelm or distract from the coffee.

Look for this sign on Jl. Barito. Kopikalyan is located directly opposite the pet market
Focusing on the important things
Barista Dika brewing coffee with a blend from Java Barat and Sumatra Barat
The interior of Kopikalyan at Jl. Barito
Cappuccino accompanied by a bite-sized piece of Indonesia’s famous sponge, ‘bola pandan’ along with my chai latte
Singkong goreng to share (with a sprinkle of cheese on top!)

Kopi Lima Detik

Contact Details:
Jl. Panglima Polim XII No.46
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: 8am – 10pm daily

Instagram: Kopi Lima Detik

We like to sip: On the day we visited Jo and I both enjoyed the The Kopi Lima Detik piccolo latte made from West Java coffee beans.

Why this place?
It’s new, quirky and worth a visit if you are in the Panglima Polim neighbourhood. Kopi Lima Detik serves up a fine cup of coffee and an equally notable treat— their signature Nasi Jeruk (chicken rice infused with lime) If you choose to take your Nasi Jeruk away, it comes thoughtfully wrapped in banana leaf and eco palm leaf packaging.

Other noteworthy information: The cafe name is translated as Five Second Coffee. Another interesting fact is the cafe is attached to the owners home (another Panglima Polim area architectural beauty) where they roast their coffee beans daily.

Look out for the apple green facade of Kopi Lima Detik on a side street off Jalan Fatmawati
Say hello to Barista Firdaus!
Treats to accompany your coffee of choice
The Kopi Lima Detik piccolo served in hand thrown ceramic cups in the cafe green theme
The best blogging laughs!
On the day we visited these beautiful packages were walking out the door in the hands of GOJEK delivery drivers … we had to investigate further …
We took one home and this was inside ! The Kopi Lima Detik signature dish – Nasi Jeruk. Delicious! and the packaging … Eco-friendly!

Mood Wellness Studio and Kitchen

Contact Details:
Jl. Benda Raya No.5 
Cilandak Timur
South Jakarta

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 7am – 10pm, weekends 8am – 10pm

Instagram: Mood Wellness and Kitchen

We like to sip: I’ve visited Mood Wellness Studio and Kitchen (‘Mood’) on two occasions this past week. The first was quite late one afternoon after taking almost two hours to get back to Kemang from Senayan (an 8km trip). I was running seriously behind schedule to meet a friend at her latest favourite cafe in the Kemang area, Mood .
When I finally arrived, let’s just say my mood wasn’t exactly light. But as soon as I stepped inside the bright and airy cafe I felt completely calm. Usually I wouldn’t opt for a latte at 5.30pm but I made the exception on this day… and it was worth it! Brewed from Aceh Gayo beans, it tasted great and certainly gave me the kick I needed (it was strong.. the way I like it!)

The second time I visited was with my family. Our order consisted of two fresh kelapa muda (young coconuts), two cold pressed ‘Grounding Liquids’ juice and one hot latte. We also ordered some light lunch options – Smashed Egg Avocado, Vietnamese Banh Mi, Fruit French Toast and the Focus Better Bowl. 

Why this place? I really like the concept of this place. It feels zen without being pretentious or intimidating.

Mood has a great community vibe. I particularly love the fact that after a yoga class, people can head downstairs to replenish their energy stores and enjoy a coffee, coconut & chat as well as some light food options. Alternatively they can relax on the rooftop space upstairs where refreshments are also served.

Other noteworthy information: This place opened its doors pretty recently and as with anything new, it takes time to smooth things out. For example, when my family and I visited we had to wait a while for our food order. The drinks were with us in no time (complete with paper straws) but we had almost finished them before the food began to arrive.

The coffee tastes good (really good!), but if you like your coffee hot, be sure to specify this. 

The portion size of each dish is on the smaller side of ‘Jakarta normal’ but what you do get is great quality food. 

In saying all this, don’t be discouraged as there’s plenty to love about Mood. I have no doubt that this place will become a genuine favourite with locals in the Kemang and surrounding areas.

Look for this sign on the left of Jl. Benda as you head away from Jl. Kemang Selatan
The seating options outside the ground level of Mood. Check out the secured dog area where you can keep your little pooch safe while you enjoy your coffee.
Teguh and Dimny, the friendly baristas at Mood. The coffee beans used on my most recent visit were grown in West Java and roasted by Dryve Coffee Co, a Jakarta-based specialty roaster.

Our drinks order including cold pressed juice, hot latte and kelapa muda
Focus Better Bowl
Fruit French Toast
On Level 2 you will find the Yoga Studio
And on Level 3 is the Rooftop Bar

Six Ounces Coffee

Contact Details:
Jl. Panglima Polim IX No.93
South Jakarta

Opening hours: 8.30am – 10pm daily

Instagram: Six Ounces Coffee

We like to sip: Six Ounces Coffee is the newest kid on the Jalan Panglima Polim IX block. (it is up the road from the new Beau Bakery) and comes highly recommended by those who know the original cafe in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. On the day we visited Jo sipped a flat white, our friend a cappuccino and I chose a latte.

Why this place? Firstly, their baristas take their coffee and service very seriously. I visited (my first time) on the third day of their official opening (sometimes it is better to wait until a new place settles into their new space) I’m glad I didn’t wait .. the place was buzzing and the coffee was very good, so good, I sent Jo a photo of my Six Ounces latte. The tone of the coffee was a deep golden brown and its taste was smooth and earthy … I enquired further and was told my latte was made from their house blend (Brazil, Java, and Sumatra beans) roasted by Giyanti. Bingo! (Giyanti is right up there on our list of cafes serving and roasting AMAZING coffee) I returned that weekend with my daughter and enjoyed great coffee, their avocado and toast (dressing on the side) and a hearty plate of pancakes. My next visit I caught up with Jo and our friend, and we shared great conversation over our Six Ounces flat white, cappuccino and latte.

Last of all, we both love the Jalan Panglima Polim streets and Dharmawangsa area for their exceptionally rich colonial architecture. Many of the buildings in this area have recently been turned into public spaces and Six Ounces Coffee is one new example.

Other noteworthy information: The name Six Ounces comes from the ratio of Milk and Espresso in an espresso style coffee. If you like your coffee hot though, be sure to specify this. The staff are very accomodating.

This is the Six Ounces sign and the white colonial building to look out for on Jl. Panglima Polim IX.
A few steps from Panglima Polim IX and you enter the Six Ounces outdoor dining space
Take a step inside for a spacious, air-conditioned cafe space with comfy sofas and tables for large and small groups
This is Six Ounces barista Redy. On each occasion we visited Redy served delicious strong coffee. At the espresso bar all coffee is served with double ristretto. Perfect! Redy is using the Six Ounces house blend of Brazil, Java, and Sumatran beans roasted by Giyanti.
The Six Ounces latte, made on this day from Campos Coffee beans from Sydney
Coffee and … fresh orange juice
Still on the breakfast theme … Avocado and a poached egg on toast with dressing on the side
Six Ounces is beautifully decorated right now, in preparation for Christmas 2019

Tanagodang Coffee

Contact Details:
Jl. Darmawangsa XIV No.10
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta

Opening hours: Tuesday – Thursday 8.30am – 9pm, Friday & Saturday 8.30am – 10pm, Sunday 8am – 10pm. Closed Monday

Instagram: Tanagodang Coffee

We like to sip: I first spotted Tanagodang coffee after dashing out of my favourite Jl Dharmawangsa IV cafe ‘But First Coffee‘ because it was full. Standing outside ‘But First Coffee’, and wondering where to go next … directly across the street from me I was looking at Tanagodang Coffee .. a cafe I had never spotted before. Coffee dilemna solved and I was off to check it out and invite Jo along on my second visit. On that day, we each sipped a hot Tanagodang latte.

Why this place? Tanagodong Coffee is a cozy cafe nestled amongst the trees in a narrow lane opposite the PELASPAS building. The owner of Tanagodang Coffee is from Sumatra and is proud to be serving Sumatra Mandailing coffee roasted from his village of Tanagodang.

Sumatra Mandailing coffee is grown on the lofty volcanic slopes of Mount Leuser near the port of Padang, in the Batak region of North West Sumatra. “Mandailing,” has strong notes of cedar, sweet tobacco, chocolate and spices.

Other noteworthy information: Tanagodang Coffee is the only cafe in Jakarta specialising in Mandailing coffee beans from Sumatra.

Pull up a chair at Tanagodang Coffee
The Jakarta Vespa Club loves Mandailing coffee beans as well! They hang out here every Sunday!
You can also purchase your Mandailing beans here!
It is now time to say goodbye … So we say “Cheers to sipping great coffee in Jakarta, our very special friendship, the city of Jakarta that got under our skin (in a good way!) and to you our AJB friends for supporting us and following our adventures.”

We have never had a problem finding good coffee here in Jakarta as the following blog posts will prove.
And with Jakarta’s coffee scene showing no sign of losing momentum, you will always be with great coffee in this bustling city we happily call home 🙂

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Words: Jo Stevens & Liz McClean Photography: A Journey Bespoke

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